Forth of July , No Thank You

It’s Forth of July , 4th of July , and with every single damn holiday that celebrates or should I say ” Brainwashes ” people into patriotism , nationalism , hate , fear , and glorifying violence ….. Offensive isn’t it ? Well perhaps people need to wake up to the truth that such a false political philosophy ” Hierarchical Power over Others ” Sides with Evil , Disaster , Dystopia , and turning the masses into mindless puppets for the ruling class capitalists …. not such a good idea. I understand that there’s loved ones who have died in war. We are taught to HATE the countries that did it. Let’s unite against hierarchy , the so called ” free country / American Dreamer ” lies need to stop !
John Lennon knew the truth. The 1960s anti-war peace movements knew the truth , so does ANARCHISTS ! Unite the left , there’s something better than liberal / democrat politics and I’m not talking about the libertarian party. I’m talking about Libertarian Socialism / Anarcho-Communism. That’s right , forget all about the 2020 Elections. Pete Buttigieg , Elizabeth Warren , Joe Biden , Nancy Pelosi , and Bernie Sanders ain’t going to stop the republicans. In fact they are worse than you think. Hierarchy RULES THE WORLD ! The New World Order Illuminati Conspiracy Theories were hitting on some truth , but ANARCHISTS KNOW THE BIG PICTURE ! And no the left leaning and minorities are not evil or ignorant. We are born to love , not hate and fear one another. Another world is possible. It’s called Anarchism / 5D Earth.
and how about Law of Attraction for good messure.
_ Erica
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Misdiagnosed and Poverty : An Anti-Capitalism article

Misdiagnosed and Poverty - An Anti-Capitalist Article

Misdiagnosed and Poverty

( an anti-capitalist article )  : From an INFP Trans Woman Anarchist Perspective

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It’s time once again for one of my controversial / taboo subject matter blog posts .

But to put your mind at ease , I am an Anarchist . For those who don’t know what I’m talking about , in other words , I’m as left-leaning as you can get but not a liberal nor am I a right wing Libertarian .

The other thing is I am NOT ablest. But at the same time I don’t side with the liberal way of going about it. Which explains why I have satirized the sort of recent Sesame Street in Communities movement for being too Liberal as well as how Liberal politics I felt just does not work at all. You can watch the hilarious political satire puppet parody sketches “ Liberal Street “ right here

Once again , by no means is this article about my opinions about people with disabilities. Because all I really have to say is that it’s caused by toxins in the environment due to capitalism , perhaps vaccines , pregnancy complications , etc

But we are all human , we are all spirits no matter what.

And the big issue when it comes to the subject of people with disabilities has nothing to do with those who are disabled , my concern is their care takers and the political gunk that screws everything up.

From the authoritarian right’s ableism to the liberal’s ( not all ) imagination that disability means “ Specially Gifted Genius “ .

I do have a concern about these sorts of caretakers who are so wrapped up in their political dogma and even their own ego that they forget that people with disabilities are kind of like adult children. But that also brings up another aspect which is parenting.

Most parents SUCK ! But when someone is disabled , to me , some have a limit regarding a mental age maturity or processing problems.

Ok now , this blog post / article is related to a video I did awhile back called “ iNtuitive Discrimination “

If you have watched the video then perhaps you’ll know that this is coming from a private

aspect of my life which can be too close to the bone and too close for comfort .

Being diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome in childhood and also as an adult ( among other things which I also choose to ignore because I ain’t hurting no one so who cares )

I have went through an interesting journey 10 years ago.

As you already know there are many positives in my life’s journey so far in which I have learned about aspects of myself thanks to my life experience and it relating to the genius invention of the internet. ( SAVE NET NEUTRALITY / SCREW INTERNET CAPITALISM  )

One aspect of my life that I don’t talk about much is the Asperger’s Syndrome diagnose or how I used to hang around message forums such as “ Wrong Planet “ .

As one who practices law of attraction , I do feel uncomfortable talking about things in my private life like this however if I know that it will help people in someway perhaps I’m not so vulnerable .

Now one of the most controversial things that you can say politically , especially when you live in The United States of America is any sort of mention of Pro-Disability Income / Food Stamps / Welfare .

Let me just say that I am an Anarchist and even though Anarchists are against hierarchy as well as taxes , wage labor slavery , capitalism , etc just to name a few ,

We stand by the fact that getting rid of Disability Income / Welfare IS NOT THE ANSWER TO PEOPLE’S PROBLEMS ! So if there’s going to be a bunch of people who are going to get all angry at me for living off of their tax dollars and throw insults and threats at me such as “ YOU LOUSY LAZY FAT GOOD FOR NOTHING BUM , GET A FREAKIN’ JOB ! AND IF I EVER MEET YOU IN LIFE I WOULD PUNCH YOU IN THE NOSE ! “ , just keep in mind I DID NOT INVENT THIS HIERARCHICAL SYSTEM THAT RUINS YOUR LIFE also THE WORLD DOESN’T REVOLVE ONLY AROUND YOU !

Again I was diagnosed in childhood as well as adulthood. I cut my abusive father out of my life in 2012 when I was 24. Even though I have had my own apartment since 2010 , my mother has always been in the same neighborhood because I ran away with her to escape my father’s abuse . Today my mother is my next-door neighbor and I think she is ESFP ( personality type ) and perhaps has Codependency personality disorder. One moment who’s doing all my chores for me even though I’m 31 , Sweet I know , but seriously I NEVER ASKED HER TO DO ANY OF THIS FOR ME ! So I just shrug as “ Oh she’s just spoiling me ! “ But also the fact that both of us are in poverty and she cooks for me ( I don’t like her cooking and home cooking itself personally ) and I do things for her on occasion regardless. The obvious stuff . Mother’s Day , Birthday , Christmas , Sharing a Pizza , taking my mom out to eat somewhere , I even bought her a FireTV Stick and a little Kindle Tablet from Amazon and we both share the internet. Also I helped her understand what YouTube was about and thanks to that she canceled her cable . Not only is that a good thing , a spit in the eye at mainstream media of course but also so she can have a little less money trouble in her life.

Since my spiritual awakening after I meet my Twin Flame face to face which started the Twin Flame Ascension and my Twin Flame Running from me , etc ( for more information to understand just what the hell am I talking about please check out the website )

Not only was I guided to Anarchism seeing THE TRUTH that’s often hidden from life

But also since 2016 I have been working hard every single day and night with my Twin Flame in telepathy to complete our Ascension process resulting to Twin Flame Reunion.

