Copyright Law ( Criticism from an Anarchist )

Copyright Law ( Criticism from an Anarchist )

Erica Crooks Blog 2019 - Copyright Law criticism from an Anarchist

It’s 20 years since my first film which didn’t feature me playing with a toy black and white camera mimicking stuff I’ve seen on America’s Funniest Home Videos ( just goofy faces , not jackass stunts and making myself fall ) .

Thanks to the internet I was able to find the very commercial which got my parents to get me the thing. As well as the eBay listing of where I can get one again for memory sake. The Tyco toy video camera from 1996.

In 1999 I had my second video camera ( which broke on we quickly ) which was the typical one which you put a VHS tape inside . I can use the internet to find one that’s similar or the very one.

But you know what , capitalism kills… and copyright infringement laws and punishments is just one of them. Want to know how come I don’t have any of my short films anymore ? Want to know why I threw them away ? The FEAR OF COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT LAW PUNISHMENTS ! Oh dear , what kind of a crime could an 8 year old – teenager do ?

Making recordings of my puppets lip-syncing to music ? Speaking of which , did you know that JIM HENSON the creator of The Muppets himself violated the copyright of Stan Freberg ? However the ending of the story is quite funny , happy and ended with a friendship between the hero and the artist.

Furthermore when The Jim Henson Company owned The Muppets , they were fully well aware of the Muppet fan sites ( as well as tape trading going on ) . And they were thankful and as far as I know never went after ANYONE for it. The only times they sued was when people were making businesses like a DJ called Muppet F***er , a bunch of registered web site domain names , and Wimzie’s House ( well it was an…….interesting show putting it mildly . )

There’s so many stupid things about the idea of copyright infringement , and even getting celebrities like Jack Black trying to be funny while scaring people about the crime. Remember that commercial that was on DVDs on how DOWNLOADING IS AGAINST THE LAW ?

Well what if you wanted to invite some friends over for movie night. You bought the damn DVD and what ? Does The Government still want to break down the door , put guns towards everyone’s heads while arresting these terrorist criminals because only one bought the DVD and everyone should just watch the movie all alone and ONCE and if they want to watch it again they need to buy it again ? Doesn’t make any sense right ? Almost like an exaggeration of what’s really legal or not. But as an Anarchist , I found out that LAW and ORDER , Capitalism , Religion , Government , hierarchical power over you DOES NOT CARE ABOUT HUMANITY …. WE ARE NOT LIVING IN FREE COUNTRIES ( Land of The Free , Home of the Brave ) , WE ARE WAGE SLAVES ! Psychopaths rule this world. Don’t believe me , read The Anarchist FAQ .

Speaking of which , I’d like to quote what it has to say about copyright from it.

I quote the following.

“ Anarchists, needless to say, have some issues with such an analysis. The most obvious objection is that while “finders keepers” may be an acceptable ethical position on the playground, it is hardly a firm basis to justify an economic system marked by inequalities of liberty and wealth. Moreover, discovering something does not entitle you to an income from it. Take, for example, someone who discovers a flower in a wood. That, in itself, will generate no income of any kind. Unless the flower is picked and taken to a market, the discoverer cannot “profit” from discovering it. If the flower is left untouched then it is available for others to appropriate unless some means are used to stop them (such as guarding the flower). This means, of course, limiting the discovery potential of others, like the state enforcing copyright stops the independent discovery of the same idea, process or product.

As such, “discovery” is not sufficient to justify non-labour income as an idea remains an idea unless someone applies it. To generate an income (profit) from a discovery you need to somehow take it to the market and, under capitalism, this means getting funds to invest in machinery and workplaces. However, these in themselves do nothing and, consequently, workers need to be employed to produce the goods in question. If the costs of producing these goods is less than the market price, then a profit is made. Does this profit represent the initial “discovery”? Hardly for without funds the idea would have remained just that. Does the profit represent the contribution of “capital”? Hardly, for without the labour of the workers the workplace would have remained still and the product would have remained an idea. “

( Resource from The Anarchist FAQ : C.2 Why is capitalism exploitative? )

I’ve even heard stories about young musicians singing their favorites and doing covers of their favorite songs only to be thrown out of some clubs.

