Twin Flame / Spiritual Anarchist

Spiritual Anarchism ( Anarchism vs New Age Spirituality – WHY NOT BOTH ? )

Spiritual Anarchism ( Anarchism vs New Age Spirituality – WHY NOT BOTH ? )

Anarchism vs New Age Spirituality ( Why Not Both ) a Spiritual Anarchist Blog Article


Spiritual Anarchism ( Anarchism vs New Age Spirituality - WHY NOT BOTH ? )  Anarchism vs New Age Spirituality ( Why Not Both ) a Spiritual Anarchist Blog Article

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If you’ve read my other blog articles as well as seen my blog videos , relating to Spiritual Anarchism … Perhaps at the time I write this , I am a minority ( well that isn’t the first time in my life 😉 )

I have covered MANY subjects regarding the Anarchists vs New Age and New Age vs Anarchists and always try to bring about my Spiritual Anarchist perspective.

One against Spirituality Capitalism

Even a recent one called “ Alternative Anarchist “

And how about that time when I tried to talk to the cult followers of 5D Earth about Anarchism ( which is better than in5D’s Global Unity Project which the website leader will be an elder soul guru aka New Age Hierarchy Politics ? ) Only to get comments such as HOW DARE YOU BABY EATER !

I literally read the actual comments on this very video. It was intense !

Get your right wing out of my spirituality

And it’s aftermath

And I do have a YouTube playlist of my blog videos about Spiritual Anarchism

And even a label of all of my Spiritual Anarchist blog articles so far

Anyway there does seem to be a polarity , a devision , a VS between Anarchism and Spirituality.

New Agers ( again feel free to see the insults I got such as Baby Eater above ) think Anarchism is the same as all politics for the most part. It’s negative energy , opposition gets more opposition , It’s a lie from the illuminati , it’s the lefties that are negative and always picking on Trump ( record scratch ) yeah that’s what I was complaining about against in5D … again check out the links above.

That’s right , it’s Instant Karma …. Rich people can be good people or bad people.

Well guess what , there’s such a thing as New Age politics and people can be right wing or left wing.

Also this belief that Elder Souls are going to be the hierarchical power ( like I mentioned about in5D’s Global Unity Project ) , Um… I don’t dig that.

So from an Anarchist perspective , you get what I’m getting at. NO Hierarchy even if it is New Age , No New Age Politics NO ! And no capitalizing on spirituality… OK perhaps you can be a worker but still , people can do it themselves. But of course I’m always a sucker who’s gonna cough up some dough because me and my Twin Flame are working on our ascension onto Union.

OK … New Agers are kind of like liberal / centrists , Anarchy is too extreme and think happy thoughts instead.

Now let’s look at what Anarchists have to say. Now most Anarchists for the most part are atheists . There are religious anarchists , there are pacifist anarchists , why not spiritual anarchists ( who are also pacifist ) . Yes folks I am an Alternative Anarchist in that sense .

Now I have been chatting with a couple of Anarchists lately and I won’t mention any specific usernames . Some might be subscribers of mine which might unsubscribe from me regardless but… lol Anyway , I brought up the subject of Spiritual Anarchism , Law of Attraction , Twin Flames and this is what I got.

Let me just say with politicians running for president like Bernie Sanders ( who is popular among Anarchists and leftists ) , Marianne Williamson ( New Thought / New Age Spirituality ) and Pete Buttigieg ( LGBTQ + and Gay himself )  It just makes it even harder for me to be an Anarchist Satirist . I’m a Transgender Lesbian Woman and a Spiritual Anarchist who’s into New Thought / New Age Spirituality. If I wasn’t an Anarchist , I would probably vote. Marianne Williamson educating people about Law of Attraction to help out 5D Earth which Anarchism would be included ….. Tempting .

But anyway , most Anarchists think Law of Attraction / New Thought & New Age Spirituality and even Twin Flames is crap. ( If My Twin Flame is reading this , we need to get to Union so we can prove them wrong eh ? )

Again I don’t mean to humiliate certain Anarchists who I chatted with , it’s just for educational reasons no offense to anyone. Everyone has the right to their opinion.

OK , again most Anarchists don’t believe in spirituality so therefore…

Such cynical and skeptical notes include but not limited to….

_ Dark Psychic Magic , wrote bestseller new age book and has done nothing in politics. Was on Oprah a bunch of times.

_ Exposing psychic businesses and it seems that they take money and get it off the most vulnerable people . So I’m skeptical about extra sensory experiences and opening your third eye and stuff.

_ Exactly , they prey on people

_ It’s just like astrology or GOD

_ Where they make such general statements that you make apply to yourself

_ Spooks

_ It’s just another method of control

_ They tell things that are obvious

_ ( Like religion ) it’s scares people when they did something bad and makes them terrified that God is going to kill them. F**k , that’s terrifying to be policed in your own mind.

_ Oh God see totes a scam.

