Is Science Hierarchical ?

Is Science Hierarchical ?

Erica Crooks Blog 2019 - Is Science Hierarchical ?

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As I was researching the question if evil can be cured. With all my research of personality disorders , all the sorts of therapies …

Behavior therapy , rehabilitation , Clinical Psychology. Psychotherapy , Neurology…

And I’d like to refer back to a previous blog article

Perhaps I’m just getting back into spirituality because what is science anyway ?

According to Google definition results

Science Is “ the intellectual ( says who ? ) and practical

( of or concerned with the actual doing or use of something rather than with theory and ideas. (of an idea, plan, or method) likely to succeed or be effective in real circumstances; feasible. )

activity encompassing the systematic ( sounds hierarchical ) study of the structure ( oh yeah ) and behavior of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment.

Fine , what is REAL ?


( actually existing as a thing or occurring in fact; not imagined or supposed.

(of a substance or thing) not imitation or artificial; genuine. )

Before I go on with my rant to say F**K Science and realism , let me tell you where I’m coming from.

I have a Twin Flame , we have telepathy , maybe that can be proven by science …. MAYBE NOT ! Is , is.

I follow my intuition , can intuition be proven by science , probably NOT !

I follow my heart , what is a heart ? MEAT ! An Organ ! What about love…

What about Love ? WHAT IS THE DEFINITION OF LOVE ? ( Before I say you can take your “ pseudo “ remarks AND SHOVE IT ! )

Love : an intense feeling of deep affection. , a great interest and pleasure in something. feel a deep romantic or sexual attachment to (someone).


an emotional state or reaction.

a belief, especially a vague or irrational one. ( interesting JUDGEMENT )


a natural instinctive state of mind deriving from one’s circumstances, mood, or relationships with others.

SCREW Neurology !

What did we learn from the story “ Frankenstien “ ? You can put a body together , but love is a mystery and if you deny it , it turns to the ego .. evil .. “

So that in a sense , love is the answer .  AND SCIENCE CAN NOT PROVE EVERYTHING !

If you rely everything on science , you reject the true mysteries of life.

As mentioned in The Secret , there can be someone DYING in the hospital bed , their body is so damaged , doctors can say that it’s impossible. This person is going to die and there’s nothing we can do about it. What if these doctors don’t believe in miracles , coincidences , the strange positive ironies of life….

Suddenly the will of this person will breath and with this spirit , the body CURES ITSELF !

Spirit 1 , Science 0 !

Why are there things that can not be explained by science ? You ask them , the narcissists who think they are the smartest and most intelligent people in the world , they will just shrug and say “ because it is not real  , can’t be proven by science. “

This person’s name is Quinton ( INTJ ) . He’s made three known websites Slayerment / TruthControl and CrowdFreedom . He’s an Anarchy-Capitalist ( Not real Anarchist ) / Right Wing Libertarian . Most for the stuff that he has said has made people very angry and isn’t very true at all.

In one video he talks about the smartest MBTI type .

In the beginning he says it’s the INTJ jokingly because that is his type. He says the top ones are INTP / INTJ then INFP ( mine ) and INFJ .

He does believe that Thinker types are smarter than Feelers because Animals feel but don’t listen to reason ( his opinion ) , HOWEVER he does admit perhaps he might be wrong. His website TruthControl mentions spirituality and he has also mentioned his interests in The Law of Attraction and Abraham Hicks .

In another video ( which is how I discovered him a few years ago and I think is his best article / blog video ) iNtuitives vs Sensors ( iNtuitive Bias which is controversial in the MBTI Online Communities ) he has mentioned that iNtuitives are SMARTER than Sensors.

As an INFP I do believe that is true. As I read the Anarchist FAQ on how this hierarchical society shapes people and perhaps is responsible for the Extraverted Sensor catered Society GLOBALLY , it’s interesting to think about because it does sound true.

Quinton in the video talks about intelligence , the intelligence he refers to in this video is which types are most “ Influential “ .

I would have to say the Feelers are most influential but then again how do you measure MBTI ?

Albert Einstein was known for his scientific theories and Martin Luther King Jr was known for his peace activism to end racism . However very little people know that both were LEFTISTS !

I believe those who side with hierarchy tend to be ST / TJ types while NP / F types are more chill.

In conclusion ,

If you’ve seen my work , you know I live in the land of imagination ( very typically INFP right ? ) . I do have a Twin Flame ( I think she’s ESFP , might be subject to change at Union ) , and I write blogs such as this.

I think 5D Earth perhaps will get rid of any last bit of hierarchies from non-friendly animals to any sort of scientific laws.

They say spiritually that the only thing that is real is the power of love.