Copyright Infringement like all Hierarchy is rooted in FEAR ! Now is this very blog article ILLEGAL ? Am I telling you to BREAK THE LAW ? The only thing I’m asking people to do is THINK about things that are outside the box and QUESTION HIERARCHY ITSELF ! Right Wing Authoritarian psychopaths / sociopaths / narcissists LOVE law and order and have you ever noticed how THEY ARE WITHOUT A DOUBT THE MOST UNFRIENDLY PEOPLE TO MEET ? Exactly , people in power. People who work at the DMV who give you a hard time. That Bus Driver who hates their life and can’t wait to get paid so they can have enough money to live on.

Capitalism kills.

Law is NEVER taught in public schools , it’s like you need to be a lawyer and go to law school … what ? To not spend life in prison ?  Is it fair to say that those who sue the working class who ARE NOT EARNING MONEY OFF OF ANY COPYRIGHT / TRADEMARK MATERIAL CAN GO TO PRISON ? A VICTIMLESS CRIME INDEED !

Remember those annoying FBI warnings at the start of VHS tapes ?

My father and my grandmother were recording movies and TV shows off of TV and copyright Blockbuster videos all the time. Part of me knew that this was cheap but on the positive side , here I was a little under 10 years old learning about how to work a VCR which are hooked up to each other. Educational right ?

( Both my Father and Grandmother were abusive monsters but that’s another story )

Let me tell you something , How many people violate copyright law ? EVERYONE !

You can just search your favorite show online and how the hell are you suppose to know if it was officially uploaded or licensed by the current copyright owner , YOU DON’T ! Furthermore the very workers and artists that made it but down own the copyright are thankful to see something even LOST FOOTAGE which is discovered by fans.

Here’s my theory , Fans keep media ALIVE ! Especially old TV shows and movies where the original people are pretty much dead and gone.

Want to know why Jim Henson died at the age of 53 ? I believe it was due to the STRESS Capitalists from Disney gave him , and just so overwhelmed with the unnecessary details being transferred from everything and… Jim became sick to the point where he was coughing up blood and died May 16 1990 in the hospital.

Guess who owns The Muppets now , DISNEY ! But they ended up getting it in 2004.

Disney stressed Jim Henson out so much that it was mostly when books such as Brian Jay Jone’s “ Jim Henson : The Biography “ Michael Davis’ Street Gang and Make Money , Make Art revealed the horrors that was going on.

I quote the following from Street Gang ( Fair Use “ civil rights of The United States Government ( and other free countries ) under Section 107 of The Copyright Act of 1976 . Review , Commenting , Criticism , Educational , Research , etc. )

The quote is from Joan Ganz Cooney ( The Creator of Sesame Street )

It was at that time, Cooney said, that Henson had also unburdened himself about misgivings about going forward with the Disney deal. “What really caused him immense grief, and I think contributed to his lack of physical resistance was the contract provision dealing with his personal services. Jim would have been exclusively theirs for the rest of his life. He would be permitted to work on Sesame Street for two weeks a year, but that was it. Jim wanted to sign only a five-year deal for his personal services, not fifteen, and Disney said no. In fairness, Disney was about to pay him $150 million, and for what? But Jim was feeling like a caged bird, physically and personally trapped. He just wanted to fly away. You want to say that was what killed him.”

Davis, Michael. Street Gang: The Complete History of Sesame Street (p. 313). Penguin Publishing Group.

Here’s another thing , why is all of your favorite artists making a living at Comic Cons ? For one maybe because they don’t own the copyright themselves. Another is that in the Entertainment Industry they were paid BIG , and to keep that life where their like minded talented people are , they need to pay the bills.

Some care about the art and the fans even though the prices are expensive , others are narcissists that only care about the money and hope people don’t find out about the headlines about them from 5 to 10 years ago.

