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Transgender & Politics

Transgender & Politics

Transgender & Politics

For those who don’t already know

I am a Transgender Lesbian Woman .

I am also a Libertarian Socialist Anarchist / Anarcho-Communist

And a New Age Lightworker Empath of all sorts.

Today I wanted to talk about Transgender people and their association with politics

As well as talking about political ideology is sort of a satirical manner .

Now most already know about the 2 party ( with right wing libertarian on occasion )

system which us Anarchists want to group both liberal and conservative parties into one group.

That’s not Americans , British , nationalist , patriots , etc



So basically this article is how centrist politics just WILL NOT DUE for Transgender people , LGBTQ+ people , Women , Anyone.

So sorry folks it’s not just the two.

As Anarchists , some of us recognize liberals and right wing libertarians belonging to the leftist family.

So here us Anarchists out.

Non-Compete has this to say.

My mother told me that the Transgender Community wants a Trans individual to run for president.

I say , fellow Trans people , LGBTQ+ people , women , allies …


This post is a mixed one.

It’s about being a Transgender Anarchist and thoughts toward liberals.

I already covered enough ground on how conservatives are power hungry evil villains who want nothing more but a New World Order / George Orwell’s 1984 kind of totalitarian Distopia.

But liberals just seem …. FAKE !

And even though there are Transgender people who are left wing , there are some who unfortunately are right wing which seems to me to allow discrimination and not answer back which is clearly an oxymoron .

Let me give you an example of women and politics just to warm things up.

Woman Anarchists

Fictional Women Anarchist–jet-girl-jamie-hewlett.jpg

( My fave 😉 )

Conservative Women

Dorothy Fludheim

Any woman who looks like Ms Bitters from Invader Zim


My Catholic Grandmother


Ugly Librarians

Heartless nightclub sluts

Ugly Cafeteria Ladies

Any woman who looks like this

And that

Daughters of Fred Phelps ( Westboro Baptist Church )

Snubby Nurses

And one of the only kinds of women I can’t stand


What people think of these kinds of Conservative Women

( It’s not meant to be sexist by the way , just political ideology )

I won’t rip on liberal / left wing women because well ,

I know many who I’m friendly with.

As well as my mother.

It’s just those who are conservative have a strong caricature that’s specific  .

Right Wing voting Women is an Oxymoron.

Right Wing is sexist.

And with the graphic examples above , you can see what kind of damage it causes to these individuals.

Let’s have more fun

Conservative / Right Wing Men

Simple and it makes the point

Liberal men

( Also see Barney the Dinosaur )

Anarchist Men / and similar thinkers

Well….technically they make up of 99.9% of heroes and inspirations of mine

But because of the shared intuitive mind.

So yeah fellow women and Trans people , non-binaries , take a stand up to the microphone , we need you !


Transgender President ? Can we talk ?

I’m not sure if these rumors bare truth but my mother told me she heard over the radio that the transgender community wants to run someone born trans for president.

Yes my mother is an ally who learns something new everyday and she is liberal.

Now I am a Transgender Lesbian Woman but the thing that not only the Transgender Community needs to know but also the LGBTQ+ Community needs to know is


Please allow me to introduce to you some Trans Women who are Anarchists.

I’m not sure what ContraPoints is politically. I heard socialist before.

But Anarchists are fans of her so of course she counts. 🙂

Sure there’s Trans Women , Men and Non-Binary individuals who were veterans

And yes Anarchists and New Age Lightworkers who side with the left politically are already working hard every single day to expose the truth of why the hierarchical system I not justified and we are all slaved by power hungry psychos.

Sure there’s transgender politicians but part of me doesn’t even want to believe that’s even real. It’s either a cover up from The New World Order or like Caitlyn Jenner ,

and I can’t find a positive friendly way to put this …

Right voting LGBTQ+ people is an Oxymoron !

I just want to say that I am in close ties with TransEquality .

I have talked with them over the phone and I am on the list for Trans Voices .

I know that most Trans people like everyone now a days are centrists unless I’m proven wrong which I hope I am.

Let me put it another way.

Pro : I am thankful for the Transgender political activists and anyone who has interest to do good for the LGBTQ+ especially Transgender Lesbian Woman such as myself.

Con : Hierarchical Authoritarian politicians is not the answer.

Look , we all know what it’s like seeking whatever is available and most common when it comes to making decisions. Asking friends and family what we should do.

But what’s available and what’s common IS RARELY THE DECISION when it comes to having needs meet ! Liberals are the majority of left wing politics so it’s basically asking the following question.

Here’s a pot hole in the road.

The only thing we got is cheap plywood.

Take it or leave it.

In other words , of course we need to take it.

Anarchists aren’t about a passive protest because we are trapped !

This also explains my failed attempts at becoming a Vegan.