And I have come to the conclusions that my Twin Flame mirrors MY MOOD aka Twin Flame Mirror and mastering Law of Attraction is not only key to our Twin Flame Reunion but also to get out of the funk I’m in.

For more info on The Law of Attraction check out this link

What funk you ask ? Well I do believe that when you gain spiritual awakening / Kundalini

( and I am not talking about some spiritual religion , if I was going to describe my experience of spirituality to you , I would use the word PARANORMAL ! IT’S F**KING REAL ! ) dark entities will do whatever they can to stop you since empaths are the energy vampire sociopaths favorite target probably because they associate empathy with weakness which of course is anything but that .

Well again I want to be careful due to my Law of Attraction spiritual practice but I will say this.

For the most part things are peaceful in my apartment where my mother unfortunately SUFFERS with the lack of sleep and calling the police all the time on downstairs neighbors relating to a situation that’s hard for me to swallow without evidence or proof. Regardless I do have sympathy for my mother at the time I write this.

I’ll talk about this a little more later in this article , but to back up a bit , I live in a neighborhood of apartment buildings which I can never call a luxurious paradise and that’s just putting it mildly.

As an Anarchist , I am now more aware more than ever of the evils of capitalism.

In other words there’s a perfectly good reason why I NEVER EVER OPEN THE BLINDS OF MY WINDOWS EVER !

Inside the apartment it’s nice and quiet and peaceful. Which explains why I’m writing this article at 2:32am and my sleep is totally off.

However , I’ve always noticed since I lived her that once I walk out my door , I see a much more depressing environment of bad abusive parents with wild children abandoning their toys all broken in the yards , and creepy drug dealing / drug addict middle aged adults who either gave up hope of life living in depression or are sociopaths or BOTH !

Since my spiritual awakening , both me and my mother were being bullied by just about 99% of the neighbors in the neighborhood. Why ?

Simple. Because I’m a Transgender Lesbian Woman.

Also these 99% neighbors vote for Trump and are sociopaths.

Plus my mother started to realize that there was illegal drug crime activity going on in the neighborhood.

The ironic aspect of this neighborhood is not only does the landlords seem to ignore it but we have a police station LITERALLY next to this neighborhood . It’s LITERALLY walking distance even though cops never show up for you until a half an hour later.

My mother is certainly getting an education. These cops don’t care either.

But so far , I haven’t experienced any sort of police brutality so far and I hope I never will.

Misgendering yes , they called me he / him instead of she / her and they did apologize when I corrected them regardless of the lack of my legal name and gender mark change .

Still I have experienced tons of transphobia from two men literally harassing me to the point of me leaving my first apartment and living in my mother’s living room and even her bedroom until just this November for over a year ,

I was sexually harassed by a woman who was 35 when I knew her who faked a friendship and just a bunch of sociopaths who act nice one moment then the next call me the f slur behind my back and just the typical fascism to expect from homophobic / transphobic right wing sociopathic bullies and drug addicts / dealers .

So how did I deal with all of this ? Passively to their faces and expressed myself as the satirist I am. My mother on the other hand knows this about me. I’m an empath but I’m too much of a pacifist kind caring soul , and when she notices that I’m getting harassed , she calls herself “ THE MOMMA BEAR “ and ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE .

But still liberal.

Neither me and her have much of a social life. I just got one friend , my Twin Flame , anyone who likes me stuff and acquaintances here and there.

So yeah , pretty extreme situation.

Any of course my mother would be pissed off at me for revealing any of this because she’s scared for her life.

Both of us have been diagnosed with stuff so yeah that explains the neighborhood situation.

So how’s life for me so far ? Well like I mentioned earlier , I’m working on Twin Flame Ascension , I enjoy the work that I do , in other words …. I focus on my life and what I like and what I can do with my talents as a lightworker as well as an Anarchist to make the world a better place.

My mother ON THE OTHER HAND , her life is in hell. And if she doesn’t drain my energy too bad ( empaths literally pick up on the energy of others ) , I try to cheer her up.

But it gets harder and harder to do that.

Because of my mother’s codependency and rejecting anything I have to say including reminder her to read “ The Secret “ book I gave her , yes I did get angry because my mother can be extremely smothering.

What’s the logical solution ? My mother wants to GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE !

But since she’s concern of my well being , she wants me to have a better future .

She knows that I want my independence and she knows I get pissed off at her when she over spoils me and invades my privacy as an introvert.

So what’s my plan regarding having a better place to live ?

Twin Flame REUNION !

So you see why I’m not as frazzled as my mother ?

Spiritually I know that a miracle is available , I just need to visualize what I want .

( Instead of focusing most of my attention on my love of the internet and contributing to it right . lol , yes iNtuitives such as myself could care less about “ THE REAL WORLD “ because it’s only an illusion . 😉  ) Security comes from within. Inner Peace equals to World Peace . 🙂

What’s my mother’s plan ?


Long story short , in childhood , television was my only friend LITERALLY !

My father was my worst enemy , and the first scariest person in my life.

He was only happy with me if he bought me stuff or if I conformed to doing well at school.

Both my father and mother seen me as mentally disabled.

I was placed in special education , seeing therapists that weren’t very good ( which inspired me to create Dr LeBrick ) .

, Disability after school programs , lived in a children’s mental hospital between a week or a month without any love from parents or ANYONE ( it still brings a symbolic tear to my eye )  and meetings all my life until 2012 ( when I was 24 ) .

The only diagnoses I would agree with is having Post Traumatic Stress Disorder ( which only effects my nightmares and weird dreams I unfortunately have on a regular basis that effects sleep health a little bit. ) .

Everything I teach about self confidence , waking up to the truth , etc

I did not learn in school or my parents.

At some point in my life , I learned that sometimes there’s going to be people who WILL NOT BE THERE FOR YOU , so since high school I learned to see the strengths of being an outcast and nonconformist and the importance of individuality . Plus also I’m an introvert so maybe that helped , I don’t know. lol


Ok .

So spiritually it’s very challenging.

But perhaps it’s teaching me something.

Twin Flame Ascension is triggering as hell , so is all of this .

So how do I keep my sanity ?

Stuff that could threaten my life ?

Well , this article currently helps me.

Yes it’s aimed at Twin Flames but it can be applied to anyone in relevance to shielding energy and Law of Attraction / New Thought and New Age Spirituality.

So yes , keep my thoughts positive . Even though the police have bothered me at my door asking me tons of questions relating to my mother’s health .