Sure there’s musicians who own their own music and they would sue a poor young adult for doing a cover of their song and they go to jail because they just can’t afford that fee.

People like that forgot why they were artists in the first place.

If John Lennon found out that his music could lead to world peace and all he had to give up was a wealthy lifestyle , he probably would if he wasn’t scared of Nixon hunting him down to the point where in his final years he would tell people he gave up on socialism and left wing politics calling it mature even though perhaps behind the public eye he is still the socialist / anarchist he was known for.

But do you think Yoko Ono who owns John’s music would care about copyright infringement , possibly !

Copyright laws are becoming more and more abstract. People watch stuff on YouTube all the time , people share their favorite stuff on social media and even add stuff to their Pinterest . How else would people discover stuff ?

I bet a lot of those capitalists would lose a lot of money if I DID NOT DISCOVER MANY OF MY FAVORITES !

You might as well just show stuff in the movie theaters again and not have stuff on VHS !

As an Anarchist , I want all people who care about what they love in general to stand up for it. If we need to talk in legal mumbo-jumbo just to save our behinds as well as fighting for the rights the Government CLAIM belong to us.

Can’t you see hierarchy is very contradictory , they say one thing and do another so it proves that hierarchy is not justified , it’s not a genius philosophy , and it all comes down to good / intellectual / creative / spiritual / awaken people vs a bunch of power hungry psychopaths who have weapons , money and power.

There’s a reason why free countries are better now then they were back in the days when America threw out Emma Goldman and Charlie Chaplin for speaking their minds and telling the truth about what was going on in America , and guess what …

( 1. It has nothing to do with republicans or even democrats , libertarian party , etc

( 2. Voting didn’t do it

( 3. Troops who are brainwashed into getting killed and killing people in imperialistic wars didn’t PROTECT YOUR FREEDOMS !

It was public pressure. Why else would authority beat up peace protectors with a permit or not , psychopaths fear people waking up to the truth and uprising against the injustice hierarchy creates.

Trump is horrible but he’s not the only one. There’s a reason why he gets away with what he does , because he can. The start of President Trump is when I became an Anarchist.

I’m not telling people to break the law. However I am asking people to question it.

You can send someone who’s homeless or even a homeless hungry family to feed in prison for stealing bread , yet capitalism exploits people telling them that they need to slave a lousy dead end 9-5 job just to survive.

If animals had the same intelligence as human beings , would they have a hierarchical system like ours ?

What does copyright infringement hurt anyways ? Those who are the copyright holders ? And why’s that exactly ? The people who worked and created the media you like ? Most often NOT ! Most likely the very greedy capitalists who CANCELED YOUR FAVORITE SHOWS !

South Park pointed out in an episode called “ Free Hat “ that art belongs to the people ( in a way ) . Culture belongs to the people.

It’s the fans that keep pop culture and intelligence and history alive.

Those copyright holders can DESTROY THE ORIGINAL MASTER TAPES if they wanted to.

Not much different from authority nailing Jesus Christ to the cross and altering quotes that Jesus Christ said and adding on what they want him to say aka homophobia , transphobia , authoritarianism … literally turning Spiritual Anarchy until Authoritarian Hierarchical Religion.

Also did you know that Trey Parker & Matt Stone illegally downloaded episodes of South Park themselves ? That’s what inspired the idea of South Park Studios. For those who remember , you could watch all the episodes of South Park FOR FREE about 10 years ago. NOW it’s all Hulu !

Remember the episode “ Christian Rock Hard “ ? A time when South Park wasn’t spending most of their time attacking liberals and left wing politics.

They satirized the hell out of rich celebrities and made the point that it helps gain discovery of new fans who would most likely go to bands concerts even if they downloaded their music.

Finally I want to point out. Trump wants to get rid of the internet , the FCC wants to get rid of the internet or at least make it more expensive. Just like America in the late 1880s / 1919 , outlaw all leftism and the radicals out of sight.