And if emotions can be measured on an organ called a brain , you may call me stupid but to me I think that’s dumb. It kind of reminds me of the smart ass remark I wrote on my final Astrology ( science Astrology not REAL spiritual Zodiac Astrology which my High School teacher thought was crap ) test which was “ How do we know a solid answer about stuff in space if people haven’t been there themselves. “ Surprisingly I got a good grade … I think my teacher written a note how I refuse to answer any of the questions correctly however he admired my ability to think outside the box. This guy was funny , perhaps an ENTP , very wacky , the students loved him , but he committed suicide years after I graduated. Several short tribute websites were made in his memory.

So that’s my point , someone could be a master of science , AND STILL FEEL DEPRESSED AND COMMIT SUICIDE ! Perhaps a lack of love for oneself I suppose.

Is science completely useless ? I don’t think so. Anarcho-Transhumanism or some sort of Anarcho-Communist Science can solve all the worlds problems…

However , science is only useful for Earth Stuff. Spirit and Soul is NOT Earth Stuff. Perhaps there is life before birth and after death. Somethings can NOT be proven by science doesn’t mean it’s not real.

Love is the most powerful energy in the universe , and even that energy is so powerfully beautiful that it’s hard to put into words.

Science isn’t completely useless …. However when 3D Earth upgrades to 5D Earth …. Yes , then science would be completely uselsss.

_ Erica

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The Dangers of Ignorance

The Dangers of Ignorance

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One of the things about me is when I read books that are not fiction , I would look up something in the index or if it’s digital search a word relating to a topic I’m curious about relating to the book.

Another thing about me , if it’s something that I can relate to deeply then I will stick to it.

I came out as queer in 2008 , I came out as a trans lesbian woman in 2013 , I came out as an Anarchist in the summer of 2017 , and I thought I was an ENFP from 2007 – 2016 but know since 2016 that I am indeed an introvert so I’m an INFP . And I’ve known my Twin Flame in telepathy since 2007 and meet her face to face December 2015 / March & April 2016 and been working on our Twin Flame Ascension since then . And I got into Law of Attraction since in 2012. So yes , a long journey it has been for me so far.

One of my missions in life obviously is through my entertainment arts relating to my love of the pop culture I grew up with and still am quite obsessive over. The other part is being a satirist which relates to all that. And of course the Twin Flame / Starseed / Heyoka / Empath / Indigo / Crystal / Old Soul / Lightworker mission which is to help heal the planet back to love.

I was guided to a lot of stuff within my Spiritual Awakening so it wasn’t just me dealing with the pains of healing my Twin Flame Runner and trying to figure out Reunion aka mastering Law of Attraction perfectly , but I was guided by my spirit guides to all sorts of awakenings.

I was always left-leaning and even my own mother has told me recently “ I’m still surprised how your such an expert on politics , your like a little professor. I know neither me or your father taught you politics. “

For me it came from my sense of humor and what made me laugh. Perhaps as an INFP , I’ve always had a concern about people.

Even before I reached puberty in my “ Big Kid “ age , I was always angry at bad parents that always screamed at their little children just because they were crying and were upset.

Ignoring their need of love and emotional support.

Now at age 31 I understand more than ever , that is what creates the bastards of this world.

My father was raised Catholic but he was pretty much atheist. He worked for the government to building submarines and there’s a whole history on my father’s side of cops , my mother’s side of the family there’s soldiers who struggled to get by in life who were also Christian / Catholic . My mother was never overly political but she stands firmly as an advocate for the elderly and people with disabilities ( mainly because I have been diagnosed all my life as a kid and even last year as an adult. ( Asperger’s Syndrome )

What’s interesting in this crazy world is most people’s beliefs come from their own upbringing. Perhaps we all have little blockages relating to psychological childhood trauma we got to do some shadow work on ( spiritual growth / personal growth ) .

I’m starting to think more and more on how this all relates to the variety of MBTI Personality Types instead of just being born that way .

Lots of people do not believe in the “ duality “ of Good vs Evil . But the thing of it is , left leaning politics and spirituality are all about love and wanting all the bad things in life to go away which are created by hierarchy . The right is authoritarian / totalitarian / fascism / evil

Which is just easy hate filled solutions and answers made by fear .

As an Anarchist , one of the things I’ve noticed as an artist is that sure there’s some who might be socialist / communist but when you live in the United States of America , most are liberal . Some are right wing libertarian but rarely is anyone who identifies as that hate conservatives as much as liberals. I think when you are different from most people around you , you tend to want to find other people like yourself. I think that’s one of my points in what I do.

Here are liked mined people I admire in which I can relate to what they are saying. Perhaps there’s relation in terms of personality types.