When Anarcho-TransHumanism ( not related to Transgender ) has freedom when it comes to science

Then will we have Vegan food that doesn’t make me want to puke.

And no that’s not an insult or exaggeration , THAT’S EXACTLY MY EXPERIENCE !

VEGAN FOOD MAKES ME SICK ! So really , get to work on better ways to create artificial flavor . If we can do it with faux fur clothing , if we can do it with Electronic Music , We can do it with anything.

Also it would help Trans people a great deal. Could you imagine a painless machine that can help with your bone structure ! The possibilities are endless !

It makes you want to get out you’re mad scientist outfit , I know I do.

But because of hierarchical systems , they won’t allow us !

They want us to be passive . And hierarchy isn’t going to give up without a fight.

And that’s hard for me because I’m a pacifist.

But anyway , not all Trans people are centrists ! Not all LGBTQ+ are willing TO GIVE UP QUEER LIBERATION FOR PINK RAINBOW CAPITALISM !

So if I’m going to support Troops , especially Trans people ,

Then I’m going to support ANTIFA !

Perhaps a fight worth fighting for . And for those who hate Antifa , you want the violence to stop , then get rid of hierarchy peacefully and we’ll send those fascists to mental hospitals. Asking if something is lawful is just like going to your church and asking the head one there if something is a sin. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH !

And nothing is going to happen until we all get together in unity !

When the people are united , the people can not be defeated.

“ Spit on your own and you can’t do a thing , but if we all spit together , we’ll drown the bastards ! “ _ Bob Crow

So , I ask not only the Transgender Community to consider but the LGBTQ+ Community to consider this.

You want true allies , support Anarchism !

You want to get rid of prejudice for you and me and all us LGBTQ+ people as well as to end hate and fear , support Anarchism and a 5D Earth for good measure !

Running for president and voting for our rights is a waste of time.

The only thing we can do with the voting and bills is to come to the realization that maybe something to do in the here and now. But that is not the solution and perhaps is a waste of time as well.

Anarchism is the answer.

Now onto the subject of “ Gay Marriage “

When it happened as well as the LGBTQ+ anti-discrimination laws happened in 2015 ,

That was exiting . But now as an Anarchist since 2017 , we were FOOLED by the Government.

We did not win anything !

Marriage is attractive just because of the ceremony and the honeymoon and the vows !

We can have that anytime we want !

Hell if I wanted to call my Twin Flame ( whatever she prefers ) , I CAN !

IF my Twin Flame wants to call me her wife , SHE CAN !

YES WE CAN ! ( Sorry Obama )

Marriage is only having your loved one chained to you towards the state !

And no one can call me transphobic and be justified because I am a Transgender lesbian Woman.

And such political differences is why the liberal approach to everything does not work.

Besides , what in the hell is LGBTQ+ policy when it comes to Right wing politics suppose to be anyway ?

“ I am what I am and if someone calls me the wrong pronouns , shrug it off , I’m responsible for myself not others ? “ HOW FAKE DOES THAT FEEL ? NOT STANDING UP FOR YOURSELF AND USING THAT EGO MASK TO COVER UP YOUR PAIN OF NOT BEING UNDERSTOOD ! Conservatives is nothing more but a Fascist Cult which they want world domination and who knows , get Satan / Devil / Lucifer and … Only if Satan / Devil / Lucifer was as Gay and Happy as he is on South Park . Especially the movie


So , why can’t we have LGBTQ+ / Trans for President ?

( 1.

( 2. People need to wake up to the truth about politics. It’s hierarchical and evil !


And any position of power only cares about just that …. POWER !

Even if they are liberal !

Look at this guy !


You do not fight discrimination by ignoring it , damn it !

So is the way to get rid of racism is to shut down the internet and replace it with one big Netflix in which Alex Jones becomes mainstream ? I DON’T THINK SO !

Non-Compete is right , Liberals need to listen up to THE TRUTH !

If there is a Transgender woman for president ,

Then the political satire is going to be like the low moments of Spitting Image.


And I’M A HUGE fan of Spitting Image ! And it has inspired be to be a satirical puppeteer more so.

Yes they did occasional those kinds of transphobic jokes on Spitting Image.

Even one with a hairy chest and thatcher “ having balls “ .

So if you think a Transgender president is going to solve anything ,

I won’t be surprised if we had another JFK situation.

And again , I’m not being transphobic.

I’m just saying that we got to see the love of our country and nationalism and hierarchy as a Narcissist who never loved us to begin with and when they say they do , they want to manipulate us until they get what they want.

And it’s hard for me still to think democrats are evil so another likely situation is probably most likely that

Liberals are ignorant. But perhaps there’s both. Kind of like how celebrity liberals feel so freakin’ FAKE !

