INFP Social Anxiety or Crazy World ?

INFP Social Anxiety or Crazy World ? Erica Crooks

INFP Social Anxiety or Crazy World ?

In this blog post I would like to talk about the subject of having the INFP personality type and social anxiety.

Before I begin , I just want to thank fellow INFPs for taking time to read my blog posts and or watching my INFP blog videos as well as my other things ( or probably not lol ) .

Even though I’m all for wanting to build an online community , I do apologize for the lack of not answering back. Eventually I will. My previous blog post explains about that and kind of relates to what I’m talking about in this very blog post.

For many years I thought I was an ENFP.

But maybe this is just my observation or not but I tend to notice that life circumstances

tend to show me aspects of myself that trigger me and eventually make me learn something valuable about myself in which maybe I wasn’t self aware about enough ?

In the case of realizing that I’m an INFP and not an ENFP is that Extroverts feel comfortable in public where introverts do not.

I know I seem so social in my blog posts. I tend to push myself to do blog videos and trying to make it as authentic and as positive as I possibly can.

There are some INFP vloggers ( video bloggers ) that tend to come off

Much more extroverted in their videos but behind the scenes they are indeed introverts.

I’ve noticed this in areas of interest such as New Thought / New Age Spirituality and even Libertarian Socialist Anarchism / Anarcho-Communism.

Same goes with artists from Jim Henson to John Lennon .

As long as we stand by strongly for what we believe in and what we do , that tends to give us strength.

In many ways , lots of people or should I say most tend to be isolated from one another.

With the things I’m into

MBTI , Law of Attraction , Libertarian Socialist Anarchism

They all seem to connect in such a way which can be beneficial to INFPs and related personality types or perhaps humanity and Earthlings as a whole !

I most certainly hope that people don’t think I’m a hypocrite , someone who says one thing and does another. For example online I can be extremely expressive with my words , blog videos and even my art. But when it comes to an active offline protest even if it’s a cause that benefits me and I care for dearly , I tend to take a step back automatically.

Likewise I had film screenings of my work.

One in 2015 and the other in 2017.

And even though I upload them to the internet uncensored ,

I tend to edit my work to a more PG rating and self censor myself.

The 2017 screening backfired on me as someone walked out totally pissed off where the other only stayed for about 15 minutes. The film wasn’t fully screened as I requested the projectionist early on to turn off the film if not many people showed up to the screening.

As you already know , I tend to talk a great deal about self confidence.

And perhaps a great deal of my lightworker mission not only relates to letting like minded people know that “ You Are Not Alone in this crazy world “ but also they were sane this whole entire time.

I know exactly how it feels to second guess.

This could explain why it took me so long to come out of the closet.

What I teach on my blogs and blog videos helped me be more aware of myself as well as the world around me. The internet helped me out , so perhaps what I do is also giving back in a similar matter to like minded people , even feeling that perhaps in some part of the world there could be another INFP who’s went through similar things I have.

Please allow me to summarize what these things mean to me.

( 1. MBTI : It has helped me learn about why I am so different from the world around me as well as why others are different from me. Also who are the kinds of people I get along with best and those I would get along with most. Not only a great personal growth tool , but social survival as well. Only if most people knew , perhaps we would have less conflicts and loneliness in this world and more understanding of one another. Isabel Briggs Myers was also an INFP .

And of course these articles explain why the world around me just does not feel like home.

( 2. Law of Attraction / New Thought & New Age Spirituality / Twin Flames :

Since 2007 I have been aware that I have a Twin Flame and in December of 2015 I meet my Twin Flame face to face. It’s still a soulmate paranormal phenomenon I am investigating daily and nightly for 12 years and continuing.

Perhaps it has lead me to everything.

It’s just good to know that I can create my own reality.

It’s in the matter of getting the balance on everything.