Perhaps as an introvert , I have made it through life without working too much about being a virgin and barely having a social life at all ( at the time I’ve written this ) . As an iNtuitive my mind is on other things. Perhaps the internet within itself is an introvert iNtuitive thing.

I hate the label “ Internet addiction “ . I had made fun of smart phone addiction in the past but now that I think about it , it was more of a satire on the codependency of social lives and the majority which happens to be Extroverted Sensors .

Now a days I think I’ve came to the conclusion that The New World Order Conspiracy theories are either created by the right to attack or the right exposing themselves and shifting all the blame and ego projection onto the left , liberals , minorities as scapegoats.

This video makes more sense to me more than ever before

However as a spiritual anarchist , I’m not the sort who would completely close the door on New World Order Conspiracy Theories and the Illuminati as I just said.

Likewise I think Aliens and Angels are pretty much the same thing , ex-humans. I have spirit guides , I have been attacked by dark entities during the early stages of me and my Twin Flames Ascension to the point where I feared that my Twin Flame was a sociopath who planted a curse on me and killed my Twin Flame in telepathy but around Christmas time 2016 , I came to realize thanks to my spirit guides not to fear my Twin Flame. In 2017 I have my Twin Flame flowers as a token of my apologizes and then I got thrown out of a Pride nightclub probably because I triggered something to my Twin Flame unconsciously .

The more I read The Anarchist FAQ , the more I realize that The New World Order is a FREAKIN’ RIP OFF OF WHAT ANARCHISTS TALK ABOUT AND KNOW ! AND IT’S NOT EVEN CONSPIRACY THEORIES !

Here’s New World Order Conspiracy Theory Stuff


And just search the name “ NOAM CHOMSKY “

Here’s an animated video relating to what he discovered about mainstream media

Smarter than the junk that Alex Jones , PragerU , Turning Point USA , TRUMP , David Icke and hell I’ll even thrown in Sam Vaknin the narcissist expert who’s this narcissistic sociopath lying to people being such an expert and at the same time attacking transgender people like me !

Anyway here’s a thing about education. I like education in which influences people positively.

Here’s an example . Ok so it’s liberal and yes there are differences . Check out this funny NonCompete puppet video about just that . Yes I need to eventually do some educational puppet videos myself. 😉 lol

Despite the differences I still see left leaningness within liberal OR it’s faux leftist / pseudo leftists . According to The Anarchist FAQ , Anarchists have political beliefs in common with liberals and socialists but more closer to socialists even though liberal doesn’t count as a leftist.

So what’s the point I’m trying to make here ? Well I believe that we should live our life that feels good and right to us. Listening to your heart and intuition. Unfortunately people’s definition for the words that I use might mean something completely different. I believe people live their lives in fear , angry and hidden misery which they mask from not only everyone around them but even themselves. So they feed it with additions instead of solutions which I tend to promote.

I talk about MBTI so people can understand themselves better and perhaps a solution out of the feeling of loneness and alienation a little bit.

I support Anarchism for the very reasons as well plus as a solution to pretty much most problems in the world.

And I’m spiritual because I know for a fact that Law of Attraction can be the game genie regardless of where you are at. And it really does work. And in terms of 5D Earth , I believe 5D Earth is like an Anarchist Society but also beating all the 3rd demential life hierarchies such as death and rotten weather and getting killed by nature some how. So it has nothing to do with obeying to some narcissistic guru who claims to be the elder soul who knows what’s for everyone’s highest good.

The thing about hierarchy / evil is that it can manipulate people’s fear and emotions. That’s probably why there’s people who say all the time that socialism is childish or that facts don’t care about your feelings. Maybe because they know they can lie to people and have them not think for themselves. OR EVEN THEIR OWN MENTAL HEALTH !

The New World Order Conspiracy Theories were fun to read but it’s just like Bob Larson’s Exorcism videos , once there’s a red flag relating to right wing politics , once there is some sort of prejudice against minorities , it’s a red flag that says “ YOU ARE BEING LIED TOO ! “

I’m sure you’ve heard of all the bad stuff about LGBTQ+ people before.

The Neurology test IS FREAKIN’ RIGGED AGAINST personality types like and INFPs , people with spiritual gifts , minorities .

Right Wing people want to compete with leftists aka people who know the truth spiritual and non-spiritual ( because it happens even if you don’t know it aka Law of Attraction )

And it’s just like Ben Garrison’s sucky unfunny cartoons or even Fascists with Rock Bands and unfortunately they do exist , but listen Pop Culture is a Left Wing Thing !

It can even be as laughable as the idea as a kids show that features Christian Pirates that uses scare tactics , puppets , and 1980s rap .