So if a Transgender President if Trans Woman , Trans Man , Non-Binary was in power …

I’d fear for their life !

I’d fear that it would cause transphobia to increase instead of decrease.

Due to hierarchical politics , it would cause the majority of the world to vote right wing instead of left wing.

But then again , voting does solve anything.

If a real trans person was going to make it as president , then hopefully they will do the right thing and give up their position of power as soon as they get in not to resign and give up ,

But to user in REVOLUTION !

Let’s recap on the different political ideologies of what would be considered a Heaven on Earth Utopia .

Anarchists and leftist New Age People

Here’s the situation with having someone who’s right wing in power right now.

Here’s Conservative / Republican / Tory Utopia ( which includes betraying right wing voters who are suckers )

And what The Ren & Stimpy Show crew , Spumco and all of John Kricfalusi’s Fans ( especially those he slept with ) feel about John Kricfalusi if he was Ren which he is in real life. With the symbol of all of us as Stimpy.

And now the very point I want to make.

Examples …


( Barney the Dinosaur and Teletubbies also count as liberals )

A Liberal as president !

Liberal Utopia in the here and now thanks to our love of America

AND I KNOW ! It looks just perfect doesn’t it !

But hang on , what’s Anarchists / New Age 5D Earth Leftists thoughts on this wonderful Liberal Utopia ?

In conclusion ,

It’s easier to rip on Conservatives because everything they stand for is wrong and they are pathological liars.

I see politics like a family.

Your father is the conservative psycho .

Your mother is the liberal .

Your the libertarian socialist anarchist / anarcho-communist / New Age hippie punk and you don’t know why your parents pretend their marriage is so wonderful . Isn’t that like all patriotic centrists .

Your older brother is a member of the right wing libertarian party and your little sister is also liberal.

So that’s it.

You understand your big bro but he can be quite heartless and doesn’t want to admit his ignorance towards humanity.

Your little sister and mom can relate to the heart all three of you share despite the fact that dad and big bro think you’re wusses .

The only thing about your little sister and mom is , their actions aren’t effective.

They avoid negativity like the plague . They want to love everything including those who need the most love but deserve it the least and take advantage of it every time they receive it .

And that is why this dysfunctional family is still together and why you never tell your friends about them EVER ! You even lie about having a family that loves you because they don’t understand you.

But everyone agrees ( even though your Big Bro is indifferent when it comes to daddy )

That you just wished your father would drop dead.

All I’m saying is , if we want a Heaven on Earth Utopia .

Libertarian Socialist Anarchism / Anarcho-Communism

with and always together

New Thought / New Age Spirituality Law of Attraction

Is the answer.

And surrounded by evils , liberals are the closest to you even though they get upset anytime you don’t bring up something happy.

Maybe this is an unfair statement when it comes to liberals.

If I was going to pick a liberal that actually makes me smile , it might as well be Rachel Maddow .

And it’s kind of fun to watch Rachel Maddow do all those things ( plus also I’m lesbian so .. 😉 ) .

IF you watch Rachel Maddow and ignore all that centralist liberal political stuff , then The Rachel Maddow Show is going to see more like the clip listed above as well as this .

Anyway ( talk about a long conclusion without actually concluding … sorry about that )

Left wing politics are still left wing. But the answer is NO MORE HIERARCHY !

But as Anarchists we can not give up. And lightworkers need to stop siding with centrist politics damn it. Go check out , you already read The Secret and Abraham Hicks all your life , it’s time for something new to read !

There’s BETTER alternatives !

And just because most people are not talking about it and it isn’t popular doesn’t mean it’s not any good !

Unfortunately for right now centrists are stubborn and perhaps the truth will hurt them more then you think because they are so sensitive to their beliefs that America is go great , free countries , capitalism , etc.


( Yeah this totally proves my point ! )

_ Erica

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Transphobic Bigots are Ignorant

antifa trans anarchist flag symbol

Transphobic Bigots are Ignorant


Erica Crooks

I just came back from a meeting in a conference room at my current local library.

I used to deliver my state Pride Community’s magazine for LGBTQ+ people as well as to bring awareness about LGBTQ+ people.

I was taking a look at it while waiting for other people to show up to a meeting relating to my personal life , and I discovered transphobia graffitied on the cover of the magazine.

Ironically a copy that I picked up from in-between the magazines which I did not notice until I was reading the cover.

And perhaps looking in-between was something positive I learned from my father which was always look for the best condition of anything you get.

Anyway speaking of transphobic bigots ,

I read the following hate speech .

“ You think you’re a female but you’ll always be an XY . “

I have a fascist next door neighbor who I used to be friends with.

Just one of the many narcissists that took advantage of me.

In fact he looks extremely similar to the “ Hitler riding the bus ” MEME

I don’t even know if that’s actually him. lol

I told you he was a fascist.

