Transgender Voice Actress

Transgender Voice Actress


Indie filmmaker / multi-talented artist

Erica Crooks

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Now before I begin , for those who are curious about anything about me ,

I strongly recommend people check out my Official websites on ( personal portfolio ) and ( The Official website of The Erica Crooks Show and my comedy , puppetry , cartooning , work ) .

As well as all my social media which I have listed within my blog posts and such.

For those who don’t already know this , I pretty much do everything single handedly so perhaps I might get crucified or murdered some other way just revealing just that eh ? lol

I try to justify what I do as much as I can but sometimes art needs to speak for itself and besides a lot of stuff I do tends to be acting and mirroring the follies of humanity I most certainly observe as a satirist and anarchist.

So a big question I’m going to answer is “ Who does the voices “ in my puppet and cartoon animation videos ?

Well I do.

Perhaps inspiration I got where one person provided all the voices to their film work would be but not limiting to Beavis & Butt-head ( Mike Judge provided most of the voices ) , South Park ( Trey Parker & Matt Stone provided most of the voices ) , the audio sketch comedy albums of Cheech & Chong , Mel Blanc , Sam & Friends ( In the early days of The Muppets – Jim Henson provided all the voices however he had early Muppet performers such as Jane Nebel ( would become Jim Henson’s wife “ Jane Henson “ ) , Jerry Juhl ( later years , would become the Muppets #1 headwriter until he retired shortly after Muppets From Space ) , and Bob Payne

Here’s a thing about Transgender people. Some transgender people already knew they were born in the wrong body early on in childhood and then there are those who become better aware entering adulthood like myself.

In 2008 I came out as Androgyne ( Genderqueer )

And my attraction to Butch Lesbian women made since so in 2013 I realized I am indeed a Lesbian born in the wrong body. But through out my life I noticed I felt comfortable around women more than men.

And even though I’m not 100% feminine , I also additionally identify as non-binary and I’m also non-op by choice ( however I’ve been on Hormone Replacement Therapy since 2014 ) .

So there’s two stories at play. My life as an artist and inspired fan of the pop culture I know and love.

And my life as a Transgender Lesbian Woman.

Now a big question is should Transgender people like myself be doing the stuff that I do ? I answer that very question WITH a question which doesn’t really need an answer as it is self-self-explanatory “ WHY NOT ? “

Furthermore , ever heard of ContraPoints ?

Another great example of an influential Trans Woman online.

So yes folks I am the voice actress behind my work since the beginning ( 1995 / 1999 * 20 years * )

As well as the cartoonist , puppeteer , puppet builder , director , editor , background design , comics , editing , mastering , music composing , etc .

( However some special effects such as fire and explosions I use from the free stuff page on which according to their legal statement is totally ok . )

And yes I have done live action acting if it was in my drama class or my occasional live action comedy stuff.

( From 2013 – 2015 , I did a dark comedy web show called “ Bad Public Cable Access Television “  where I performed these psychopathic self-important idiots with Public Access Television Shows which was loosely based off of my observations during the years The Erica Crooks Show ( my puppet cartoon show ) was on public access television in my local area from 2006 – 2009 as well as my college internship and volunteering in-between and after having my show leave the station due to disagreements of censorship .

There was also a very short lived revival called “ Bad Video Access Television “ which the concept of bad vlog videos on the internet got recently adopted by The Erica Crooks Show’s recent seasons last year and this year ( at the time I write this ) .

There was of course other side things such as experimenting with Alternative Stand Up Comedy in 2015 which I have performed live without the special effects and slightly toned down. Which is just basically me telling satirical jokes and such and some voice acting where in these videos has slapstick and special effects , etc.

And even during the original run of The Erica Crooks Show I did some occasional stuff as well.

I did do a video in 2009 which no longer exists ( at least not from my archives ) called “ The Cooking Show “ where it was just a bunch of explosions and fire special effects matted later in post-production . I GOT IN BIG TROUBLE FOR THAT ONE which resulted to me running away from my abusive father and wicked ex-step mother.