It’s the very reason why people don’t like anything new from David Zucker , Melissa Joan Hart , and Kel Mitchell because they are so RIGHT WING CONSERVATIVES and has-beens … John Kricfalusi ( Also check out the book Sick Little Monkeys , Even Bob Camp told me that John K is WORSE THAN TRUMP when I meet him at a comic convention in 2016 !) , Dan Schneider , Jimmy Savile to Steve Whitmire  ! And that’s just naming a few and putting it mildly .

( * There’s a reason why I’ve applied links under these names * )

Here’s a thing about us Libertarian Socialist Anarchists / Anarcho-Communists . WE KNOW A FREAKIN SOLUTION ! If you are tired and sick of the evil in life , please stop your addictions and heal your heart of any sort of suicidal tendencies . ANOTHER WORLD IS POSSIBLE !

Even if you are alone , stand by the power of good not just for yourself but perhaps for like minded friends who haven’t even meet yet. Perhaps even for future generations to come.

It’s been 50 years since the 1960s and it was SO POWERFULLY SOCIALIST / LEFTIST ! But people gave up which was THE WORST THING TO DO !

Even John Lennon is pissed off ! And yes he is an INFP !

Now one of the things I hear a lot in terms of Anarchists giving up is due to depression in a feeling that nothing is happening .

It’s one of the reasons why I’m a Spiritual Anarchist. Besides the Anarchist FAQ says that it’s a continuing process so either we will witness it in our lifetime a social revolution or life will be better the more we yearn for it. Either way , you got Law of Attraction to help you no matter where you’re at. 🙂 And a satirical sense of humor for good measure. 😉

_ Erica

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When we follow our hearts and intuition , we find the truth.

While sociopaths manipulate us with our fears .

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The World Needs Love but we live in hate and fear

Get Your Right Wing Out Of My Spirituality

Spiritual Aftermath

The Right Are Not Spiritual They Are Liars

Spiritual Anarchism

Why is Hierarchy Wrong and Evil



Suspect Everyone : Social Trust – where is it ?

Suspect Everyone : Social Trust – where is it ?

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As an introvert ( INFP ) , building a strong network of good friends haven’t always been my strong point. No it’s not that I’m a narcissist or some sort of self serving jerk or anything like that. Perhaps people just didn’t find me all that interesting or maybe there’s something about me that’s very irritating like me being a pop culture nerd and an idealist or something , go figure.

You know ( as I visualize myself offering you some coffee and I sit in my favorite comfy chair in a cliche fashion lol With my big ol’ Book Library behind me. Lol ) ,

It’s one of the many reasons why I’m an Anarchist.

One of the big problems in society is trust.

I got into MBTI ( Myers Briggs Personality Type science ) about 13 years ago and well through out 13 years and continuing actually , and since 2017 I’m a Libertarian Socialist Anarchist / Anarcho-Communist , and of course My Spiritual Awakening since I meet my Twin Flame face to face and well gained more Spiritual / Lightworker abilities and stuff like that …

( Deep breath ) the more I was able to find more and more information about something I was curious about since I was a teenager .


One of the problems is people fear what they do not understand.

We live in a world where people don’t want to be educated unless it’s going to benefit their survival needs aka earn money.

I could be cynical towards those kinds of people , but…

And maybe people just would rather have friends they meet at school / college or can help them get dates and better paying jobs or secure them from socialpaths….

YES folks , I hit a nail on the head there.

Almost like a submissive co-dependency .

But I won’t be cynical so put your mind at ease ( I’m saving my cynical ways for something that deserves it actually lol ) ,

I know what it’s like being an INFP living in an Extroverted Sensor society.

I even know what it’s like living with an abusive middle class authoritarian narcissistic father and a liberal mother who’s suffered through out all her life in poverty.

I’ve seen the worst of both worlds.

Yes I was a VERY ANGRY person until running away from my Father in 2009 and finding out I was diagnosed with PTSD . I was well aware that I can never ever allow myself to become an abusive monster like him , and why would I want to be . I was such a goodie-goodie doing pretty much ALL HIS CHORES for him and his wife LITERALLY FOLKS LITERALLY !

Why ? So I wouldn’t get abused and I am seen as loved and good.

In 2009 / 2010 – 2011 , a certain woman ( False Twin Flame ) took advantage of me. Only in recent times am I able to see this situation that she was in fact “ Self Centered “ .

Put it in different terms , WHO HASN’T FELT THE DARK EMOTIONS OF LIFE relating to betrayal , rejection and even suicidal tendencies ?