Anyway , Transphobic Bigots are Ignorant.

Every Trans person and Ally knows this.

Allow me to quote a message that I sent to my local Pride Magazine reporting the incident.

Hello . In 2016 I used to help deliver [ Pride ] Magazine to [ My local ] Public Library [ link to the website ] . Today Thursday 17th 2019 at 1 pm , I discovered that someone graffitied Transphobic hate speech on the cover of the latest [ Pride ] Magazine relating to the Trans Rally #WontBeErased . As a Trans Woman and LGBTQ+ Activist , I decided to take direct action relating to this matter and reported this to the front desk of the library asking them to look into it with their security cameras as well as handed them the graffitied copy of [ Pride ] Magazine. 

I wanted to write to you about this because I live near by this library so it could be transphobia aimed toward me as well as my fellow Trans people. So I do not know if [ Local ] Public Library is a safe place for LGBTQ+ Awareness. Anyway , I just wanted to let you know about my report. I also let the librarians know that Transphobia is a hate crime . [ link ]

Transphobic Bigots are Ignorant.

Here they are with this brainwashed simple minded education regarding the gender binary system , What makes a man “ a man “ and what makes a woman “ a woman “ .

That’s the thing about conservatives , they are so nostalgic over everything even though the information they were taught by their authoritarian parents WAS WRONG THIS WHOLE ENTIRE TIME !

Ok so you know the biological science of the male body is XY chromosome .

But that’s just the body !

Maybe the majority are cisgender masculine heterosexual men ,

But that doesn’t mean they happen to be superior.

As I have addressed in previous blog posts , could their very personality type be linked to authoritarian upbringing .

Someone’s gender identity can be biologically / scientifically proven.

Same goes with spirit.


As well as every living breathing creature can have a heart ?

( Unless not friendly to humans but that’s another story )

In fact ContraPoints just made another Anti-Transphobia related video

Also check out my Anti-Transphobia related videos

As an Trans Anarchist , I know that things like this won’t go away on it’s own.

You spot it , report it the best way you can.

As a lightworker empath , I forgive the transphobic bigots .

They are ignorant . They are also victims of hierarchical society.

And such anti-social behavior is definitely a manifestation of authoritarian parenting which possibly relates to the suppression of expressed emotions and blaming minorities and leftists for everything even though it’s not our fault at all.

I could say it was the bigot’s abusive parents but their parents were abusive to them and so on , so on , they fell into the trap of hierarchical propaganda from the right.

In personality type science , in this case MBTI …

Most certainly a Sensor Thinker personality type .

Someone who can only see from outside of them and the lack of empathy.

As I already mentioned , I have strong suspicions that my next-door neighbor is responsible. My neighborhood is transphobic .

I will be moving again before the summer thankfully.

I’m surprised by transphobia , homophobia , racism , sexism , ableism , exists at all !

Just because the transphobic man didn’t get laid in years or found true love , other people especially trans people shouldn’t be the target of such abuse.

But then again , children aren’t born to hate , are they ?

Could you imagine these kinds of people misplacing something and blaming the “ Lousy Left “ for EVERYTHING ?

Well , here’s a satirical example.

Finally I just want to point out that bullies such as this are perhaps the kind of people who need the most love but deserve it the least. And perhaps why narcissists take advantage of kind hearted people might be related to the Egoistic belief that love is fake so you better take advantage of it before you do of it.

So perhaps thanks you my Twin Flame Ascension , I learned something about the Ego .

But I know that my Twin Flame loves me.

And she is indeed a Trans Ally. Most people I know from my local Pride Community are.

Even though I’m an Anarchist and will speak up against the ignorance of liberals and the capitalism of the LGBTQ+ Pride Community ,

Politically and personally , it relates to my parents.

That’s why I ran away to my liberal mother to escape the rage and abuse of my conservative father who almost caused me to take my life away 10 years ago.

I do think that political ideology and authoritarian upbringing could be linked to such bullying abuse . Online and Offline.

_ Erica

P.S. #WontBeErased

#Transphobia #antitransphobia #endtransphobianow #trans #translivesmatter #transgender #lgbt #lgbtq #antifa #antifascist #antifascism #anarchist #anarchistaction #anarchy #anarchism #unitetheleft #pride #transpride #antibullying #metoo

Respect Pronouns #WontBeErased

Transgender Anarchist Trans Anarchism Anarcho Queer LGBT LGBTQ+

Respect ALL Pronouns #WontBeErased

The following blog post is dedicated to my fellow transgender people. If you are a trans woman or a trans man or Androgyne , Genderqueer , non-binary , etc .