So yes my mother. By night she’s complaining about and screaming downstairs neighbors and activity of shocking her through the floor boards and “ doing something with the internet “ which I can’t see at all but my logic doesn’t help neither is reasoning with her. She is hearing noises I can’t hear , duck taping towels and blankets all over the walls and the floor radiator including doing all this in my apartment. Having all my computer stuff in my kitchen , blocking most of the unused electric outlets , telling me not to use my refrigerator , not to use any computer / electronics in my own living room / I even took pictures of how insane the situation is.

My mother doesn’t even sleep on her own bed but using two pilled up air mattresses while her mattress to her bed along with most of her furniture is leaned and pilled up against her wall.

She even slept on her own floor and bathtub and tells me she didn’t sleep.

AND I thought I had sleeping issues. Mine is just nightmares I sleep through but drain me.

So yeah my mother’s situation is more extreme than mine.

All through the night my mother is hanging out in the hallway ready to go after anyone who sneaks into our apartment building ( not our apartments but there’s 4 apartments per building and the buildings are wall to wall , cheap walls in fact . Ex-Military apartments . )

And she told me that even her cat gets “ Jolted “ to the point where her cat fears walking around the floor but gets by walking across the apartment by jumping upon all the stacked up furniture and any furniture , anything off the floor like walking on a bridge to safety . Then sleeps on my mom’s bed or the kitchen table instead of her cat beds. She has one and one she loves which is a basket with a blanket over it.

Remember how I mentioned my mother does things for me ? Well I don’t have food in my apartment so since my mom is my next-door neighbor , all I have to do is walk across and use the spare key she made me. ( I don’t let her have mine anymore , because she kept budging in invading my space , but she’s an extrovert so she doesn’t mind. She told me many times so I’m not just assuming that. ) .

But here’s the thing. I DID NOT ORDER ANY DRAMA ! And that’s what I get.

Anyway , I’m not here to be all whiny about my personal problems and playing the victim.

I just wanted to mention how this is just one of the many problems in life


Perhaps you’d like to take a break , intermission time , toilet break , get something to eat.

Check your social media status .


Now for part 2 .

Relating to a video I did

Intuitive Discrimination ,

I have mentioned that in February 2018 , I went to see a Neurologist and saying this was a 2 appointment nightmare is just putting it mildly.

This Christian Right Neurologist , possibly an ISTJ / ESTJ

Is the sort of person which I would do something to which I RARELY EVER DO TO ANYONE IN PUBLIC , SHOUT AT HIM IN ANGER !

And if your an INFP or related personality type then you know exactly what I’m talking about.


He was also homophobic and transphobic !

And let me tell you , it’s just like a judge who my mother took me to see trying to get a restraining order on a neighbor which she suspects started THIS WHOLE NEIGHBORHOOD MESS !

It was the first time I was ever in a court room and hopefully the last.

Even though there was NO JURY , the same religious ritual was the same.

RIDGED , SYSTEMATIC , STUPID and I got into Anarchism SHORTLY AFTERWORDS in the summer of 2017.

This RIGHT WING TRANSPHOBIC PRICK who looked like a Conservative spitting image twin brother of Lloyd Kaufman .

Kind of like this

But more authoritarian and intimating and not satirical and silly which Lloyd Kaufman is known for . lol


My video Intuitive Discrimination

Was making a point in which I have noticed about the Neurology test .


It’s most certainly something I would agree with Libertarian Socialist Rants on .

Psychology should be used to help people , not the sociopaths who are on the top of the ruling class hierarchical system.

INFPs and similar personality types

Introverts / Perceivers / iNtuitives


Anyone who is left leaning politically


The Pros : Since we are the sort of people who can’t just blindly take just about any lousy 9-5 wage labor slavery job that’s available if discriminated against and or NOT being a personality type that’s not an ST / TJ personality type , NO PROBLEM …

Live off of people’s tax dollars and working on doing something that’s MEANINGFUL TO YOU AND HUMANITY AND PLANET EARTH !

The Cons : It sucks if you have a credit card . It’s barely enough to live on.

But if you go to work , technically if you really think about it , people bust their ass at work making pretty much the same amount so it really doesn’t matter because CAPITALISM IS FREAKIN RIGGED !

In other words

Authoritarian Personalities / This Hierarchical System thinks

INFPs and similar personality types

Introverts / Perceivers / iNtuitives


Anyone who is left leaning politically

Spiritual empath lightworker psychic ability


Some think that Asperger’s Syndrome is relating to who they are.

Libertarian Socialist Rants for example expressed this. has raised several points about being an introverted intuitive trapped in an extroverted sensor society and how Government runs on this very principle.

I would recommend the site however it is ran by an INTJ Anarcho-Capitalist / Right Wing Libertarian who has put Anarchism / Socialism down and I had to even comment many time on his website regarding his errors . However just like I mentioned about , it’s just one of those sites where there’s more weeds than flowers in the garden so you got to pick cautiously and critically .

I’ve talked about my experience previously ( Get Your Right Wing out of my Spirituality ) ( Spiritual Aftermath )

I don’t know if it’s an INTJ / INTP thing to be open to all knowledge and focus on logical objectiveness , I don’t know. lol

Anyway I feel that it relates hand in hand.

Authoritarian Personalities / This Hierarchical System thinks

INFPs and similar personality types

Introverts / Perceivers / iNtuitives


Anyone who is left leaning politically

Spiritual empath lightworker psychic ability

ARE MENTALLY ILL and these sick sociopaths in power who hate people like us

Finds us to be useless members in society !

But perhaps thanks to liberals / democrats ,

These fascists won’t develop some sort of holocaust genuine against us…. YET ! ,

And I kid you not when I say that Right Wing people are strongly linked to Fascism and cause all the problems of the world.

Anarchists know this !

But it’s just like how Gender Identity Disorder was replaced with the name Gender Dysphoria .

All it does is make things hurt less even though it still hurts.

But you can’t just put a bandage on the boo-boo and make it better , you need to go to the root cause of how the pain happened in the first place.

In conclusion

As a Transgender Lesbian Woman( INFP , Anarchist , who’s also a lightworker … )

I don’t think I’m mentally ill .

I don’t think I have Asperger’s Syndrome ( anymore ) .

I think there’s a bunch of misdiagnoses going around.

Even spiritual people have been diagnosed with things like ADD

But in the time where Liberals praise Autism Speaks and Julia is the first autistic Muppet on Sesame Street and the director of Rain Man made a movie of an Asperger’s Syndrome called “ MOZART AND THE WHALE “ which I no longer consider to be a favorite movie.