Did you know that people who hurt you are secretly hurt ? Maybe they are talented , maybe you would like to be friends with them , but you are not because THEY HAVE SUCH A BAD ATTITUDE AND THEY REALLY THINK YOU ARE ANNOYING AS HELL probably bombarding them or smothering them in someway….. ( record scratch )

Did you know that if someone doesn’t like you sometimes it’s “ NOT EVEN YOUR FAULT AND IT’S ACTUALLY THEIR PROBLEM AND NOT YOURS ? “

You know sometimes there’s people who just do not want any more friends right now .

Perhaps there’s a lot of stuff going on in their life that they prefer “ NOT TO TALK ABOUT IT ! “

They had enough of having their heartbroken , they had enough getting stabbed in the back by sociopaths controlling them with narcissistic supply.

So , how are we suppose to make friends ?

People just minimize their life with who they know locally with trusted referrals .

But what about the internet ?

Is the solution to suspect that people are even worse on the internet so you should always have a hard outer shell when dealing with people and look like a total douchebag ?

One of the tools in my survival in life has been to have a sense of humor. But there was always this lightworker aspect about me . Perhaps that’s why I’m also a satirist and in spiritual terms a Heyoka / Mirror Empath .

I know , I know , spot that one red flag and your intuition and push the person right away.

Here’s the thing about life ok ? It’s NOT about conforming to adulthood and looking normal.

It’s NOT about “ life is hard so suck it up “.

The truth about life is Love heals and Fear and Hate kills.

The truth about life is that those narcissists that broke your heart and betrayed your friendship and perhaps your toxic parents abused you in childhood ( It’s very common , you’re not alone . ) …. THERE’S ONES THAT ARE EVEN WORSE !

Yes they could be violent to you and perhaps even KILL YOU and set everyone and everything you now and love on fire ….. BUT THERE’S ONES WHO ARE EVEN WORSE THEN THAT !

And this is one of the many reasons why I’m an Anarchist.

Anarchy does not mean chaos and destruction because chaos and destruction is the purpose of “ HIERARCHY “.

Anarchists believe that people can be self-govern and we do not need rulers , and the only rules there should exist is those for the best interests of humanity.

No I’m not talking about some sort of 5D Earth Conceal of Elders Unity or anything like that because 5D Earth’s unconditional love wouldn’t need any hierarchy at all.

Anarchists know that the hierarchical systems ( Government / Mainstream Media / Capitalism / Religion / etc ) are NOT a genius society norm structure where people can at least tolerate one another BUT to turn the masses into slaves and stupidly cause the end of planet earth as we know it.

Far fetched ? Check out The Anarchist FAQ

And no it’s NOT a Conspiracy Theory , IT’S THE TRUTH you aren’t going to know until you know and become aware that you were lied to by powers over you.

Besides The New World Order / Illuminati kind of ripped off Anarchism as well as the idea of a counsel of Elders bringing Unity in 5D Earth.

Because both are quite hierarchical and authoritarian a little bit to say it the least , and Anarchists are against that.

But in the meantime I do study MBTI and yes there’s perfectly logical reasons why there are personality clashes.

Especially if you don’t like be very much for me having my head in the clouds , not being logical and real world. Well your loss. 😉

But in conclusion ,

There’s many red flags you can find if you did research on Narcissistic Supply , personality type and Anarchism.

Also perhaps learning about Law of Attraction might help you out. I know that I became a less bitter cynical person because of it. ( See what I tell you , I told you I was going to save it to the very end of the article didn’t I ? )

I invite you all to take a look at my social media and everything I have in it from links to articles to blog videos and even arts and entertainment. Because sometimes what we are really looking for is someone who can relate to us , someone who can understand us , a friendly reminder that you are not alone in this world.

_ Erica

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INFP Lightworker Problems

INFP Lightworker Problems

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Recently ( that is at the time I’ve written this blog post )

I have made several blog videos

And several blog posts relating to the subject that perhaps Right Wing Politics are WORSE THAN YOU THINK !

And if there’s something that can rattle my cadge , it’s ignorance.

Even John Lennon knows how I felt.

I think there’s a lot of people misunderstanding one another and just assuming they know something without doing good research about things.

And also when I go out and spread the word of truth and awareness of how

The Right is in control of all things fear and bad just so they can discredit and hurt “ Leftists and Minorities “ , perhaps I kind of look like a political crazed maniac to some.

But what’s interesting is I’m literally being spiritually guided this whole entire time.

When it all came to my mind , it was like a slow thunderbolt and then BAM ,

I am almost to the point of automatic typing.

When writing notes to myself , I even wrote to myself that I am being spiritually guided.

Last night I had to keep double checking with my spirit guides and they told me that I was being spiritually guided and always come to them when I need assistance in guidance.