_ The New Testament is just a bad fan fiction of a fiction called the Old Testament

_ Law of Attraction by the name sounds like a weird spiritual appropriation of Newton’s Laws lol . F**K Laws !

_ I really don’t know about that S**t Erica .

_ It sounds kind of fake in my opinion

_ Hard same

_ I feel like there’s a difference having like a feeling about someone or w.e. that coincidentally happens to be true maybe but like not straight up telepathy

_ I see s**t every single night and I’m still 100% sure there is no super natural

_ I thought I seen stuff but I was having a psychotic episode

_ Oujia boards having f**king batteries

_ Certain linguistic anthropologists think that religion is a language virus that rewrites pathways into the brain. Dulls critical thinking.

_ Spiritual anything is someone trying to control you and take your power away from you. Telling you it’s elsewhere not your own !

_ I feel like it’s a great way to get people to be passive af . And that’s why so many religious people are just like it’s part of God’s Plan. So I won’t do that s**t .

_ Distracting / leading resources away from real s**t .

_ You didn’t you say the dude who said such things was a cult you had to buy into that is just how your brain works vs some kind of spiritual conspiracy

_ It’s called “ CONFIRMATION BIAS “ , it’s scientifically proven.

_ If it can’t be proven by science then it’s not proven.

_ That’s entirely your choosing to believe that but… That is confirmation bias.

_ It’s you piecing together perceived coincidences and deciding there’s a special connection.

_ I mean tbh I’m a little worried about you considering you spend a lot of $ and were indoctrinated into that cult and even though you aren’t paying into it now they still got you

_ Um please don’t. That brings back past bad trauma.

_ The Illuminati isn’t real.

_ Western rhetoric is harmful

_ I can’t believe this is like a fr conversation right now.

_ Satanism is inherently atheistic. It’s an anti-theist philosophy.

_ Ugh I swear I’m learning I have triggers thru this convo

Ok so I guess it’s time to clear out your chakras , vacuum out that yucky bad karma with the light on you , etc

Don’t want to attract anything negative now.

OK , so what’s my opinion about this.

Well as you already know , I have been very critical of New Thought / New Age Spiritual teachers because most would think that hierarchy is good or we should be thankful . And I don’t know why I just seen some sort of white orb flash up upon my wall facing me upward when I am writing this… anyway

I have been critical of them for rejecting Anarchism. But also defending New Age / New Thought Spirituality as an Anarchist.

A big question to ask is WHY ? Those are valid arguments against Spirituality and everything I have been saying …. Right ?

Well I do feel that “ Realism “ is hierarchical and not everything can be proven by science. That’s like trying to find where emotions come from on the brain. Perhaps you can find something , maybe personality types are formed in life … But what if there was something beyond “ 3D Human Consciousness “ as spiritual people refer to it as.

Law of Attraction says that you attract everything in your life even if your not conscious of certain things,  just follow your heart and intuition.

But if you want the real truth why I just won’t drop this beautiful fantasy which might as well be the religion for INFPs , well it’s simple.

I have a Twin Flame who I have a telepathic romantic relationship with since 2007 . I meet my Twin Flame face to face in late 2015 , early 2016. Yes she is 6 years younger than me. Yes my art which I channel drew predicting what she would look like has some differences as well as visions I had , but there is strong characteristics that are still the same.

Also it was my Twin Flame and even Spirit Guides pointing out “ SHE IS YOUR TWIN FLAME “ when I wasn’t sure if this person who I was STRONGLY attracted to was my twin or not since my Twin Flame did throw me off thinking she was a rockabilly musician from Brooklin. Two names “ Vallery “ and “ Tommy “ came to mind before I meet my Twin who’s name is very similar to the two.

But yes this is no imaginary person , THIS PERSON IS REAL AND MY TWIN FLAME !

The best way to describe my situation is to refer to you a website most of the things on this website is EXACTLY my experience.

And it’s Law of Attraction that’s going to help me and my Twin Flame come together in Union.

And of you think I’m crazy and what I’m saying is still nonsense , well perhaps you won’t be thinking that way once me and my Twin Flame are both together outside telepathy on the internet together somehow. Stay tuned. _ Erica

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My Twin Flame part 2

My Twin Flame Part 2

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For part one , check out the links

In part one which was around Christmas time and around my Twin Flame’s Birthday ( Sagittarius ) I talked in detail regarding my Twin Flame and perhaps how we meet.

Currently there’s only one website resource I follow and I strongly recommend it for other Twin Flames. It’s helped me and my Twin A LOT !

Cassady Cayne of Twin Flames 11:11 put out a recent article ( at the time I have written this )

This related to my Twin Flame connection strongly and I think I left it out of my first article.

While organizing music which perhaps helped me and my Twin Flame meet face to face in December 2015 / March / April 2016 in the first place. 9 Years in telepathy alone before that.

While I was organizing , I broke down and cried getting strong flash backs about having past lives with my Twin Flame.

Originally the following was a comment on Twin Flames 11:11 but I felt it was so important I decided to post it as it’s own article. _ Erica

“ Before I meet my Twin Flame , I too picked up signals from music , movies , false Twin Flames and even cartoons.