( 3. Libertarian Socialist Anarchism / Anarcho-Communism

I feel this is the piece of the puzzle of life that many Law of Attraction teachers tend to be ignorant of

as well as Law of Attraction is something very important which Anarchists tend to mistake as being hierarchical nonsense because it can’t be proven by science fully.

Telepathy has though !

To me , it’s either the blueprint INFP Heaven on Earth Utopia or perhaps A Heaven on Earth Utopia for all

And 5D Earth as well.

I think there’s strong similarities.

I feel the best way to go about all of these is to educate and if most people knew about this , then the majority rules and hierarchy comes down.

Though sometimes I tend to question something with two questions relating to the same thing.

Is hierarchy ignorant or fully self aware of the evil they do to people ?

Are sensors ignorant of what’s going on or do they simply do not mind a hierarchical system and feel fully comfortable .

Or are certain personality types such as INFP and related types more closer to the pure divine soul spirit while other personality types are negative manifestations due to authoritarian parenting ?

I do feel that society as we know it at the time I’ve written this is very Extroverted Sensor catered.

And hierarchy does more damage then good for everyone , especially other INFPs and like minded personality types.

I’ve even expressed my concern regarding how psychiatry could easily diagnose introverted intuitives , NPs , and FPs WITH SOMETHING !

And I am not alone in this !

But that’s the very note I want to strike at.

Even though I’m not alone which proof is obvious thanks to internet technology.

In truth , nothing is going to happen positively if he have hierarchy dominating the world .

Perhaps it’s a battle of Good vs Evil / Soul vs Ego / Love vs Fear .

Perhaps it’s the very reason why Anarchists , High Vibrational Spiritual New Ager Empaths and like minded personality types need to stick together.

Perhaps it’s not even my social anxiety.

The world is like a giant oil spill. The Oil being Fear and Hate.

And Love and Intelligence from like minded people is the only chance we GOT !

In my opinion , I would rather listen to intellectual philosophical wisdom then someone in a position of power and authority superiority over me.

_ Erica

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We need to all spread the word of mouth for the good of the world

And the power of love instead to conquer fear and hate !


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Love is the Answer
Love Heals , Fear Kills
Love conquers HATE
Love conquers FEAR

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Quit Capitalizing on my Spirituality !

Anti-New Age Capitalism

If someone teaches Twin Flames or Law of Attraction ,
it’s interesting how defensive some of these capitalists get when they tell people to stay away from all the other teachers and do not listen to other people on the internet. So much for community building eh ? Perhaps it’s time to question the teacher teaching. Are they really a Lightworker ? Twin Flame ? Do they believe in New Thought / New Age Spirituality at all ? Or do they believe in Jack Canfield . Bob Proctor and the rest of the New Age Capitalists way of selling it ?

Not all New Age spiritual people are statist and capitalist and centrist !
For example

How do you get to union with your Twin Flame ?
Law of Attraction because both have the same energy !

Now there’s teachers that are going to raise the question and sell you the answer wording it into puzzles which each puzzle piece cost $500 or more !

Is that spiritual ? I don’t think so ! Time for Spiritual Anarchism !

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New Age / New Thought Spiritual Anarchism , In defense of

New Thought / New Age Spirituality , Law of Attraction Anarchism

New Age / New Thought Spiritual Anarchism , In defense of

It’s quite obvious that most Anarchists are atheists / anti-religious. However something that’s poked my attention in recent times is perhaps Anarchists against The Law of Attraction , New Age / New Thought Spirituality . There’s already been spit against it , calling it pseudoscience and so forth. And lots of people wanting to force spirituality under a microscope in a battle of which one is more logically accurate ? I personally do not understand why the theories such as Libertarian Socialist Anarchism / Anarcho-Communism , Personality Type Science such as MBTI Myers Briggs Personality Types / Numerology / Astrology , and New Thought / New Age Spirituality can’t all just work together ? To me that’s like saying to destroy every single TV and film from the past because it’s not specifically anarchist culture instead of conserving it as a product of it’s time or even destroying things from a museum regardless of it’s nature.