I told my guides , I don’t feel so good putting myself out like this and they told me that it’s fine , it’s just energy and they are not dark entities.

I’ve been sick for about a week and every day it seems like debunking the right was the big news headline. Sure I agree with it but , I’m trying to work with my Twin Flame out of Ascension and into Twin Flame Union.

So I guess it’s all about cleaning energy and just raising high vibrations because a lot of time , these sort of emotions aren’t even my own.

Here’s what is interesting about people on the internet.

People rather socialize than do their own research on stuff.

I was also guided by the idea that sure there’s certain people on the internet that inspired me with such knowledge , but perhaps there’s stuff they don’t know that I do.

People can be strange. Some people can perceive me as someone who’s just trying to jam information down everyone’s throat and perhaps they have little interest in learning about the truth like I am.

For me , it’s about questioning why life is the way it is.

Maybe it’s a certain thing when it comes to SOME cisgender heterosexual men to shrug off

Any sort caring for minorities and leftists ,

But to me , THAT IS NOT AN INFP !

Then again perhaps it all depends on people’s individual upbringing.

For example , if you had authoritarian parents , that it all depends on how well you are with your shadow work and realizing stuff your authoritarian parents said was WRONG !

Your knowledge of how perhaps Left wing politics sounds more like you than anything The Right says. And of course knowing the difference between an INFP and an STJ personality type.

Sure there’s different numerology and zodiac and enneagram , but at the same time I need to do research on this.

The big picture I present is “ Hey folks , I found that Another World Is Possible ! And anti-Bully world , a 100% free world is possible ! “

It’s Libertarian Socialist Anarchist / Anarcho-Communist Free Society and or 5D Earth.

And how I see it , if you care about your like minded people , you hate humans but you love humanity , you care about human friendly animals like cats , you care about a clean environment , you want like minded people to get together and be friends …. Listen up !

I’ve been doing this research with MBTI , spirituality , anarchism

Since 2007 .

And I’m going to admit this , yes even I have been ignorant of stuff.

But it’s because I wasn’t aware !

When I got into The Secret , Bob Proctor , Abraham Hicks

There was this desire to becoming RICH and wealthy.

But it’s because I just wanted to be financial secure doing what I love doing.

I had absolutely no idea about THE TRUTH about the evils of capitalism as I slowly learned in 2017 – 2018 .

Yeah just recently.

Anarcho-Communism can make EVERYONE RICH ! Beyond !

Money is just a system to control people !

Perhaps that’s just it !

Sometimes people could be on the same page but their understanding of certain concepts are kind of misinformed.

For example someone can be anti-capitalist and anti-government

But think libertarian socialist anarchist / anarcho-communism is the evil agenda of The New World Order WHICH IS NOT TRUE !

Again , there’s people who’d rather socialize then do their research.

Perhaps we are all ignorant of something.

Ignorant is an insult , Ignorant means “ lack of knowledge “ of something.

And when it comes to human needs YES we DO want to be with like minded people.

So sometimes feelings speak louder than words but the words don’t match up with what you are really talking about , what you are actually seeking , what you actually mean .

There were times I thought socialists as liberals , I was ignorant of my political knowledge.

For many years I thought my Twin Flame in telepathy was ENTP but in fact she is ESFP ( I think ) .

I used to have liberal views on how everything is equal.

I didn’t even fully know anything about Transgender Women until I sat down with my friend and hung out since the last time we seen each other was 10 years ago at a private safe space Transgender meeting.

My friend passed away the day I came out as a Transgender Lesbian Woman in March 2013.

From 2008 – 2013 I just identified as Androgyne ( Genderqueer ) .

But here’s something about my ignorance.

Before all that , I described my orientation as Queer Heterosexual before I realized that I’m a lesbian born in the wrong body.

And before that , I wasn’t sure if ( before I tossed these state labels out of my personal soul identity )  Asperger’s Syndrome pointing out why I think differently from the world , perhaps my orientation is associated with Andromimetophilia .

This was EXACTLY 10 years ago.

Let me say for the record , no , I am not attracted to Transgender Men .

So yeah , we are all ignorant of something , and we all live and learn.

However , the problem is not everyone has an interest in learning what they do not understand such as myself.

Here’s a think about me.

Perhaps I’m a slow learner but everything I talk about regarding myself , it has a strong foundation of “ YES , THIS FEELS RIGHT TO ME ! THIS IS SO ME ! “


I’m open minded. If someone knows a better way then it would need to prove itself to me because hey that’s the story of my life.

I think there’s lots of people out there that are not even self aware of themselves or the world around them.