And when Right Wing people take the “ R “ word and attack us with the slur “ LIBTARD “

As well as just attacking

People who are

INFPs and similar personality types

Introverts / Perceivers / iNtuitives


Anyone who is left leaning politically

Spiritual empath lightworker psychic ability

And anyone who’s left leaning / minority / women


What is the solution ?

For misdiagnoses and poverty ?



For more information on Anarchism , check out

As well as Law of Attraction

So what does that equal to ?

In my opinion , Spiritual Anarchism !

They keys to life !

_ Erica

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The Dangers of Ignorance

The Dangers of Ignorance

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One of the things about me is when I read books that are not fiction , I would look up something in the index or if it’s digital search a word relating to a topic I’m curious about relating to the book.

Another thing about me , if it’s something that I can relate to deeply then I will stick to it.

I came out as queer in 2008 , I came out as a trans lesbian woman in 2013 , I came out as an Anarchist in the summer of 2017 , and I thought I was an ENFP from 2007 – 2016 but know since 2016 that I am indeed an introvert so I’m an INFP . And I’ve known my Twin Flame in telepathy since 2007 and meet her face to face December 2015 / March & April 2016 and been working on our Twin Flame Ascension since then . And I got into Law of Attraction since in 2012. So yes , a long journey it has been for me so far.

One of my missions in life obviously is through my entertainment arts relating to my love of the pop culture I grew up with and still am quite obsessive over. The other part is being a satirist which relates to all that. And of course the Twin Flame / Starseed / Heyoka / Empath / Indigo / Crystal / Old Soul / Lightworker mission which is to help heal the planet back to love.

I was guided to a lot of stuff within my Spiritual Awakening so it wasn’t just me dealing with the pains of healing my Twin Flame Runner and trying to figure out Reunion aka mastering Law of Attraction perfectly , but I was guided by my spirit guides to all sorts of awakenings.

I was always left-leaning and even my own mother has told me recently “ I’m still surprised how your such an expert on politics , your like a little professor. I know neither me or your father taught you politics. “

For me it came from my sense of humor and what made me laugh. Perhaps as an INFP , I’ve always had a concern about people.

Even before I reached puberty in my “ Big Kid “ age , I was always angry at bad parents that always screamed at their little children just because they were crying and were upset.

Ignoring their need of love and emotional support.

Now at age 31 I understand more than ever , that is what creates the bastards of this world.

My father was raised Catholic but he was pretty much atheist. He worked for the government to building submarines and there’s a whole history on my father’s side of cops , my mother’s side of the family there’s soldiers who struggled to get by in life who were also Christian / Catholic . My mother was never overly political but she stands firmly as an advocate for the elderly and people with disabilities ( mainly because I have been diagnosed all my life as a kid and even last year as an adult. ( Asperger’s Syndrome )

What’s interesting in this crazy world is most people’s beliefs come from their own upbringing. Perhaps we all have little blockages relating to psychological childhood trauma we got to do some shadow work on ( spiritual growth / personal growth ) .

I’m starting to think more and more on how this all relates to the variety of MBTI Personality Types instead of just being born that way .

Lots of people do not believe in the “ duality “ of Good vs Evil . But the thing of it is , left leaning politics and spirituality are all about love and wanting all the bad things in life to go away which are created by hierarchy . The right is authoritarian / totalitarian / fascism / evil

Which is just easy hate filled solutions and answers made by fear .

As an Anarchist , one of the things I’ve noticed as an artist is that sure there’s some who might be socialist / communist but when you live in the United States of America , most are liberal . Some are right wing libertarian but rarely is anyone who identifies as that hate conservatives as much as liberals. I think when you are different from most people around you , you tend to want to find other people like yourself. I think that’s one of my points in what I do.

Here are liked mined people I admire in which I can relate to what they are saying. Perhaps there’s relation in terms of personality types.

Perhaps as an introvert , I have made it through life without working too much about being a virgin and barely having a social life at all ( at the time I’ve written this ) . As an iNtuitive my mind is on other things. Perhaps the internet within itself is an introvert iNtuitive thing.

I hate the label “ Internet addiction “ . I had made fun of smart phone addiction in the past but now that I think about it , it was more of a satire on the codependency of social lives and the majority which happens to be Extroverted Sensors .

Now a days I think I’ve came to the conclusion that The New World Order Conspiracy theories are either created by the right to attack or the right exposing themselves and shifting all the blame and ego projection onto the left , liberals , minorities as scapegoats.

This video makes more sense to me more than ever before

However as a spiritual anarchist , I’m not the sort who would completely close the door on New World Order Conspiracy Theories and the Illuminati as I just said.

Likewise I think Aliens and Angels are pretty much the same thing , ex-humans. I have spirit guides , I have been attacked by dark entities during the early stages of me and my Twin Flames Ascension to the point where I feared that my Twin Flame was a sociopath who planted a curse on me and killed my Twin Flame in telepathy but around Christmas time 2016 , I came to realize thanks to my spirit guides not to fear my Twin Flame. In 2017 I have my Twin Flame flowers as a token of my apologizes and then I got thrown out of a Pride nightclub probably because I triggered something to my Twin Flame unconsciously .

The more I read The Anarchist FAQ , the more I realize that The New World Order is a FREAKIN’ RIP OFF OF WHAT ANARCHISTS TALK ABOUT AND KNOW ! AND IT’S NOT EVEN CONSPIRACY THEORIES !

Here’s New World Order Conspiracy Theory Stuff


And just search the name “ NOAM CHOMSKY “

Here’s an animated video relating to what he discovered about mainstream media

Smarter than the junk that Alex Jones , PragerU , Turning Point USA , TRUMP , David Icke and hell I’ll even thrown in Sam Vaknin the narcissist expert who’s this narcissistic sociopath lying to people being such an expert and at the same time attacking transgender people like me !

Anyway here’s a thing about education. I like education in which influences people positively.

Here’s an example . Ok so it’s liberal and yes there are differences . Check out this funny NonCompete puppet video about just that . Yes I need to eventually do some educational puppet videos myself. 😉 lol

Despite the differences I still see left leaningness within liberal OR it’s faux leftist / pseudo leftists . According to The Anarchist FAQ , Anarchists have political beliefs in common with liberals and socialists but more closer to socialists even though liberal doesn’t count as a leftist.

So what’s the point I’m trying to make here ? Well I believe that we should live our life that feels good and right to us. Listening to your heart and intuition. Unfortunately people’s definition for the words that I use might mean something completely different. I believe people live their lives in fear , angry and hidden misery which they mask from not only everyone around them but even themselves. So they feed it with additions instead of solutions which I tend to promote.

I talk about MBTI so people can understand themselves better and perhaps a solution out of the feeling of loneness and alienation a little bit.