That’s like destroying Hitler’s book until it no longer exist , we should use it as reference of study so people would recognize it for what it really is which is just a book filled with bad ideas and brainwashing. Now I’m not saying Anarchists would do that , I’m just pointing some areas of my interest that I think should be saved post-revolution.

Likewise what I’ve mentioned above.

The best thing that I can say that Law of Attraction is not fake is because I have meet my Twin Flame face to face , I have documented and remembered every single moment of paranormal activity I have witnessed and all I’m saying is if something is mysterious and unknown by science , why is this within itself hierarchical ?

I think the conformity of saying all things must be proven within it’s logic only is hierarchical.

It’s hierarchical to force people into religion out of fear and teach people lies which would result to people conforming to scare tactics of going to hell as well as hating those that differ from them. New Age / New Thought does not do that.

New Age / New Thought Spirituality is much more deeper than what is taught in The Secret. There’s Twin Flames , Heyoka , Starseed , old souls , etc.

And even I have questioned if all three subjects above are nothing more but INFP utopia which would only matter to INFPs and like minded personality types.

Yes of course I believe all three could benefit humanity as a whole but an open question I want to point out is , is it just because I’m INFP ?

Through out my blogs and everything , I have pointed out similarities between New Age / New Thought Spirituality and Anarchism. A debate that such paranormal mysteriousness from Twin Flames to Spirit Guides and telepathy can be debated , but the end result could only go by one’s opinion. Because New Thought / New Age Spirituality to me is not hierarchical at all. I think Law of Attraction can be very useful to helping out a social revolution that much peacefully and who’s to say that it hasn’t during the 1960s where both were pretty much hand and hand !

The only reason why John Lennon became a different guy according to his final interviews was probably because of hidden fear / depression he was probably hiding with denial and energy.

Seriously, John Lennon talking about how proud he is himself cooking for himself and ripping on socialists ? Abbie Hoffman mentioned during his final years he believed that John Lennon was just being a goodie goodie leaving his actual thoughts and feelings about being a socialist out during his final years due to the fear that the Government will come after him again.

There was a story from his late agent / manager / whatever about how John Lennon got pissed off at this guy’s Communist uncle which may not have been true as well as a friendship with Ronald Regan and this guy himself being one of those at Burkley University being an anti-war protester , I’ve heard he stool things from Lennon all the time.

So as Woodstock as well as many other awesome things from 1969 marks their 50th anniversary such as Sesame Street , Scooby Doo , and of course Monty Python’s Flying Circus. Just don’t forget the 1960s !

Yes I have heard about New Age Politics and of course how the right can use The New World Order against people , and ok perhaps leftist prospectives of NWO is just iNtuitive candy but perhaps it guided me to Anarchism.

But to say that Spirituality is just as Hierarchical as say Westboro Baptist Church , I strongly disagree 100% !

Why can’t someone be a spiritual lightwkrker and an Anarchist !

Religious Anarchists exist so why not those who are for Law of Attraction , 5D Earth , etc ?

I for one can always defend that Twin Flames and Telepathy do exist. I have a solid 12 years experience !

Finally I just want to point out that yes Law of Attraction can be a challenge.

But it is not in any means brainwashing nonsense created by the interests of the hierarchical ruling classes.

Yes there are people who believe in New Thought / New Age Spirituality that are centrists ( for the most part unfortunately ) and even capitalists like Bob Proctor and Jack Canfield of Chicken Soul for The Soul Fame.

But for the most part they are left politically even if they are liberal or right-wing libertarian.

Just because there are people like that , doesn’t mean dismiss spirituality all together !

The stuff on this website relating to Twin Flames I can stand up and say , yes , I am experiencing this !

And I have been 9 years before finding this information which I can finally put it into words !

I have drawings relating to perditions that might be slightly off accuracy of what my Twin Flame looks like which is the very young Bob Dylan , a spitting image of the young Bob Dylan like what he looked like on the covers of his first two albums in the early 1960s.