I have listened patiently to Right Wing people. I even had an ex-friend of 5 years who was not only conservatives but he faked the whole friendship because he’s a sociopath.

And I do see a strong link behind sociopath and right wing.

However I did noticed once when talking to an older lesbian at this lesbian dance group I occasionally hang out at ( it’s mostly middle aged lesbians but I just have an old school taste in music and for the most part they have been welcoming of me. )

, one I talked to was republican.

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again.

There’s people who are republican because

(1. They are brainwashed by the manipulation of emotion , fear, sympathy , and hate ( Just like nazis did in WWII )

( 2. Sociopaths that are brainwashed because it’s just narcissistic supply for their anti-social crimes

( 3. Sociopaths that are totally aware of what they are doing , controlling people. AKA Trump for example ( BUT HE IS NOT THE ONLY ONE )

There’s a meme I seen recently that says “ The very face you make when someone you thought was smart suddenly says how Trump is a good president “.

Anyway , with the work that I do. I make sure I have resources in my Pinterest

And say “ HEY  , here’s stuff that inspired me. Maybe it’ll inspire you as well. “

All I know is this.

Perhaps influence is the only thing I can do.

People have free will.

They want to stay ignorant and believe in the lies of the right they will.

Perhaps as a lightworker , not knowing if an anarchist society / 5D Earth can happen in our lifetime due to the damage of hierarchical systems including Right Wing people who use The New World Order conspiracy theories against minorities and the left ,

Perhaps we should forgive from a far.

Love is natural , Hate and Fear is taught .

5D Earth will be for higher vibrational people. But maybe some are slightly more in higher vibration than others.

Soul is open minded to everything that’s love and peace.

Ego is all self important.

And when we live on Earth , some days we slip and need to get back up into that high vibrational groove again.

Lastly I just want to mention which most perhaps already know.

I’m a Transgender Lesbian Woman .

And in 2019 as much as I want to believe that most people get LGBTQ+ people , a lot of people who are outside of Pride DON’T !

Anarchists seem sometimes to be more about caring for minorities and leftists than some New Age people since political differences vary.

Like some people they say “ I’m apolitical “ or “ I’m Independent “

Again going back to ignorance ,

I considered myself to be Independent / Social Liberal Libertarian .

And then I read The Anarchist FAQ and watched YouTubers such as Libertarian Socialist Rants and well Libertarian Socialist Anarchism / Anarcho-Communism makes more sense to me.

Finally let me conclude with the question

Why do I hate Right Wing supporters ?

( 1. They are against Minorities and Leftists and anyone who’s like me

( 2. It’s a brainwashing cult , Nazis is a great example. Nothing’s changed just the names and political methods of brainwashing

If you can relate to at least a little bit of what I present and you think other like minded people would be interested , please explore my stuff I share and spread the word.

Perhaps someday we can have our community of like minded people. 🙂

_ Erica

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INFP and or Lightworker ( cartoon by Erica Crooks )

INFP Lightworker Cartoon Comic by Erica Crooks

Why should INFPs ( and relating types ) compromise their idealism when it’s quite possible that they might be a lightworker .

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Check out more from Erica Crooks ( me )

– Hilarious puppet and cartoon dark comedy , parodies , satire , slapstick humor for adults

– Personality Type Science , mostly INFP

  • LGBTQ+ activism ( Especially Transgender Lesbians )
  • Empath : Twin Flames , Lightworker , Heyoka , Old Soul , Indigo / Crystal , Starseeds
  • New Age / New Thought Spirituality From Law of Attraction to 5D Earth
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INFP Social Anxiety or Crazy World ?

INFP Social Anxiety or Crazy World ? Erica Crooks

INFP Social Anxiety or Crazy World ?

In this blog post I would like to talk about the subject of having the INFP personality type and social anxiety.

Before I begin , I just want to thank fellow INFPs for taking time to read my blog posts and or watching my INFP blog videos as well as my other things ( or probably not lol ) .

Even though I’m all for wanting to build an online community , I do apologize for the lack of not answering back. Eventually I will. My previous blog post explains about that and kind of relates to what I’m talking about in this very blog post.

For many years I thought I was an ENFP.

But maybe this is just my observation or not but I tend to notice that life circumstances

tend to show me aspects of myself that trigger me and eventually make me learn something valuable about myself in which maybe I wasn’t self aware about enough ?

In the case of realizing that I’m an INFP and not an ENFP is that Extroverts feel comfortable in public where introverts do not.

I know I seem so social in my blog posts. I tend to push myself to do blog videos and trying to make it as authentic and as positive as I possibly can.

There are some INFP vloggers ( video bloggers ) that tend to come off

Much more extroverted in their videos but behind the scenes they are indeed introverts.