While writing my lists , I broke down crying with strong spiritual flash backs which maybe solved a long time mystery about me and my Twin Flame.

Before I meet my Twin , my Twin signaled perhaps a past life aspect of herself named “ Tommy “. A Brooklyn Rockabilly Musician with a band. I also feel like I had several reincarnations relating to some famous people.

My Twin even said we were cats in an early past life which explain why cats are our “ Spirit Animal “.

I have a strong connection to the 1960s . The Ohio incident at Kent State , I have gotten flash backs remembering that for example. In the 1980s , there’s something strong about the music.

I think me and my Twin died together in a car accident and drown off a highway bridge .

This would explain why I was born in 1988 and my Twin in 1993.

The name Valleri was the first name that came to me through our connection about 12 years ago. Maybe that was my name. I don’t know.

My Twin Flames name has two same letters in her name and a “ y “ at the end.

Yesterday I started to follow my Twin’s social media and message her through them which took me awhile. We are still working on Reunion and still waiting to hear from my Twin outside telepathy however.

As for musicians , My Twin Flame with absolutely no exaggeration looks EXACTLY like the Young Bob Dylan from the time of his first two albums. But in the form of a Butch Lesbian . 😉 I compared pictures many times and surprised many people I knew.

I apologize for the long list , but while I was looking through my iTunes collection I was focusing on the strong vibration I get and surprisingly the vibration is still there . So this is extreme important to me.

Here’s the list for me and my Twin Flame which we listened to which helped us unite .

When the Night Comes – Joe Cocker

Waiting to Fly / You Wreck Me / The Waiting / Square One / Free Fallin’ – Tom Petty

Why Should I Worry – Billy Joel

Run To You / Summer of 69’ / Everything I Do ( I Do It For You ) – Bryan Adams

The Flame – Cheap Trick

Father Figure – George Micheal

Good Thing – Fine Young Cannibals

Satisfied / Right Here Waiting – Richard Marx

Never Been Any Reason – Head East

She’s a Beauty – The Tubes

What I Like About You – Romantics

Rough Boys – Pete Townshend

Oh Sherrie – Steve Perry

Ah Leah ! – Donnie Iris

The Breakup Song – Greg Kihn Band

Gone – Lee Rocker

Small Town – John Mellencamp

I Was Made for Dancing – ( From Saturday Night Fever )

Summer Loving – ( Grease )

I Was Made to Love Her – Stevie Wonder

Can’t Help Falling In Love – Lick the Tins ( Some Kind of Wonderful 1987 Soundtrack )

And We Danced – The Hooters

Je Te Donne / Je Marche Seul – Jean-Jacques Goldman

St. Elmo’s Fire – John Parr

Heaven Is a Place On Earth – Belinda Carlisle

I’m Your Man – Wham!

Be with You – Enrique Iglesias

To Love Somebody – Bee Gees

On The Dark Side – John Cafferty & The Beaver Brown Band

Knocking’ On Heaven’s Door – Bob Dylan ( * MY TWIN FLAME LOOKS LIKE THE YOUNG BOB DYLAN * )

Boys of Summer / Sunset Grill – Don Henley

Eddie Money – Two Tickets to Paradise / Walk on Water

Dance Hall Days – Wang Chung

Love Will Find a Way – Yes

Just What I Needed / Magic – The Cars

Ramblin’ Man – The Allman Brothers Band

Pride – White Lion

I’m Still Searching – Glass Tiger

Urgent – Foreigner

Switchin’ to Glide – The Kings

Hot Blooded / I Want to Know What Love Is – Foreigner

Save Tonight – Eagle-Eye Cherry

Breakfast at Tiffany’s – Deep Blue Something

True Colors – Cyndi Lauper

We Belong Together – Pat Benatar

Day After Day – Badfinger

Centerfold – The J. Geils Band

You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet – Bachman-Turner Overdrive

Get On the Line – Archies

All Out of Love – Air Supply

Take a Chance on Me – ABBA

Walking On Sunshine – Katrina & The Waves

Boys & Girls of Rock n Roll ( from The Chipmunk Adventure )

Don’t You ( Forget About Me ) – Simple Minds

Rio – Duran Duran

The Way It Is – Cruse Hornsby & The Range

Lucky Seven Sampson – Schoolhouse Rock

Luka – Suzanne Vega

Caught Up In You – 38 Special

Reach Out , I’ll Be There – Four Tops

Jenny 867-5309 – Tommy Tutone

I Can’t Fight This Feeling Anymore / Keep on Loving You / Follow MY Heart REO Speedwagaon

Cruel Summer – Bananarama

Valleri – The Monkees / Five O’Clock World – The Vogues / We Got To Get Out of This Place – The Animals /Carrie-Anne – The Hollies / More Than A Feeling – Boston Hang on Sloopy – The McCoys / Just one of the guys – Shalamar / Tomboy – Crosby , Stills and Nash ( The very first songs that channeled my Twin Flame in telepathy over 10 years ago )

For My Twin , she has performed with her Drag King act when I meet her face to face .