I support Anarchism for the very reasons as well plus as a solution to pretty much most problems in the world.

And I’m spiritual because I know for a fact that Law of Attraction can be the game genie regardless of where you are at. And it really does work. And in terms of 5D Earth , I believe 5D Earth is like an Anarchist Society but also beating all the 3rd demential life hierarchies such as death and rotten weather and getting killed by nature some how. So it has nothing to do with obeying to some narcissistic guru who claims to be the elder soul who knows what’s for everyone’s highest good.

The thing about hierarchy / evil is that it can manipulate people’s fear and emotions. That’s probably why there’s people who say all the time that socialism is childish or that facts don’t care about your feelings. Maybe because they know they can lie to people and have them not think for themselves. OR EVEN THEIR OWN MENTAL HEALTH !

The New World Order Conspiracy Theories were fun to read but it’s just like Bob Larson’s Exorcism videos , once there’s a red flag relating to right wing politics , once there is some sort of prejudice against minorities , it’s a red flag that says “ YOU ARE BEING LIED TOO ! “

I’m sure you’ve heard of all the bad stuff about LGBTQ+ people before.

The Neurology test IS FREAKIN’ RIGGED AGAINST personality types like and INFPs , people with spiritual gifts , minorities .

Right Wing people want to compete with leftists aka people who know the truth spiritual and non-spiritual ( because it happens even if you don’t know it aka Law of Attraction )

And it’s just like Ben Garrison’s sucky unfunny cartoons or even Fascists with Rock Bands and unfortunately they do exist , but listen Pop Culture is a Left Wing Thing !

It can even be as laughable as the idea as a kids show that features Christian Pirates that uses scare tactics , puppets , and 1980s rap .


It’s the very reason why people don’t like anything new from David Zucker , Melissa Joan Hart , and Kel Mitchell because they are so RIGHT WING CONSERVATIVES and has-beens … John Kricfalusi ( Also check out the book Sick Little Monkeys , Even Bob Camp told me that John K is WORSE THAN TRUMP when I meet him at a comic convention in 2016 !) , Dan Schneider , Jimmy Savile to Steve Whitmire  ! And that’s just naming a few and putting it mildly .

( * There’s a reason why I’ve applied links under these names * )

Here’s a thing about us Libertarian Socialist Anarchists / Anarcho-Communists . WE KNOW A FREAKIN SOLUTION ! If you are tired and sick of the evil in life , please stop your addictions and heal your heart of any sort of suicidal tendencies . ANOTHER WORLD IS POSSIBLE !

Even if you are alone , stand by the power of good not just for yourself but perhaps for like minded friends who haven’t even meet yet. Perhaps even for future generations to come.

It’s been 50 years since the 1960s and it was SO POWERFULLY SOCIALIST / LEFTIST ! But people gave up which was THE WORST THING TO DO !

Even John Lennon is pissed off ! And yes he is an INFP !

Now one of the things I hear a lot in terms of Anarchists giving up is due to depression in a feeling that nothing is happening .

It’s one of the reasons why I’m a Spiritual Anarchist. Besides the Anarchist FAQ says that it’s a continuing process so either we will witness it in our lifetime a social revolution or life will be better the more we yearn for it. Either way , you got Law of Attraction to help you no matter where you’re at. 🙂 And a satirical sense of humor for good measure. 😉

_ Erica

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When we follow our hearts and intuition , we find the truth.

While sociopaths manipulate us with our fears .

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The World Needs Love but we live in hate and fear

Get Your Right Wing Out Of My Spirituality

Spiritual Aftermath

The Right Are Not Spiritual They Are Liars

Spiritual Anarchism

Why is Hierarchy Wrong and Evil



Is Satire the Ultimate Controversial Taboo ? Is the World Too Sensitive for Satire ?

Is Satire the Ultimate Controversial Taboo ?

Is the World Too Sensitive for Satire ?

Is Satire the Ultimate Controversial Taboo ? Is the World Too Sensitive for Satire ? Erica Crooks officialericcrooks

Is Satire the Ultimate Controversial Taboo ? Is the World Too Sensitive for Satire ?

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I’m sure you probably remember the old saying “ Never ever talk to people about religion and politics . “ The thing that I quickly understood is that there was a lot of sacred cows in which people would sweep under the rug and leave alone.

Right Wing people think anyone who’s left leaning , leftists and minorities are wicked demons from Hell that want to destroy everyone , everywhere and everything creating the most hellish of dystopias. I’ve already said in my previous blog videos and articles that it’s nothing more but right wing people using scapegoats to attack us. Why ? Because they are sociopaths of course. I recommend Section B of The Anarchist FAQ for more information on that.

In my most recent blog articles and videos I have talked about something pure and simple. The World needs love but we live in a world of hate and fear. And I know this is something that most people seek , I’ve been talking in a video for about an hour and that is just one of many.

Today I would like to talk about the subject of “ SATIRE “ again and no I don’t think Satire is bad vibrational energy because everyone’s triggers are something individuals needs to heal from within.

What is satire anyway ? Well , satire in my opinion is political literature and entertainment. I’ve seen a pattern relating to satire and left leaning people as well as arts , entertainment , comedy , and rock and pop music for the most part .

How satire works is the satirist makes fun of all the vices and follies they spot and they exaggerate it to the point where it’s comical . However the thing about a sense of humor is the one who has it needs to generally be well educated and “ EMOTIONALLY STABLE “ .

A great example of this is when I had a film screening in February 2017 and there was a sign that clearly said “ Adult Puppetry and Rude Cartoons “ . Obviously this does not look family friendly in the mid late 2010s according to society norms . But there are adults who are not very emotionally stable. “ OOOH ! That Erica Crooks ! HOW DISGUSTING ! For a Transgender Woman , I expected better from her ! “

Want to see the oh so sinful , evil film that I made that isn’t very sinful and evil at all ?

In fact , it was satire.

Now at the time I write this very blog article , I just got done with releasing the 6th part of my adult puppet and cartoon show ( yes again , satire ) “ The Erica Crooks Show “

If there was anything that would upset anyone , it might be a parody I did referencing how Sesame Street had became strongly liberal politically within the past 10 years. Now most left leaning people are liberal , however Sesame Street had become political in a sense within the last 10 years regarding stuff that Anarchists ( which I am too ) would debate.