Look , I know that I’m a satirist , I know that I’m a Heyoka empath , I am fully aware that I perform mostly cisgender men characters in my voice acting , puppetry and cartooning work , and perhaps people are curious of why my stuff is called “ Official Eric Crooks “ instead of “ Official Erica Crooks. Well for the last part , “ The Show “ was called The Eric Crooks Show from 1999 – 2016 and then The Erica Crooks Show then after so for those who remember the old name of the show with the “ A “ being late to the party , for awhile I tried the name “ Eric Crooks “ as this Monty Python kind of fake stage name but then I thought … Well perhaps it’s more haunting as a Transgender woman so I later ditched it by mid-late Season 10 of The Erica Crooks Show and that’s when The Eric Crooks Show became The Erica Crooks Show … ANYWAY ….

YES , I am seriously a Transgender Lesbian Woman named Erica !

And the point of this post is that cisgender people need to respect Trans and non-binary people.

Yes it is true that I go about the pronouns of “ She / Her “ , but I do still feel like I’m non-binary and a gender nonconformist still. I do still wear masculine clothes and have barely to no interest in feminine clothing. I won’t be caught alive wearing a dress for the most part.

But no , I’m not a butch lesbian. That would be my Twin Flame.

I’m an Androgynous Femme. Meaning that I am the Feminine one of the Butch / Femme Twin Flame pair and so yeah I do have a femme side , but I’m for the most part androgynous.

Which explains why I identified as Androgyne ( aka genderqueer / gender fluid ) 10 years ago in 2008 and then coming out as a Trans Woman in 2013 when I realized that I AM A LESBIAN born in the wrong body.

But what I’d like to bring about this very blog post isn’t to talk about my own personal transgender journey so much but just the continuing discrimination against transgender people and even though we are going to be hitting onto 2020 soon enough , we still live in this totally outdated political system of slavery known as “ Hierarchy “ : A Tradition that refuses to die !

I’m always prepared to have some sort of button on my shirt or necklace that represents “ Transgender Equality “ and I would let them know in a language that anyone who’s cisgender can understand in a hierarchical society “ Under my state’s law , I have my legal transgender rights .” That’s for protection of anyone who thinks of “ Transgender “ as nothing more but Namby Pamby liberal feelings of political correctness which it clearly is not. One pattern I often notice is that it’s usually cisgender feminine women ( mostly heterosexual or at least bisexual ) and being “ YOUNG “ in their 20s / 30s that would understand or at least “ TRY TO “ on a social level where middle aged women would most likely screw up the pronouns due to their generation’s lack of transgender awareness. However nice someone can be , there’s the UGLINESS of legal documents.

I was at my bank not long ago and I just wanted to ask a simple question. “ Oh sure , let me ask for you “ , So someone gets on the phone and of course “ TRANSGENDER EQUALITY IS TOTALLY ABSENT ! “

“ [ legal name ] , yes he is hear with me. Would you like to… you don’t need to speak to him ? Sure , I have his information. Ok , his information is …. [ legal name ] … “

And when this is going on , my soul just SINKS slowly into my GUT painfully !

Fellow transgender people know what I’m talking about here.

If I was talking to a conservative cisgender heterosexual man , they would ignore me all together and just be a total Ben Shapiro about it ( if you don’t know who that transphobic , right winged fascist bigot is , I recommend the video from fellow Trans woman intellectual “ Contra Points “ [ trigger warning ]

In fact I tried to get a restraining order against a transphobic bigot in my neighborhood who was getting other transphobic bastards in my neighborhood to successfully push me out of my apartment and guess what ? I GET THIS JUDGE who looks like Lloyd Kaufman from Troma ( But Conservative ) and he only addressed me by whatever legal says about me ! Personally , I’d rather have Lloyd Kaufman of Troma. ( yes the link to my website is on next to Cinemassacre ( aka Angry Video Game Nerd ) . Perhaps my Troma parodies got their attention , still they were not interested in distribution in 2016 / 2017 .

Perhaps this is one of the many reasons why I am an Anarchist. I was reading about Pink Capitalism before going to bed around 7am ( Yes folks , you’ve read it right. ) and it just totally describes my local pride community perfectly. I did send this very wikipedia article to my Twin Flame but … I don’t know.

As an empath , I do feel the overwhelming pain and suffering which I know that I am not alone on at the same time I use my New Thought / New Age Spiritual practices to clear out the stress and anxiety which develops my migraine headache as well as preventing me from getting a negative manifestation.

Anyway Pink Capitalism . The more I read it , the more I recognize this within my 2 years going to my local pride community which leaves me to say that the only good thing about it was finding my Twin Flame. My Twin Flame is hugely involved so again , I don’t know if my Twin Flame’s opinion on this is different at the time I write this article. The more I read about Pink Capitalism , the more and more and more do I wonder why there’s even LGBTQ+ unity in the first place if politics were converted to capitalism ?