My Girl – The Temptations  / It’s Gonna Be Me ( *NSYNC )

_ Erica “

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Quit Capitalizing on my Spirituality !

Anti-New Age Capitalism

If someone teaches Twin Flames or Law of Attraction ,
it’s interesting how defensive some of these capitalists get when they tell people to stay away from all the other teachers and do not listen to other people on the internet. So much for community building eh ? Perhaps it’s time to question the teacher teaching. Are they really a Lightworker ? Twin Flame ? Do they believe in New Thought / New Age Spirituality at all ? Or do they believe in Jack Canfield . Bob Proctor and the rest of the New Age Capitalists way of selling it ?

Not all New Age spiritual people are statist and capitalist and centrist !
For example

How do you get to union with your Twin Flame ?
Law of Attraction because both have the same energy !

Now there’s teachers that are going to raise the question and sell you the answer wording it into puzzles which each puzzle piece cost $500 or more !

Is that spiritual ? I don’t think so ! Time for Spiritual Anarchism !

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New Age / New Thought Spiritual Anarchism , In defense of

New Thought / New Age Spirituality , Law of Attraction Anarchism

New Age / New Thought Spiritual Anarchism , In defense of

It’s quite obvious that most Anarchists are atheists / anti-religious. However something that’s poked my attention in recent times is perhaps Anarchists against The Law of Attraction , New Age / New Thought Spirituality . There’s already been spit against it , calling it pseudoscience and so forth. And lots of people wanting to force spirituality under a microscope in a battle of which one is more logically accurate ? I personally do not understand why the theories such as Libertarian Socialist Anarchism / Anarcho-Communism , Personality Type Science such as MBTI Myers Briggs Personality Types / Numerology / Astrology , and New Thought / New Age Spirituality can’t all just work together ? To me that’s like saying to destroy every single TV and film from the past because it’s not specifically anarchist culture instead of conserving it as a product of it’s time or even destroying things from a museum regardless of it’s nature.

That’s like destroying Hitler’s book until it no longer exist , we should use it as reference of study so people would recognize it for what it really is which is just a book filled with bad ideas and brainwashing. Now I’m not saying Anarchists would do that , I’m just pointing some areas of my interest that I think should be saved post-revolution.

Likewise what I’ve mentioned above.

The best thing that I can say that Law of Attraction is not fake is because I have meet my Twin Flame face to face , I have documented and remembered every single moment of paranormal activity I have witnessed and all I’m saying is if something is mysterious and unknown by science , why is this within itself hierarchical ?

I think the conformity of saying all things must be proven within it’s logic only is hierarchical.

It’s hierarchical to force people into religion out of fear and teach people lies which would result to people conforming to scare tactics of going to hell as well as hating those that differ from them. New Age / New Thought does not do that.

New Age / New Thought Spirituality is much more deeper than what is taught in The Secret. There’s Twin Flames , Heyoka , Starseed , old souls , etc.

And even I have questioned if all three subjects above are nothing more but INFP utopia which would only matter to INFPs and like minded personality types.

Yes of course I believe all three could benefit humanity as a whole but an open question I want to point out is , is it just because I’m INFP ?

Through out my blogs and everything , I have pointed out similarities between New Age / New Thought Spirituality and Anarchism. A debate that such paranormal mysteriousness from Twin Flames to Spirit Guides and telepathy can be debated , but the end result could only go by one’s opinion. Because New Thought / New Age Spirituality to me is not hierarchical at all. I think Law of Attraction can be very useful to helping out a social revolution that much peacefully and who’s to say that it hasn’t during the 1960s where both were pretty much hand and hand !

The only reason why John Lennon became a different guy according to his final interviews was probably because of hidden fear / depression he was probably hiding with denial and energy.

Seriously, John Lennon talking about how proud he is himself cooking for himself and ripping on socialists ? Abbie Hoffman mentioned during his final years he believed that John Lennon was just being a goodie goodie leaving his actual thoughts and feelings about being a socialist out during his final years due to the fear that the Government will come after him again.

There was a story from his late agent / manager / whatever about how John Lennon got pissed off at this guy’s Communist uncle which may not have been true as well as a friendship with Ronald Regan and this guy himself being one of those at Burkley University being an anti-war protester , I’ve heard he stool things from Lennon all the time.

So as Woodstock as well as many other awesome things from 1969 marks their 50th anniversary such as Sesame Street , Scooby Doo , and of course Monty Python’s Flying Circus. Just don’t forget the 1960s !

Yes I have heard about New Age Politics and of course how the right can use The New World Order against people , and ok perhaps leftist prospectives of NWO is just iNtuitive candy but perhaps it guided me to Anarchism.

But to say that Spirituality is just as Hierarchical as say Westboro Baptist Church , I strongly disagree 100% !