I’ve noticed this in areas of interest such as New Thought / New Age Spirituality and even Libertarian Socialist Anarchism / Anarcho-Communism.

Same goes with artists from Jim Henson to John Lennon .

As long as we stand by strongly for what we believe in and what we do , that tends to give us strength.

In many ways , lots of people or should I say most tend to be isolated from one another.

With the things I’m into

MBTI , Law of Attraction , Libertarian Socialist Anarchism

They all seem to connect in such a way which can be beneficial to INFPs and related personality types or perhaps humanity and Earthlings as a whole !

I most certainly hope that people don’t think I’m a hypocrite , someone who says one thing and does another. For example online I can be extremely expressive with my words , blog videos and even my art. But when it comes to an active offline protest even if it’s a cause that benefits me and I care for dearly , I tend to take a step back automatically.

Likewise I had film screenings of my work.

One in 2015 and the other in 2017.

And even though I upload them to the internet uncensored ,

I tend to edit my work to a more PG rating and self censor myself.

The 2017 screening backfired on me as someone walked out totally pissed off where the other only stayed for about 15 minutes. The film wasn’t fully screened as I requested the projectionist early on to turn off the film if not many people showed up to the screening.

As you already know , I tend to talk a great deal about self confidence.

And perhaps a great deal of my lightworker mission not only relates to letting like minded people know that “ You Are Not Alone in this crazy world “ but also they were sane this whole entire time.

I know exactly how it feels to second guess.

This could explain why it took me so long to come out of the closet.

What I teach on my blogs and blog videos helped me be more aware of myself as well as the world around me. The internet helped me out , so perhaps what I do is also giving back in a similar matter to like minded people , even feeling that perhaps in some part of the world there could be another INFP who’s went through similar things I have.

Please allow me to summarize what these things mean to me.

( 1. MBTI : It has helped me learn about why I am so different from the world around me as well as why others are different from me. Also who are the kinds of people I get along with best and those I would get along with most. Not only a great personal growth tool , but social survival as well. Only if most people knew , perhaps we would have less conflicts and loneliness in this world and more understanding of one another. Isabel Briggs Myers was also an INFP .

And of course these articles explain why the world around me just does not feel like home.

( 2. Law of Attraction / New Thought & New Age Spirituality / Twin Flames :

Since 2007 I have been aware that I have a Twin Flame and in December of 2015 I meet my Twin Flame face to face. It’s still a soulmate paranormal phenomenon I am investigating daily and nightly for 12 years and continuing.

Perhaps it has lead me to everything.

It’s just good to know that I can create my own reality.

It’s in the matter of getting the balance on everything.

( 3. Libertarian Socialist Anarchism / Anarcho-Communism

I feel this is the piece of the puzzle of life that many Law of Attraction teachers tend to be ignorant of

as well as Law of Attraction is something very important which Anarchists tend to mistake as being hierarchical nonsense because it can’t be proven by science fully.

Telepathy has though !

To me , it’s either the blueprint INFP Heaven on Earth Utopia or perhaps A Heaven on Earth Utopia for all

And 5D Earth as well.

I think there’s strong similarities.

I feel the best way to go about all of these is to educate and if most people knew about this , then the majority rules and hierarchy comes down.

Though sometimes I tend to question something with two questions relating to the same thing.

Is hierarchy ignorant or fully self aware of the evil they do to people ?

Are sensors ignorant of what’s going on or do they simply do not mind a hierarchical system and feel fully comfortable .

Or are certain personality types such as INFP and related types more closer to the pure divine soul spirit while other personality types are negative manifestations due to authoritarian parenting ?

I do feel that society as we know it at the time I’ve written this is very Extroverted Sensor catered.

And hierarchy does more damage then good for everyone , especially other INFPs and like minded personality types.

I’ve even expressed my concern regarding how psychiatry could easily diagnose introverted intuitives , NPs , and FPs WITH SOMETHING !

And I am not alone in this !

But that’s the very note I want to strike at.

Even though I’m not alone which proof is obvious thanks to internet technology.

In truth , nothing is going to happen positively if he have hierarchy dominating the world .

Perhaps it’s a battle of Good vs Evil / Soul vs Ego / Love vs Fear .

Perhaps it’s the very reason why Anarchists , High Vibrational Spiritual New Ager Empaths and like minded personality types need to stick together.

Perhaps it’s not even my social anxiety.

The world is like a giant oil spill. The Oil being Fear and Hate.

And Love and Intelligence from like minded people is the only chance we GOT !

In my opinion , I would rather listen to intellectual philosophical wisdom then someone in a position of power and authority superiority over me.

_ Erica

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