I know from experience and listening to people that I have felt time and time again to be perhaps the only one there who was all for political activism where every else only had their individual interest in mind or that voting / donating money to a fundraiser to get the local pride out of about 100 thousand dollars worth of debt. The only time I have ever heard about political activism within my local pride community was what I’ve read in my local pride community’s magazine publishing and even then it’s single issue “ LEGAL “ protests which I don’t know how effective they truly are ( from this anarchist’s prospective ) .

And as an Anarchist , I now know more than ever that not just LGBTQ+ people but everyone should know that “ Working within the system “ is probably not going to work.

Perhaps in one of my recent blog articles , I’ve mentioned this very example reflecting modern American satirists in pop culture.

Let’s talk about so called “ LEGAL “ ! Say if I wanted to get a LEGAL name change and LEGAL gender mark change ( and yes I have done my research ) , I need to face a Judge in the Court of Law and have it publicly in a newspaper ? AND PAY A F’in’ FEE ! ? Might as well tax anyone who makes love right ? How inhumane is that ! VERY !

Similar thoughts I now have about marriage ! It’s not marriage that’s romantic , it’s the vows and the ceremony and the honeymoon and just being with the one you love , not being chained together by the government ! You can LEGALLY do all that stuff without being legally married but technically I can wear a golden ring and say that I’m a wife and I am married because it’s freedom of speech and freedom of expression and authoritarian / totalitarian / hierarchical / fascism is stupid so there. 😉

Why should I have The Government decide “ WHAT’S MY REAL NAME AND REAL GENDER “ , they already control our lives in this useful hierarchical system. The thing about anarchists and new agers is this , We can not have a better world alone. Perhaps we can use the cheat sheet of The Law of Attraction to get by the best we can , but politically it is not wise to continue ignoring and denying the evils of hierarchical power over others.

Transgender people should be anarchists , in fact there are some who are. There’s even some who are members of ANTIFA . If you didn’t see this video , perhaps this would change your perception on Antifa . I for one am a pacifist but I do understand with empathy and sympathy their reasons WHY and Antifa and Black Blocs should not get the hate that they get just because someone disagrees with their actions. And if you do your research , they even have reasons why they break windows and smash up police cars and not mind going to prison. Again I’m a coward so I much prefer to use my Freedom of Speech ( Is this working within the system ? lol ) as a cultural / philosophy anarchist as well as satire because to me anarchism is not about “ BREAKING THE LAW “ but the political philosophy of liberation , what is closer to the soul.

I seriously think those who are hierarchical control freaks are perhaps the most scared people in the world , in fact THE WORST and UNFRIENDLY and UNLIKEABLE people in this world no matter how cruel and evil their behavior is , if their abuse is verbal or physical , who who hurt people are probably hurt themselves unconsciously. That’s why life sucks for people , we are ruled by sociopaths , psychopaths , narcissists , dark triad , etc. Remember what I said about a transphobic neighbor and a transphobic judge . An Anarchist society would never allow such prejudice.

So yeah , homophobia , sexism , transphobia , ableism , ageism , racism , etc , are brainwashing technics and it’s not just Trump and republicans.

And yes we have activists who want to look out for our best interests.

And of course , it’s great to have such people on our side.

But here’s the question , is it effective ?

I’ve mentioned that my local pride community was having Transgender Rallies ,

And even though I’m all for saying NO to Transphobia ,

Isn’t my local pride just CASHING IN on Trans politics ? That is if my indication on the subject of Pink Capitalism is correct ?

Still I ask yet again , is it effective ?

Voting and Legal Protests , either way , you are asking permission from the bosses , and when you do that , are you really being liberating ?

If the police says “ Alright you crazy lefties , that’s enough of your permit. “

And seriously , If someone wanted to take away someone’s civil rights or perhaps ALL civil rights and turn the world into a totalitarian one just like George Orwell’s 1984 , aka The New World Order , they can , they aren’t going to listen to people. If capitalism can do it , why not Government , same thing.


It makes no logical sense at all and it puts the soul into chains !

Government is nothing more but parents for adults.

Daddy is a right wing conservative and works in all parts of authority and Momma is the democrat and works in all social services including social security .

And the marriage is totally dysfunctional .

It’s kind of like this !

Except the couple symbolize democrats and republicans , or labor and tories , conservatives and liberals , centrist Morans who need to wake up !

The ecosystem is getting screwed up. The big question is just how long are people going to be indifferent about all this ? How long are they gong to tolerate going into debt while paying the electric bill during the summer ? How long are people going to stand saying that the homeless going to jail and dying on the street is justified ?

Perhaps what we are taught about this so called “ REAL WORLD “ IS A LIE !

Perhaps there is this human machine that creates evil people.