Police and Military , but also Sesame Street had promoted the hell out of their next main character “ Julia “ , the first Muppet with Autism. Now when I think of a puppet that has major mental disabilities I’m thinking “ Special Ed “ from Crank Yankers. Basically that’s politically incorrect humor and of course the show would aim on a right wing libertarian which is the other norm in politics and Adam Carolla being right wing conservative ( and controversially not funny ) . Now am I ablest ? The answer is no. I have a friend who has high functioning autism and I see him as a person. I was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome in childhood and even recently last year as a 30 year old adult .

I do believe people with certain personality types get diagnosed with such , like me as an INFP , me as a Transgender Lesbian. I made a video about that called iNtuitive Discrimination right here .

Perhaps people with disabilities get discriminated all the time. I won’t be surprised. My friend which I have mentioned told me stories of how some guys would throw eggs at him while taking a walk , I even hurt my friend get bullied while we chatted over the phone. Do you think I was laughing ? NO FREAKIN’ WAY , I was concerned about my friend. That’s would friends should do. Now with Sesame Street having an autistic Muppet , do I feel that was the right thing to do ? Well look here , if you remember Classic Sesame Street , they had a human cast member ( and I think Bob’s girlfriend ) named Linda and the character as well as the actress were Deaf . But the character disappeared with the actress who left the show. So when it comes to Sesame Street talking about subject matter like disabilities , they already did it. Richard Hunt performed a blind Muppet Monster in one season in the early 1980s , it’s strange because it’s a Muppet so if you did it already with a human …. There was a writer on Sesame Street who had a kid with autism or down syndrome which there was a few segments on Sesame Street with Ernie in the early 1980s . The point Sesame Street was making back then was acceptance .

Sesame Street had become a totally different show now and EXTREMELY cutesy.

In my parody of Sesame Street “ Liberal Street “ I was making the argument that the show used to be a hilarious comedy show that was also educational to kids which the family could enjoy on all levels . Today it’s turned into just another one of those cliche little kid shows that older kids , teens and adults make fun of on a regular basis which is really sad for me as a HUGE fan of classic Muppets. The Liberal Street sketch was also being horribly sarcastic in how it claims to be so revolutionary that things that ACTUALLY DO HAPPEN WITH DISABLED CHILDREN such as meltdowns are barely mentioned.

It’s very debatable if kids should receive the classic message of equality no matter what or get a huge lecture . But again as an Anarchist , the Liberal Street sketch was more of a satire on liberal politics , Sesame Street switching their format due to struggling to survive financially despite the show already going downhill since the mid / late 1990s .

In no means was the satire about “ HEY LET’S MAKE FUN OF DISABLED PEOPLE ! “ despite the fact a disabled puppet enters near the end of the sketch , the point was really playing a character who’s easily startled , especially when the Liberal host character screams in their face in joy and completely ignoring the fact they scared him and it’s not appropriate to have someone in his condition on a television show just to help boost ratings . Also the satire is how liberals just see them not as disabled but thinking outside the box even though they lit the set on fire screaming in terror and confusion. So the joke is the liberal is way too busy being delusional thinking everything around them is happy and great while ignoring the disabled character who’s in terror and all he really needs is someone to comfort him and someone to put THE DAMN FIRE OUT !

Will most people get the joke or do they think it’s of bad taste of me EVEN mentioning a subject that’s taken seriously and dare to make it into comedy ? Disgusting isn’t it ?

Well satire isn’t “ Shock for the sake of shock “ , it’s to make you think.

As an Anarchist the scary truth of the world is people would rather not think for themselves and be codependent .

Another example ( not necessarily satire or humor ) but I can put a blog video talking about “ Even though I’m different , I love me for who I am even though people will hate me for being different. “

Heck most of my videos on youtube get thumbs down even if I did something happy and friendly which I tend to do in my blog videos anyways.

It’s like you have to conform to being a cisgender white heterosexual man and be a blindly obeying supporter of authoritarian politics if you don’t want to get bullied.

There’s a book with a great title called “ What you think of me is none of my business . “

Some of that is true , but again we live in a world of hate and fear. How wonderful would it be if it was easy to find people who would love you for who you are and not stab you in the back or insult you and humiliate you on the internet even if you did absolutely nothing wrong.

There’s two kinds of toxic people in this world , those with money which equals more power and those who don’t have money. They are still just as toxic. If Trump was an average narcissist with little money , people would still not like him.

On the other hand we have a bunch of people who are submissive and feel absolutely powerless . So they fall into depression , use addictions to num the pain , etc.

People want an exit from this misery . May I make a few suggestions ?

( 1. Sometimes laughter is the best medicine and something to survive in this game called life.

( 2. If your an innocent person and you lived a rough life , it’s not your fault.

As an Anarchist , I know for a fact you are not alone.

( 3. Regardless where you are at or even in jail or you have only a month to live or live on a small island , use Law of Attraction.

So going back to satire , are people too miserable , not very intelligent and emotionally unstable to accept satire ?

I remember awhile back while walking to a local coffee shop , I found a screenplay near the road all dirty with torn pages and all. I contacted the writer who told me that he hired someone to pass his script along with his motorcycle. I guess this person took advantage of his guy. This guy had it rough , he was going through a messy divorce and wanted to make a living in Hollywood California as a Romance Movie screenplay writer.

I showed him my satire work and he hated it and he told me that he didn’t like Robert Crumb. He explained to me that he was tired and sick of seeing the bad things in life and he just wants simple entertainment that would make him smile.

I hear this a lot. People want entertainment that would help them escape reality , or someone wants sitcom slapstick humor just to get away from the frustration of politics and their horrible life.

Rik Mayall mentioned in a 1999 interview that there’s people who just need a laugh like a drug or a drink. Even people will start to giggle to a noise of a fart at a funeral because it’s like a little bubble of bliss even though they are taught it’s a taboo and they will be hated for it. “ But when we are happy , we can laugh out of joy ! “

Remember years ago when people used to read BOOKS ? People have gotten angry with me for tying long emails , people just want to read a two sentence comment on the internet and that’s it. It’s all about video not blog articles or comics , and that’s a real same , and it’s quite philistine and anti-intellectual in my opinion.

People are too busy making ends meet with individual self concern. They want leftist Anarchists such as my self to shut the hell up ! Their life is sad already and I’m just making things worse. Why don’t I just go away and leave them the hell alone !

Oh so buying something for yourself is the answer to your problems then ?

How about your addictions ? What about those thoughts when people treated you wrong ? How about those endless nights of the lack of sleep as the past keeps haunting you ?

For those who are awaken to the truth that the world needs love but we live in a world of hate and fear , perhaps we are lightworkers in some way. There’s people like me that seek to look outside the box. However there’s many who only think inside the box , why ?