Why can’t someone be a spiritual lightwkrker and an Anarchist !

Religious Anarchists exist so why not those who are for Law of Attraction , 5D Earth , etc ?

I for one can always defend that Twin Flames and Telepathy do exist. I have a solid 12 years experience !

Finally I just want to point out that yes Law of Attraction can be a challenge.

But it is not in any means brainwashing nonsense created by the interests of the hierarchical ruling classes.

Yes there are people who believe in New Thought / New Age Spirituality that are centrists ( for the most part unfortunately ) and even capitalists like Bob Proctor and Jack Canfield of Chicken Soul for The Soul Fame.

But for the most part they are left politically even if they are liberal or right-wing libertarian.

Just because there are people like that , doesn’t mean dismiss spirituality all together !

The stuff on this website relating to Twin Flames I can stand up and say , yes , I am experiencing this !

And I have been 9 years before finding this information which I can finally put it into words !

I have drawings relating to perditions that might be slightly off accuracy of what my Twin Flame looks like which is the very young Bob Dylan , a spitting image of the young Bob Dylan like what he looked like on the covers of his first two albums in the early 1960s.

But in the form of a Butch Lesbian that would wear trendy outfits today and sort of a modern moderate subtle hipster / gangsta fashion .

The reason why Law of Attraction is rough is because spiritually we need to let go of our inner limitations and help our self esteem. So it’s a spiritual method of that as well as a way to accurately attract miracles and opportunities. You don’t know how and we can attract through our thoughts that either feel good or feel bad.

It’s like a doctor can worry about getting cancer which can manifest that onto them or they can think positively of doing research with the hope and faith that cancer will be gone.

And if people did their research , perhaps people can see the similarities within

New Thought / New Age Spirituality and Anarchism.

It shouldn’t be a fight of who’s better , but a spiritual tool from within to help the without.

_ Erica

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My Twin Flame & Me ( Legal Version )

My Twin Flame & Me ( Legal Version )

By Erica Crooks

As we enter the new year , I do have a surprise for all of my

Readers who would be interested to know the juicy details of my Twin Flame.

But legal disclaimer ,

I do not refer any personal information regarding my Twin Flame’s name , social media , Drag King act / Stage Name , or anything like that without my Twin Flame’s consent.

ALSO even though I do have the spiritual ability and gifts to channel my Twin Flame both vocally and automatic writing telepathic communication , the same rules apply , I do not have my Twin Flame’s consent at this time so out of respect I won’t.

The following info I consider legal.

And it’s to vague , iNtuitive , and wooly to hold up in a court of law ,

Even with the most greedy of stupid drunk lawyers and attorneys .

And as an Anarchist I find Law & Order not justified for the best of humanity.

And even though my Twin Flame’s Drag King act on social media is somewhat public eye ( how can we tell now a days ? It’s not set on private or anything , it’s literally in the public eye with several thousand views . )

I’m just saying this out of respect for my Twin Flame’s privacy at this time as well as to save my Hyde because Twin Flame Runner’s can go crazy so I ain’t going to take any risks.

( I know , just what kind of a anarchist am I ? A Hypocrite ? Well know , I’m a pacifist . )

Anyway …

At the time I write this , I’m still on the edge of my Twin Flame Ascension going onto Twin Flame Union.

That’s 12 Years in Telepathy all together.

9 Years in Telepathy alone , known my Twin Flame and have been in Ascension for about 3 years now.

For any Twin Flames out there , I strongly recommend the website

But If you want a simple answer to how to get to Twin Flame Union ,

It’s “ Law of Attraction “

And any skeptical / cynical attitude towards this answer in response ,

Well if you can’t accept that’s just the way it is ,

Then you prepared to learn some lessons until you do.

According to my observation , I have noticed that the Twin Flame Mirror can take on many scenes. From reflecting similarities that perhaps you deny within yourself to even yes


So in other words if your Twin Flame does something shocking or is a turn off to you ,

It will haunt you until you learn to love and accept that in yourself.

At this point in my life , I feel that even though I’m in ascension ,

My slow learning style has helped be build more and more confidence.

That’s pretty much why such scary phenomenon and paranormal nightmare fuel weirdness happens.

Any skeptical / cynical / skeptical beliefs you may have that keep you in a place of lack

Would bite you in the karma until you learn to release through love and light.

And coming out of it all , the more and more you would feel comfortable with your authentic self.

From my observation , Twin Flames are for the most part totally unaware of triggering each other. But since I’m a Heyoka Empath , I’m sort of aware. Lol

I haven’t talked about my Twin Flame much but since we are going onto the New Year , I think it would be of interest to bring about an update.

Just keep in mind all Twin Flame relationships are different.

Even though there are some couples online promoting New Age capitalism , especially one couple who ended up ripping me off hundreds over the phone. They go through a PayPal and keep all their info private , they are totally formal in their emails but casual over the phone and pull the ol’ routine of “ Just talk to me , your paying for your time with me. “ .

It’s a good thing I’m an Anarchist.