And it’s just like a factory machine. You have those who are useful minions and those that get rejected and abandon.

So I ask you , do you still think voting , asking permission from authority , and just basically asking to be listened to is going to work

Or would this work better ?

“ Spit on your own and you can’t do anything , but if we all spit together , we’ll drown the bastards ! “ _ Bob Crow

( quote later adopted by Spitting Image )

Like I said , perhaps we can use Law of Attraction to get by nicely in life. Perhaps we can use Law of Attraction to help bring about a revolution for a better world for everyone.

One can’t do it alone. One may create a happy life for one self and find money on the ground to do whatever they want. But I do see a new world is possible. Where money is exposed for what it really is , freedom tickets. Things don’t cost money , people make things because they love it. If people’s needs were meet , we’d be richer than the rich , everyone would live that way without lifting a finger. That’s how humanity should live , animals , plants , etc.

And for those who say “ But this is the real world “ , don’t give me any of that because “ ANOTHER WORLD IS POSSIBLE ! “

_ Erica


Transgender resources


Anarchist FAQ


Libertarian Socialist Rants


Thought Smile

Law of Attraction

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Political Art : Queer Anarchism / Anti-Trump

Political Art : Queer Anarchism / Anti-Trump

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LGBTQ+ deserves better !

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Check out more from Erica Crooks ( me )

– Hilarious puppet and cartoon dark comedy , parodies , satire , slapstick humor for adults
– Personality Type Science , mostly INFP
* LGBTQ+ activism ( Especially Transgender Lesbians )
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The Day and the Life of an Overwhelmed / Drained INFP lightworker empath

The Day and the Life of an Overwhelmed / Drained INFP lightworker empath

The Day and the Life of an Overwhelmed / Drained INFP lightworker empath

The Day and the Life of an Overwhelmed / Drained INFP lightworker empath

I’m just going to write out this blog because even though it might not seem it , I think I’m a lot better at these blog thingies when I write it out. Perhaps my blog videos would be better if I planned it like a film which I might. But what’s weird about me because I guess I’m sort of an entertainer artist as well as a satirist , even though I’m partly being natural , still I feel this way is so much more organic. It’s not that I’m trying to act like an ENFP , but I just feel that when I do a blog video , I got to think of it as if I’m giving advice to people and sort of a cheer me up healing sort of thing as a reminder that they aren’t alone in this world. And perhaps it relates to my mission of love as a lightworker because I was there. I think we all need that reminder the longer we are slaved in this hierarchical global society.

It’s probably because I’m an introvert so I can think about things I want to say and also having typing skills I’ve learned from high school really pays off with barely looking at the keys on my laptop which I type this. Also speech to text dictation writing might work for some and it may be cool for note taking especially when your tired but it’s frustrating when it isn’t accurate to what you say. We have enough journalists in this world who do that job probably more fiendishly ( no offense if your a journalist , just a satire on the capitalist interests within media in general ) .

Anyway as an INFP light-worker , perhaps something I need to do more and especially something I think about as I become 31 next year is just how I need to take better care of myself. Not just losing weight but spiritually , body mind and soul . I can work in bursts of energy but then I need to recharge. I remember studying something about Judgers vs Perceivers that the Judger would just make a plan and stick with it until it’s complete.

And the perceivers would do a little bit of work , recharge , little bit of work , recharge , and make a spontaneous finally to complete the project. And so regarding my film work and what I do , yes there are many times where I just wing it structureless like this blog even though I’m just typing it out. And perhaps my sense of humor and playfulness reflects that me being an intuitive perceiver ( NP in MBTI Myers Briggs Personality Type Science terms ) . However I often notice that the work I’m most proud of is often those in which I worked my behind off for months with detail and just stuck to it even though I’m horribly board so I just add a bunch of background gags and visual humor and all sorts of gags if it’s related to the sketch or story or not just to entertain myself within the process.

Today I was thinking of the difficulties of being an independent filmmaker where my stars are fictional. And sort of reminds me of a blog post I’ve written not to long ago at the time I’ve written this.

( 1. How much does it cost to produce

( 2. How long does it take to produce what I want to produce

( 3. How much hard work and effort is required regarding what I want to produce

( 4. Is it effective to my like minded audience

And usually I don’t think this way unless I drained myself silly.

As you probably already know , I’ve done a ton of blog videos and posts relating to MBTI Myers Briggs Personality Type Science , Libertarian Socialist Anarchism and New Thought / New Age Spirituality and even though I didn’t cover things in detail like I should , perhaps what I was really doing was promoting the idea in general because I believe that not only does all this sound like a utopia for me but perhaps other people as well.

Perhaps I feel it’s a patriotic duty.