Finally I would like to point out that I have made many of these points already however people tend to continue acting like they do because they don’t listen , they don’t want to listen.  They feel better when they are putting me down.

They just love bullying innocent people just because they are different.


Like minded people should stick together .

Finally I would like to note that one of my missions in life is to reach out to like minded people. I am a Heyoka Empath so I tend to sake up the bottle for the sake of love and light even though it seems like I would drag everyone to hell first. lol

As I stated in a previous article Internet Social Life ,

I would love to continue doing what I love doing just as long as it has support . So if you enjoy what I do and you can relate to it , feel free to spread the word .

Lightworkers are like Earth Angels to help humanity.

For those who just want to pick on me and bring me down , well the joke is on the bullies because it’s them who are wasting their lives away in hate and fear and not waking up to the truth to better their lives.

_ Erica

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The World Needs Love

The World Needs Love Blog

The World Needs Love

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I know , thinking about what you want instead of what you don’t want in order to manifest Law of Attraction .

As an Anarchist , I understand why we are all very angry being slaved by hierarchy globally .

But if I think of myself NOT on Planet Earth , and I take a huge big view on the world as a whole and see the whole entire picture , it’s that most people are not fully happy with their lives.

But there’s something about love and security and self confidence and that is , it’s peace that comes from within.

Sometimes we need to take a step back and even forgive the world in our hearts.

Those on the top of the hierarchical pyramid , the ruling class ,

All they have is material prosperity .

All they have is the power to control others.

That’s all they have.

Do they know just how powerful the power of love truly is ? The spiritual power of venerability and tenderness which a baby has for their mother and how cats must feel in a comfortable home ?

Perhaps those who have mastered the Law of Attraction.

I think we all want the best for everyone. Also it’s not easy when you live a life filled with toxic people from the aggressive to the submissive and co-dependent.

And of course it’s this hierarchical system to blame.

Spirituality to me is not just individual self-concern but collective self concern as well.

Anarchism and 5D Earth is so simple because most people just need to unite against hate and fear of hierarchical powers and say ( We are all fine governing ourselves , and your hierarchical services are no longer needed anymore ! We do not want you to have power over us ! )

The problem is that there are many people in this world that refuse to cooperate .

Perhaps your awaken to the truth that “ Love is the Answer “ but there’s many who refuse to accept this. They will deny it’s truth with such aggression or even depressing naysaying .

I kind of feel like the role of therapist in a way because it does seem like these sort need it but not the typical ones who want them to conform to the status quo and give them pills .

But perhaps to open up their hearts to let them now that it’s ok.

Perhaps we are all scared , perhaps we are all angry , perhaps we are all frustrated.

The Good people are scared and angry and frustrated at the aggressive ones with hierarchical powers because they don’t care about us at all no matter how much we suffer because of their evil.

The submissive indifferent ones want to block both the truth and the power of love in their mind and feel much more better with their addictions and superficial social status.

While those hierarchical ones of power over others have their hate and fear and frustrations despite the fact that they have all the material possessions they could ever want , they have the power to blow up the world if they please , if they wanted a New World Order George Orwell 1984 kind of dystopia , they can bring it about as fast as a finger-snap ( or so ) .

But it’s like MAGA supporters , they have the president they want and yet they still are not happy and satisfied !

It’s because they live in fear and hate and frustrations.

So even those the good people have good reasons to feel upset , what about the others ?

The indifferent would rather be left alone in their safe space away from everyone , everywhere and everything out of the fear of being hurt.

Perhaps the same as the hierarchical powerful authority over us.

They live in hate and fear and they don’t take time to be self aware or even question why ?

It’s unconscious and that’s not very healthy. But they don’t care. They think addictions is the answer , they think controlling everyone and everywhere and everything is the answer , they think owning everything is the answer , they think addictions to num the psychological pain which came from their abusive authoritarian parents is the answer.

But it isn’t.

Love is the Answer.

Anarchists and Good people know this.

Perhaps our anger is a passionate one .

So what am I trying to say ?

With the frustrations of life , remember what your goals are.

Remember why you are fighting in the first place.

Remember the power of love and that life isn’t as hell as we think it is.

Suicide isn’t the answer.

Love , Peace , Security comes from within.

Perhaps we can use Law of Attraction as a tool for our Spiritual journey bringing Heaven on Earth and not one or the other. 🙂

_ Erica

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Why Law of Attraction needs Anarchism

Why Law of Attraction needs Anarchism

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If you have seen my articles and blog videos before , you probably know that everything I say I already covered already. But perhaps I left something out or perhaps as time goes on I can say things in a different way than I did before.

And perhaps our feelings matter more than our thoughts and words , not everyone’s definition of something is going to be the same.

I got into The Law of Attraction / New Thought / New Age Spirituality back in 2012 . At the time I was starting to take my telepathy of my Twin Flame seriously realizing that this was a real spiritual entity I am communicating with every single night and not a pretend girlfriend.

In 2016 I finally meet this person face to face and currently working on my Twin Flame Reunion since then. It’s a daily thing.

Law of Attraction plays a very strong role when it comes to Twin Flames. Twin Flames mirror each other’s emotional energy among other things. So if you want Twin Flame Reunion , master Law of Attraction . Simple as that.

You think about what you want , you feel what you want , you will manifest it.

But here’s a thing about me. I’m a lightworker and I’m an INFP.

Perhaps I can manifest what I want for my individual life but what if I wanted something not just for myself but the whole world to enjoy ?

As an artist , as a truth seeker , as an Anarchist.

Some lightworkers have a very special mission in life. LOVE ! Self Confidence !

Being a teacher of Law of Attraction ! Helping people out of poverty !

While there’s some lightworkers with bigger mission than others.

We can’t just go around denying our frustrations with the world.

Take a look at this video of a lightworker , I can so relate.

As I addressed many times in my blog articles and blog videos , the big problem I have with many teachers of The Law of Attraction / New Age / New Thought / 5D Earth / Spirituality is their politics.

Law of Attraction and Spirituality is very important . However when you ignore all other truths about “ Why the world is the way it is “ or perhaps being indifferent about it , not only does it alienate you from life but also yourself.

I got into The Secret since 2012 , however I got into Anarchism in 2017.

So yes , there was blog videos and stuff where I believed in things I shouldn’t have.

From 2013 – 2014/2015 , I was a member of the Bob Proctor Streaming Club / Bob Proctor’s Six Minutes to Success.

Bob Proctor is great about self esteem and philosophy , and I would consider him to be ( right wing ) Libertarian / Anarcho-Capitalist , NT personality type of some sort .