There are of course New Age capitalists that are probably not Con Artists like what I’ve mentioned , but of course like I already mentioned in a previous meme , it’s political ideology.

If they are nice and pro-capitalism , it’s as liberal as The Secret and Abraham Hicks.

But I happen to be a Libertarian Socialist Anarchist / Anarcho-Communist so…

Anyway let me give you some preview details about me and my Twin Flame.

At until I have consent , I wouldn’t reveal my Twin Flame’s name / social media / or actual pictures until further notice.

But one thing I will tell you for sure. I am telling the truth about all of this.

She is real.

I’ve even debunked the books “ Alien Love Bite “ and “ Dark Side of Cupid “ if their theories were relating to Twin Flames. They might still be a good read if it’s dark entities not relating to Twin Flames but I’m just saying. Also even though reading about New World Order conspiracy theories and UFOs is fascinating to me , I got to make sure there is absolutely no right wing political ideology relating to anyone involved like David Icke.

I don’t need to hear any disrespect towards LGBTQ+ people.

Without further a do , this is what I can tell you for now.

( 1. ME

If you are a regular viewer , reader , subscriber then you already know I’m a 31 year old Transgender Lesbian woman.

Heyoka empath , indigo / crystal , starseed , Lightworker , old soul , etc

And you already know what I look like if you’ve seen my stuff already.

OK so here’s the other info.

I am the Feminine / Androgynous Twin Flame

( 1. MBTI – INFP

( 2 . Pisces ( water sign )

( 3. Numerology

Life Path : 5

Personality : 9

Expression : 5

Soul Urge : 5


My Twin Flame is a 25 year old Masculine Butch Stud Lesbian

Who dresses in hip / trendy clothing

She has many styles to the point where I can only imagine the size of her wardrobe.

When I meet her she was hipster mode with baseball caps and this hair poof popping out from the back of a Star Wars snapback.

Her styles can go from urban hip hop , hipster , formal , and the latest masculine clothing trends at most casual.

She’s also obsessed with getting as many Xbox 360 related game tattoos as much as possible. lol

Yeah , I barely know anything about these games myself. 

I think this was the very hat on the day I meet my Twin Flame face to face after 9 years in telepathy. This was late December 2015 probably a week or two before Christmas.

At nightclubs my Twin Flame would ware this very t-shirt.

From time to time my Twin Flame would also die the front part of her hair with Manic Panic.

Again , my Twin Flame is a Masculine Butch Stud Lesbian.

Her hairstyles are for the most part

“ Short sides , Long Top “ masculine hair styles


My Twin Flame’s body shape as what I can observe for right now is Pear for the most part. But could be hourglass.

5 foot 11 inch , B cup ( Is my best guess ) , Very skinny / Petite but VERY TALL .

She is as tall as the top of my forehead.

Sake pale skin , blue eyes , brown hair ( naturally ) .

Slightly lower masculine voice.

And ready for the ultimate detail ?

( Legal Disclaimer : This is photos of the young Bob Dylan , not my Twin Flame. But since my Twin Flame is a Runner , I just wanted to point this out just in case if worst case scenario. )

My Twin Flame is the spitting image of the young Bobby Dylan to the point where I ask the question “ Is it possible for someone to reincarnate when someone is still alive ? “ )

My Twin Flame performs as a Drag King ( mostly all that current yucky music but I’m sure she won’t mind performing good music post-Union ).

But literally if my Twin Flame wanted to make a living as a Bob Dylan impersonating Drag King , she’d be famous and viral in an instant.

I’m serious ! Again I’m referring to the VERY Young Bob Dylan , not when Bob Dylan was aging.

Here’s pictures of Bob Dylan , Now if Bob Dylan was a 25 Masculine Butch Stud Lesbian , you’d get an accurate picture of what my Twin Flame looks like.



But definitely this one.

So basically Bob Dylan’s first album

I kind you not folks. If I showed one of these pictures to someone my Twin Flame knows , they would ask if that is her because how many people at least close to my age know who Bob Dylan is ?

OK , now onto the other info .

My Twin Flame is the Masculine Twin Flame ( Obviously. )


( 2. Zodiac / Astrology – Sagittarius ( Fire sign )

( 3. Numerology

Life Path : 9

Soul Urge : 9

Personality : 2

Expression : 11

So you calculate all of that with the Masculine Devine Twin Flame and there you go.

And this is as close to giving you a sort of early intro to my Twin Flame legally without her being currently resent at this time.

So for those who might not already know this , yes WE ARE LESBIANS !

My Twin Flame is cisgender and I’m transgender.

Concluding Thoughts :

All the info including the experiences me and my Twin Flame have experienced both positive and negative , this website is super accurate to what we’ve experienced.

They also pointed out that Unawakened Twin and or Runner could be more material / grounded to Earth. ( Sensor )

And I feel like I have typed accurately from my observations including in telepathy mode as well.

But one thing is for sure , Twin Flames 11:11 points out that Twin Flames are made for each other.