But one of the things about lightworker mission I slowly learn is not only is love the answer to everything but also any action , thought , feeling is an expression of unconditional love.

But at the same time , perhaps I’m not only a healer artist sort of speak but a Heyoka Empath ( Sacred Clown / Mirror Empath ).

There’s a quote that relates to all this “ Art should disturb the comfortable and comfort the disturbed “ .

Another one too is “ Hate humans but love humanity “ lol

As an anarchist , the mainstream hierarchical society is very hard to enjoy , it’s quite limited. However it can lead to a possibly of the future say if the chains of Law and Order don’t cloud on it.

As I went to the bank yesterday to fix an issue with my account , such important appointments which only seem important to the material world but not necessarily to me as an old soul but just as irritating due to hierarchical laws that have a lack of sympathy and empathy for humanity and life on Earth , let’s just say that I can relate quite well to a rant by John Lennon.

John Lennon knew “ We’re a minority , people like us always were. “

If your an INFP , perhaps you can relate this when your overwhelmed . But who’s to say that this is relating to being an unhealthy INFP ?

Is this iNtuitive Bias ? Or the frustration of an INFP lightworker ?

( related stuff )

iNtuitive Bias Video :

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Unhealthy INFP Debunked :

I don’t want to sound co-dependent to strengthen my self esteem or anything like that. But the thing that’s always helped me out is perhaps sort of relating to what I do besides my satirical puppet / cartoon stuff which is to reach a guiding hand to my fellow like minded people with the reminder of “ Your Not Alone “ .

The internet helped me out so perhaps doing the same will help out future generations of like minded people , just as long as the Government doesn’t get rid of our freedom on the internet .

And it’s not like I’m in denial when I believe in New Age / New Thought Spirituality , it’s just the way people go about teaching it and having it relate to the capitalist / consumer world of all things sugar coated superficial .

Perhaps my own happiness is totally related to anarchism . I strongly believe in the principles of Libertarian Socialist Anarchism as well as Mutual aid .

As I said in all my blog stuff as of 2018 , If people were aware of all three MBTI , Libertarian Socialist Anarchism and New Thought / New Age Spirituality then we would have our social revolution by now and won. Perhaps even a peaceful one.

But we are all in this together , not just me. Everyone is doing their part , even the ignorant which is why I think uniting the left is a must.

There’s reasons why I left my local pride community , the most being that my Twin Flame became a Runner and only awake in telepathy while Ego body self is perhaps unawake .

My Twin Flame could very well be an ESFP , but I will only know for certain after union.

Still , when Twin Flames are two half souls that merge into one , if such Ying and Yang works out in a relationship , does it really matter if two people love each other ?

( for more info check out )

Sometimes it’s difficult finding peace . Part of me feels that the world needs to be at peace before I can be. But sometimes I just need to recharge just to keep my sanity.

And perhaps reading helps.

And as I mentioned regarding John Lennon , he too had the same problems an INFP does because he was INFP too !

I think that reminder that your not alone in this world helps , as well as knowing that there’s nothing wrong with you. If you aren’t hurting yourself and others no problem.

Sometimes people’s negative reactions of you is their problem and not yours.

There’s a book I like called “ What you think of me is none of my business . “

Yes , people have said cruel things to me. I have been treated with verbal abuse because I’m an empath .

Even people within my local Pride Community are starting to mock me behind my back because I’m trying to reach out to my unawakened Twin Flame where everyone who’s clearly sticking their nosy attention into my business and seeing me negatively or just a fool. One time being thrown out of a nightclub in 2017 when trying to peacefully talk to my Twin Flame.

My mother happened to be with me that day because my Twin was performing that night and I gave my Twin some flowers as a token of my appreciation , support , and even sorry if I screwed things up with the Twin Flame Running / Chasing Separation situation. My mother was pissed and sort of not trust my Twin Flame in full. But I’m still working on Twin Flame Ascension .

I find this article quite useful relating to that aspect

Besides , I personally think that LGBTQ+ Anarchists can run a better Pride Community filled with mutual aid and everything .

There’s prejudice within the local pride community at least from my experience. I haven’t seen the worst but I hear about stuff all the time. I think this is related.

But perhaps it’s not so black & white . Still , capitalism and hierarchy brainwashing hurts who ever they touch including the innocent and of course my like minded people !

I think as a satirist / Heyoka empath , having a sense of humor no matter how irreverent helps bring about a care free spirit. Perhaps that’s how we all should be.

Someday uniting as one laughing at the face of negativity because someday it will not hurt us and justice and everything shall be in the power of the people instead of the people in power.

Like what The Secret said , sometimes I just got to keep up my hope and faith and believe in the miracles of the unseen. Just keep thinking about what I want and know it’ll someday become fact in reality because of like minded energy for those who support it individual and collective alike.

_ Erica

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