However it was THE TRUTH about capitalism that I didn’t know anything about until recent years.

Bob Proctor in The Secret talked about how the 1% earns all the money thanks to Law of Attraction .

I had absolutely no idea the 1% rules the world are sociopathic monsters and the only reason why money exists HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH PROSPERITY BUT POWER OVER OTHERS aka HIERARCHY !

A lot of these kinds of teachers will make you believe “ When you are Rich , You can be a good person or a bad person . “

But no one talks about wage slavery !

Artists and people I admire are pretty much left wing and a part of the working class.

It is true that Jim Henson owned a company of hundreds of artists and had several homes and vacations , but he was no capitalist. He was going to sell everything off to Disney possibly to go back to his roots. He knew that he was an artist first and foremost.

And he never acted like a boss and was equal to all he hired who were also his friends.

This is extremely rare for anyone who owns a business.

Frank Oz even made a documentary a few years back “ Muppet Guys Talking “ .

The reason why Jim Henson got into business is because he knew THAT WAS THE ONLY WAY TO SUCCED AS AN ARTIST !

And a lot of people think that way even though with the internet and how you can buy pretty much ANYTHING and do it yourself and just having the ability to do ANYTHING you want to do and become.

So anyway , I went down a rocky road of trying to figure all of this out before I got into Anarchism. I was rejected by Comedy Central , [ adult swim ] , Mondo Media and even Troma Entertainment .

Here’s the thing. If I want to succeed as an artist and become right and famous , then my mindset would need to be about becoming prosperous through capitalism and not ART .

NonCompete has made a great point with this video about that as well as science .

I have meet artists who only cared about succeeding in business but just didn’t know how.

I hate to seem like I’m playing devil’s advocate here but I’m just saying this IN THEORY !

If my calculations are correct thanks to the MBTI , you reach to the majority of personality types which is an Extroverted Sensor society.

The ruling class did it for you already , all you do is dumb down everything , make everything the “ status quo “ ,

( right wing ) Libertarian / Anarcho-Capitalism , INTJ personality type

Made this relating article and video called

“ Stupidity is profitable “

However the problem is that it is quote possible some personality types are born more to be open to Anarchism while other personality types are taught hate and fear through authoritarian parenting.

I’ve talked many times of why I think Law of Attraction needs Anarchism.

If you want the best , focus on the best.

BUT people don’t realize that the system is trying to keep us away from what we want !

So here’s the big question .

Individual Self-Concern

Do you only care about having the best life for yourself to the point where you do not mind taking advantage of people in order to achieve it ?


Collective Self-Concern

Do you also care about yourself as well as your like minded people and humanity and wanting nothing but good things for everyone ?

People need to exit the liberal / conservative / capitalist mindset.

MONEY IS NOT A GENUIS INVENTION ! It’s a SLAVE TOOL that chains our human needs.

If everyone’s needs were meet , people would work out of joy and that is why I am an Anarcho-Communist.

So when you do use Law of Attraction please be mindful of what your thoughts are.

We need that balance between happiness for yourself as well as others.

My problem is I’m so self-less that I think more of others than myself. lol

I’m working on it.

_ Erica

To learn why Capitalism is NOT Prosperity

Please do your research with these recommended resources

( Audiobook version )

Libertarian Socialist Rants


Anarchist Pinterest

Why Law of Attraction NEEDS Anarchism

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Check out more from Erica Crooks ( me )

– Hilarious puppet and cartoon dark comedy , parodies , satire , slapstick humor for adults

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Pop Culture are Left Wing Things

Pop Culture are Left Wing Things



“Art should disturb the comfortable and comfort the disturbed.” -Unknown”

“ All art is propaganda “ _ George Orwell

“ If you want to really change the world , do it subtly so the establishment can’t attack ( i.e. Theater in Court , In Bed Events , Two Virgins , things like that. ) Things that the establishment won’t understand therefore they can’t kill it. “ _ John Lennon ( Dick Cavett Show appearance )

There’s a pattern I have most certainly noticed between pop culture and politics .

Most people involved in pop culture are liberal or leftist . To see this pattern as a whole is pretty obvious as everything sides with left wing.

So whenever I hear things regarding Right Wing supporting Looney Tunes fans ( maybe these kinds of fans cheer on the villains and hate the screwballs ) , Muppet Fans ( mentioned or even hinted by ToughPigs which to my observation sides with liberal and ) ,

South Park Fans ( Ok not so much surprising due to the South Park Conservative books and how the show in recent years went from sort of a punk edge to it to just plain left wing bashing aka PC Principle . But then again Trey Parker and Matt Stone are ( right wing ) Libertarians or they claim that’s the closest thing to their ideology despite the fact that the Anarchist flag was shown in The South Park Movie . )

And even Ed Edd n Eddy fans ( They don’t know or care that Danny Autonucci said F**K America  or THE FACT Ed Edd n Eddy animator Paul Boyd

Was MURDERED by Police ! Yes he suffered with bipolar disorder but he was loved by his fans , the AKA Cartoon inc team , and his family. In other words , it doesn’t seem like he was a John Kricfalusi in anyway. Even Danny Autonucci reached out to the press regarding what happened mentioning just that , his crew and family supported him and he was disgusted by the police. )

In recent times I was re-educated learning the fact that republicans / democrats , conservatives / liberals are basically faux versions of leftists and fascism to keep people obedient to the hierarchy of Government control.

( I’m a Libertarian Socialist Anarchism / Anarcho-Communist by the way )

And the very reason why I bring up this article in the first place is that pop culture pretty much introduced me to politics at a very early age. Perhaps it did with everyone.

But then again maybe there’s two kinds of people.

Those who get the messages and those who just see it as entertainment fun and that’s it.

Sometimes I even question as an INFP personality type if Anarchism is just something which only certain personality types can relate to. Then again ,

Perhaps the very reason why certain personality types exist is due to the the very nature that is hierarchy.

Is it possible that *NFP types show the most healthy type of people ?

Where sensors is due to being taught to see and accept the world for what it is in the here and now , and NTJ / ST types are taught to see authoritarian values with such reverence ?

Like I said , all it takes is a little bit of research and it’s clear as day that such art and the artists themselves are left wing.

I can go on in detail but sometimes art and even artists need to speak for themselves.

And people like Ben Garrison DOES NOT COUNT ! I’m talking about THE MAJORITY of them , I’m talking about THE MEANING OF ART , otherwise it won’t exist and everything would be as bland as many things from black and white 1950s television and even culture would be as boring as the Amish Country .

Enough said.

_ Erica

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