My Twin Flame was explaining to me in telepathy last night or the night before that even though the two piece puzzle from the outside might look like the pieces are incomparable , when both are joined together , it creates a big picture where all it’s designs connect and fit like a glove.

So perhaps this is where the numerology comes into play.

The thing about Twin Flames according to what I’ve researched is there’s two things in play.

( 1. Similarities

( 2. Ying and Yang

The Twin Flame Mirror triggers something within us about ourself which Ego would deny.

A great example of this is , my Twin Flame also loves cats ( Similarity ) but my Twin Flame also has a pet Gecko and Snake and likes reptiles .

This really freaked me out when I heard about it. I HATE BUGS , I flip out if I see spiders and Bees ! So what does this mean within it’s mirror ? I don’t like creepy animals ?

Perhaps it reflects my interests in Sharks and Creepy / Scary Sea monsters of the deep. And how in childhood I always enjoyed going to the Aquarium and watching The Discovery Channel and looking at pictures of sharks , etc.

That one was easy to uncover.

One that was complicated was my Twin Flame telling me at a Christmas party that she was Polyamorous . THIS REALLY UPSET ME !

I didn’t even know what it was until I looked it up .

If I knew anything about Polyamory , it would be what I was educated by from the 2nd Futurama Movie.

So what exactly was this mirroring in me ?

Um… Just how many times have I mentioned how much I love Butch Lesbians in my artwork , on my blog posts , on my blog videos , in my film work ?

Sure I can try to justify that I was spiritually guided to cues of my Twin Flame before meeting her.

Then what about my mentions of Hollywood Crushes ?

What about my obsession with watching Rachel Maddow for Rachel Maddow even though I’m an Anarchist , not a liberal ?

Or how about how I’m a HUGE Tank Girl / Lori Petty fan where I have pretty much the whole entire original Tank Girl Comic Book collection , the movie on DVD / Digital both iTunes and Amazon Video AND Blu-ray , and when I meet Lori Petty in 2015 at my local comic con , I was so giddy , I would say hi to her twice in 3 days . And almost canceled my artist table and panel because I was too scared to meet Lori Petty.

Look how much I am blushing and how Lori Petty knows it.

YES ! I even asked for a hug from Lori Petty which I got.


What else ? Susan Watts from Some Kind of Wonderful , Anybodies from West Side Story , SanDeE* From LA Story ,

Haunt me no longer spirit …. Hey you , out there what day is it ? Christmas Day ! ( record scratch )

How the very day I meet my Twin Flame , she knew I only went up to Butch Lesbians inviting them to a Butch / Femme Meetup group which no one showed up and therefore canceled. How my Twin Flame pretty much knows most of the Butch Lesbians at our local pride ( Yes my Twin and I live in the same state , She’s the City Slicker Drag King performer where I’m working on moving out of a dead end town filled with miserable middle aged people with addictions. ) , I even suspect a little bit of subtle setups but who knows.

For right now , maybe this high lights my Butch-Crazy feminine part of myself a little bit. Perhaps Twin Flames are attracted to people that remind themselves of our Twin Flame as well as ourselves. So I kind of get that in that sense.

But here’s the main points.


If Twin Flames are Two parts of the same soul ,

Would that mean the relationship is deep seated within the Numerology , Zodiac , Cognitive Functions , Twin Flame Experience ?

What about INtuitives vs Sensors ?

Maybe this is the Ying and Yang aspect. Where both can support each other and benefit from each other.

However , what I find very interesting is the similarities between



The Twin Flame Runner / Chaser situation

This is more accurate than me reading the books Alien Love Bite and The Dark Side of Cupid . Maybe those books refer to dark entities rather than a Twin Flame Runner situation but I’m just saying it’s not appropriate for Twin Flames because I think this website is way more accurate and has solutions.

Still it’s been an interesting journey. The point of all this Twin Flame Ascension stuff is personal growth . And even though me and my twin have been stuck like this for 3 years , it could be worse and personally maybe just maybe why my progress is so slow is that I’m enjoying the ride of self-discovery , education and also being spiritually guided to things to help with my mission like becoming an Anarchist.

So I do see more positive aspects than negative.

And in recent nights , I have been experiencing many aspects of DEEP Hearted love and bliss to the point where me and my Twin Flame are in tears knowing that no matter what happens on Earth , we have always been together in telepathy talking to each other in telepathic communication for 12 solid years just about every single day and night. And in afterlife , we’d still be together so there’s no need to fear anything. Love heals , fear kills.

So in the meantime , check out my Twin Flame related Videos.

And as for my Twin Flame’s side of this whole entire Twin Flame Journey , COMING SOON ! TBA ( To Be Announced )

_ Erica


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INFP vs The World

INFP vs The World

INFP vs The World

Life can seem like a confusing place.