Basically they thought I was an Islamic terrorist for doing that which makes no sense.

And that was all because of two ex-friends who were cyberbullying me and they continue to bring me down and discredit me to this very day which I think it’s because that’s just how right wing supporters think of leftists.

But no folks , I’m not a Muslim . I’m into New Thought / New Age Spirituality.

I decided to stop doing the live action stuff because I felt that perhaps if I continued doing live action voice acting , no one would take me seriously as a Transgender Lesbian Woman.

Similar reasons include The Eric Crooks Show finally changing the name to The Erica Crooks Show in 2016 – present day ( however the website still remains reflecting the original show name , not me . Almost this sense of “ Eric Crooks “ never existed , kind of a Monty Python vibe to it , but the show itself dropped that in 2016. )

However I still stand by doing what I do including voice acting such as my audio comedy.

“ Audio Broadcast of Satirical Comedy “ and experiments such as audio movies which all are a homage to the forgotten media art form known as “ Radio “ but we do occasionally hear of things such as podcasts.

So in conclusion , there’s nothing wrong with a Transgender being a voice acting performer .

And just because I’m a Transgender Woman doesn’t mean I’m not allowed to perform men characters which is simply because of my voice range being born in this body through out my life existence. However I have performed women characters as well .

So perhaps what I’d call the live acting stuff , perhaps it’s Drag King performing .

My Twin Flame performs as a Drag King lip-sync performance artist at Pride Nightclubs as well as a model ( If she wants to call herself a Drag King model , She does lots of selfies lol ) .

Besides , in this history of acting , it’s always been flexible.

There’s many cisgender women who have performed boy characters in cartoons

From Kathleen Barr as Kevin on Ed Edd N Eddy to Christine Cavanaugh as Dexter in Dexter’s Laboratory .

Even in The Muppets , Frank Oz performed Miss Piggy and Richard Hunt performed Janice .

Even actress Hilary Swank played the whole of tradesman Brendan Teena in the Dramatic Documentary film “ Boys Don’t Cry “ .

And weren’t there a lot of men performing women roles in theater many many many years ago ?

And what would you call films such as this and this ?

So there you go. Acting as it’s flexibilities.

Just because I have performed a bunch of right wing , self-self-important , narcissistic , psychopathic jerks doesn’t mean I am one.

Just look at the crazy characters Rick Mayall as performed.

Ok philistines , there’s the art lecture for the day. lol

_ Erica

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Puppetry vs Animation vs Cartooning vs Writing vs Radio Comedy ( Pros and Cons )

Puppetry vs Animation vs Cartooning vs Writing vs Radio Comedy  Pros and Cons Erica Crooks

Puppetry vs Animation vs Cartooning vs Writing vs Radio Comedy Pros and Cons Erica Crooks

Cartoons , Animation , Comics , Comedy , Puppetry 


 ( Pros and Cons )


Erica Crooks

For those who’ve seen my work , I’m quite a multi-talented artist aren’t I . Lol

But putting joking Ego aside , lol

I’ve been interested in this stuff for quite a long time.

The Erica Crooks Show alone will turn 20 next year.

All that I say here is from personal experience as an independent filmmaker and multi-talented artist who’s never worked for Unions , Managers , Agents , Mainstream , or anyone else.

And this also comes from someone who’s invested her own money , time , blood , sweat , tears , continuing to perfect her craft all the time , never a competition date.

Ok lets go …


Pros :

_ Basically it’s making a doll look as cartoony as possible.

In a way , perhaps it relates to the origins of CGI today.

But it’s organic and at times can look more real than CGI characters at times.

It’s filmed in real time , and they can interact with humans .

Also it’s performance art , it’s acting , it’s live action animation. 

So in a way it relates to all three and as low tech CGI you can possibly get.

Plus also there’s certain things that are funny about puppets and their movement which you don’t need to think about and it’s just improv , shaking and running insanely from the stomach upward as well as floppy arms for example.