But in the form of a Butch Lesbian that would wear trendy outfits today and sort of a modern moderate subtle hipster / gangsta fashion .

The reason why Law of Attraction is rough is because spiritually we need to let go of our inner limitations and help our self esteem. So it’s a spiritual method of that as well as a way to accurately attract miracles and opportunities. You don’t know how and we can attract through our thoughts that either feel good or feel bad.

It’s like a doctor can worry about getting cancer which can manifest that onto them or they can think positively of doing research with the hope and faith that cancer will be gone.

And if people did their research , perhaps people can see the similarities within

New Thought / New Age Spirituality and Anarchism.

It shouldn’t be a fight of who’s better , but a spiritual tool from within to help the without.

_ Erica

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Popularity : When Quality & Truth isn’t Viral

Popularity : When Quality & Truth isn’t Viral

It’s amazing that ever since my Kundalini / Spiritual Awakening in spring 2016 when I meet my Twin Flame face to face even though we are still in Twin Flame Ascension working towards Twin Flame Union ,

One thing spirit kept reminding me of that most New Thought / New Age Spiritual teachers and gurus won’t admit is “ Negative Energy is thoughts that make you feel bad , not the subject because the perception of a subject depends on the reaction of the individual not the subject itself. “

Also Satire and Anarchism isn’t bad Karma within itself.

There’s a common set of traits when it comes to going viral on the internet , like business articles and such will tell you , a lot of it is very basic “ Quality , Be Human , Bring about something original , etc “

So why isn’t the MBTI ( Myers Briggs Personality Test included into this discussion ? )

Perhaps there’s some personality types that are Born This Way where others develop due to say society / authoritarian upbringing.

So does that mean types like INFP is pure ?

I’ve noticed an interesting pattern when it comes to today’s mainstream entertainment and types such as ESFP and perhaps even ESTP .

Is this related to a sensor majority world ?

Or does hierarchy take advantage of sensors for being the majority ?

Is it all a part of the mainstream media or what ?

Or is this related to personality type alone ?

The point I want to make here is this.

First why do you want to be popular , why do you want to be famous ?

Sometimes people have fame and fortunate hand and hand.

Some only take the fortune like the bastards who rule over us ,

Some want the fame.

But is the fame to boost someone’s Ego ?

OR is fame a tool to help benefit the good of world ?

There’s nothing wrong with positive content.

But the problem with liberal ideology is it’s about “ Thinking positive of hierarchy “.

As one who practices New Thought / New Age Spirituality , I get that .

But sometimes liberalism takes it too far being pro capitalism ,

And interferes with TRUE teachings of The Secret “ Law of Attraction “ .

Saying that anything that isn’t happy will manifest back to you.

But what if Horror Movies makes you happy ?

Then you got them by the crotch at that point.

Because the ruling class can use law of attraction for their benefit.

Terrorists can kill innocent people and be ok themselves because they feel good hurting innocent people , no skin of their back.

Their Ego is so solid that no spiritual awakening can pass through their stubbornness of cruelty. Unless , something triggers them emotionally.

Hurt people , hurt people.

One thought I had on my mind this morning is ,

In 2012 – 2014

I seen Bob Proctor as a genius .

When you have a wealthy mindset and your an artist ,

By Law of Attraction , you can take on this darn world.

In 2017 ,

I feel bad for Bob Proctor.

If he realized that capitalism is crap ,

He can still teach the same thing but using

Anarcho-Communism with Law of Attraction

And Innovated wisdom instead.

But what makes something popular ?

It really depends on personality type.


Hierarchy has brainwashed people into accepting the status quo.

Labels like “ REAL WORLD “ has one people.

That’s why people would rather watch people falling down on their butt and go boom then learning that Soul is more powerful than the Fear driven Karma known as Hierarchy.

_ Erica

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