And as for me , the confusion that I most certainly see is “ Hey , I found some brilliant ideas for world peace. Why are they always dismissed ? “

Libertarian Socialist Anarchism / Anarcho-Communism

Myers Briggs Personality Types

New Thought / New Age Spirituality

Most people just dismiss the mess of the world with an indifferent perspective and say “ That’s life , it is what it is , might as well make the best of it. “ on one hand , then you have all sorts of political ideologies which can clearly be matched to personality type.

Today I’d like to examine some personality theories with you.

Perhaps some questions for discussion.

Now is it true that some personality types can be born this way while others might be the manifestation of authoritative upbringing as well as gens ?

Are iNtuitives smarter than sensors ?

Or is it just iNtuitives letting out steam for being minorities in a sensor majority world ?

Is everyone secretly INFP ? Or is this a nightmare world for the INFP to work their Lightworker mission until their life on Earth is complete ?

I have mentioned that perhaps there are a certain group of personality types or is INFP the closest to have their head in the clouds and the type to not have their feet on the ground so much as other types do ?

And as an Anarchist , just what personality types are responsible for the hierarchical world we live in ?

Is the whole “ iNtuitive Bias / Sensor Bias “ nothing more but hierarchy and oppression fighting against one another and the way to end it is to end hierarchy itself ?

Currently I’ve been doing some research as well as every single day and night for 12 solid years and continuing working on my Twin Flame Union .

And according to Twin Flames 11:11

Sometimes when Twin Flame pairs are both reincarnated onto Earth ,

One would be more material focused and the other would be more spiritually focused ( Me ).

And in my recent Twin Flame update ,

I mentioned that maybe perhaps my Twin Flame is a Sensor. Specifically an ESFP .

I’m an INFP myself .

Also Twin Flames 11:11 has posted this recent meme

What Cassady is referring to is known as The Twin Flame Mirror !

I highly recommend her Twin Flame videos too.

So is this related to iNtuitives vs Sensors ?

For all those INFPs and iNtuitives out there ,

Perhaps you’ve seen this meme and perhaps it cracked some of you up

Because you can relate to it on a deep level.

I know I can.

Or maybe not laughed with it so much , but perhaps (hashtag ) METOO !

This is such an INFP meme !

And perhaps it’s relating to my mission in life. Hi my name is Erica

And let me tell you about myself , can you relate to me ? You are not alone. 🙂

But even Greg of in5D mentioned that some people would get left behind in a 5D Earth.

So here’s a point I’d like to bring about.

Say we took a look at all the personality types ,

And let’s measure those types that are most closest and open minded to love and those that are not.

Perhaps people look at love differently. So is Twin Flames a cheat sheet to turn an sensor into an iNtuitive ? Or maybe it’s just Good Ol’ LOVE POSION NUMER 9 !

HIT IT ! A one … a two .. a one , two , three , four !

Fellow Twin Flames , only if we could buy a bottle of love potion number 9 instead of getting ripped off my con-artists or real Twin Flame with overly expensive products such as $500 for some PDF files and mp3 meditations.

Anyway let’s go onto the other half of a similar matter.

Authoritarian personality.

Relating , one of the things that Cassady of Twin Flames 11:11 said that I thought was interesting was “ Hurt people , hurt people “ . And I’ve heard other similarities .

Like “ Those who hurt others , hurt themselves. “ ( That one was from Jim Henson’s Tale of The Bunny Picnic ) .

The reason why I wanted to talk about it was there’s those damn PragarU stinky fascist juck-juck videos disguised as adverts that keep getting popped up before Anarchist videos . Not as violent as the Alt-right vs Antifa but still .

It’s a good thing I knocked the piss out of them earlier.

But here’s what interesting.

So the founder Pragar himself was talking about “ FEARING the LEFT ! “

Well , that’s the only thing Pragar got right ! FEARING THE LEFT !



Is it nothing more but authoritarian brainwashing ?

Without all the info on personality types out there and I’ve done my share of research.

Even though I said perhaps there isn’t an evil personality type , it’s not really the who but the what meaning “ hierarchy “

Guess what ?

I have a question.

What if you CAN’T separate them.

And if they did change for the better , would it be as accurate as

Say “ An ESTJ “ happy or would their personality type

Change radically !

Don’t you find it weird that certain types cognitive functions reversed resembles their worst

enemy ?

For example , INFP with cognitive functions reversed equals to an ESTJ

ENFP reversed is ISTJ

INTP reversed is ESFJ

INTJ reversed is ESFP

INFJ reversed is ESTP

ENTJ reversed is ISFP

ENFJ reversed is ISTP

And ENTP reversed is ISFJ

So speaking of personality type and mirrors , are we fighting the duality mirror ?

Or is it like The Dark Crystal where the Skeksis and Mystics are actually two sides of the same whole and end up turning into

But if personality types do merge , again , it might sound like a crack pot conspiracy theory or just intuitive thinking or both but …

Again , does that prove that everyone is secretly INFP ?

( My hit INFP spiritual videos )

So , is that the purpose of life is for the INFP to inspire positively ?

Maybe this isn’t even included in the INFP survival guide

_ Erica

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