Con : 

_ If your trying to create a large cast of characters like The Muppets , 

It’s expensive.

_ Puppets wear out and need to be rebuilt / repaired . 

_ How long it takes to build depends on the quality in how it looks / how it works / what’s your budget like.

_ Puppeteering is just like exercising . When you haven’t puppeteer in awhile , your arms are going to hurt less than 5 minutes. Some might develop joint pain or even needing to go to surgery relating to how much you’ve done it for. As well as how heavy the puppet is.

_ Cartoon Animation is unfortunately a lot more popular in the eyes of the puppet no matter how great it looks as puppets still get the “ kids stuff “ discrimination . Cartoons and Animation did until more Adult Cartoons came about during the 1990s.

Cartoon Animation ( 2D )

Pro : If you got the skills , you invested in lasting computer equipment , you can pretty much do ANYTHING ! 

Con : Unlike puppets , you have to think about EVERY SINGLE LITTLE MOVE , even if you improved on the audio soundtrack. It’s like cleaning the mess while making a mess.

Animation is about thinking is slow motion , every frame matters because it creates the movement on film. Also unlike puppets , it’s hard to improvise during the performance . Perhaps it’s more of a planned and structured improvisation .

There are ways you can do lip-sync automatic sort of thing but I’ve tried that out from 2011 – 2012 , and it came out kind of crappy.

But technology changes.

Also digital puppet animation / bone animation can speed things up if you want something faster.

But of course nothing beats the quality of hand drawn 2D animation.

It just takes time.

That’s why the Entertainment Industry / Animation Industry always has overseas animation studios do it for them.

Comics :

Pro – All cartoonists pretty much know that this is the fastest way to produce someone of quality , that’s pretty much why editorial / political cartoons exist.

_ Comics are easy to distribute. Remember The Underground Comix movements in the 1960s ?

_ It’s called Comic Con / Comic Book stores for a reason and it somehow gets video games and pop culture stuff in as well.

And don’t forget the Cosplay .

_ People who can’t hear can enjoy it just as much as those who can hear.

Con : Some people prefer watching videos instead of reading.

There’s some people who can’t read well or at all.

Some people don’t even bother reading at all because they feel that it takes longer than watching a video even though it can be roughly the same time 

Depending on their reading skills.

_ Sometimes film creates the illusion where you forget it’s a cartoon . Then again comics can do that too.

Audio Comedy

Pros : You can do pretty much everything just like animation. It’s pretty much literature acted out. 

_ Before television , there was radio shows and movies.

_ Cheech and Chong albums and 1950s novelty comedy is hilarious.

_ Spitting Image and I Love Lucy were inspired by radio shows

_ Blind people can enjoy it.

_ Same benefits as music has.

Con :

Probably the least popular media form EVER which is why it automatically is installed in most cars now a days because people would rather listen to iTunes , Spotify , YouTube Music , Pandora , Online Radio , Amazon Prime , etc

_ Can’t see it.

_ People’s attention span would lose interest or not have any to it at all.

_ Public Access Television is more available than a mainstream version unless you got a college radio station or something.


Pro : The cheapest , fastest , media art form someone can produce.

_  Like drawing , It can even be written on a napkin with a pen.

_ Anyone can do it. But creativity can show depending on how well you express yourself with it.

Con : Typing skills might be a requirement depending on how much you write.

_ Sometime voice dictation writing is inaccurate.


_ Your friends will hate you for writing your emails and messages to them like works of literature and tell you to KNOCK IT OFF WITH BOMBARDING THEIR IMBOX ( personal experience ) .

  • Pro : My Twin Flame told me she didn’t mind be bombarding her inbox honestly and not sarcastically back in 2016 before Twin Flame Running went out of control. 🙂 lol 😛

All the above


_ I live creativity and it’s my thing.

All the Above CON :

_ Not everyone can relate to me. Oh well. MORE FOR ME ! lol 😛

_ Erica

Puppetry vs Animation vs Cartooning vs Writing vs Radio Comedy

Pros and Cons

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I just do them all . lol

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