Power to The People , not The People In Power .

Culture Belongs to The People , Not the people in power .

Love heals , fear and capitalism kills !

So here’s something to think about. Someone stands up in court and protects their right of fair use aka The following list was created for educational / research purposes only and conforms to the “ Fair Use “ civil rights of The United States Government ( and other free countries ) under Section 107 of The Copyright Act of 1976 . Review , Commenting , Criticism , Educational , Research , etc.

Why do we need Courts again ? Doesn’t Hierarchical Authority know all the rules by the book ? Why the Lawyers ?


_ Erica

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Why Law of Attraction needs Anarchism

Why Law of Attraction needs Anarchism

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If you have seen my articles and blog videos before , you probably know that everything I say I already covered already. But perhaps I left something out or perhaps as time goes on I can say things in a different way than I did before.

And perhaps our feelings matter more than our thoughts and words , not everyone’s definition of something is going to be the same.

I got into The Law of Attraction / New Thought / New Age Spirituality back in 2012 . At the time I was starting to take my telepathy of my Twin Flame seriously realizing that this was a real spiritual entity I am communicating with every single night and not a pretend girlfriend.

In 2016 I finally meet this person face to face and currently working on my Twin Flame Reunion since then. It’s a daily thing.

Law of Attraction plays a very strong role when it comes to Twin Flames. Twin Flames mirror each other’s emotional energy among other things. So if you want Twin Flame Reunion , master Law of Attraction . Simple as that.

You think about what you want , you feel what you want , you will manifest it.

But here’s a thing about me. I’m a lightworker and I’m an INFP.

Perhaps I can manifest what I want for my individual life but what if I wanted something not just for myself but the whole world to enjoy ?

As an artist , as a truth seeker , as an Anarchist.

Some lightworkers have a very special mission in life. LOVE ! Self Confidence !

Being a teacher of Law of Attraction ! Helping people out of poverty !

While there’s some lightworkers with bigger mission than others.

We can’t just go around denying our frustrations with the world.

Take a look at this video of a lightworker , I can so relate.

As I addressed many times in my blog articles and blog videos , the big problem I have with many teachers of The Law of Attraction / New Age / New Thought / 5D Earth / Spirituality is their politics.

Law of Attraction and Spirituality is very important . However when you ignore all other truths about “ Why the world is the way it is “ or perhaps being indifferent about it , not only does it alienate you from life but also yourself.

I got into The Secret since 2012 , however I got into Anarchism in 2017.

So yes , there was blog videos and stuff where I believed in things I shouldn’t have.

From 2013 – 2014/2015 , I was a member of the Bob Proctor Streaming Club / Bob Proctor’s Six Minutes to Success.

Bob Proctor is great about self esteem and philosophy , and I would consider him to be ( right wing ) Libertarian / Anarcho-Capitalist , NT personality type of some sort .

However it was THE TRUTH about capitalism that I didn’t know anything about until recent years.

Bob Proctor in The Secret talked about how the 1% earns all the money thanks to Law of Attraction .

I had absolutely no idea the 1% rules the world are sociopathic monsters and the only reason why money exists HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH PROSPERITY BUT POWER OVER OTHERS aka HIERARCHY !

A lot of these kinds of teachers will make you believe “ When you are Rich , You can be a good person or a bad person . “

But no one talks about wage slavery !

Artists and people I admire are pretty much left wing and a part of the working class.

It is true that Jim Henson owned a company of hundreds of artists and had several homes and vacations , but he was no capitalist. He was going to sell everything off to Disney possibly to go back to his roots. He knew that he was an artist first and foremost.

And he never acted like a boss and was equal to all he hired who were also his friends.

This is extremely rare for anyone who owns a business.

Frank Oz even made a documentary a few years back “ Muppet Guys Talking “ .

The reason why Jim Henson got into business is because he knew THAT WAS THE ONLY WAY TO SUCCED AS AN ARTIST !

And a lot of people think that way even though with the internet and how you can buy pretty much ANYTHING and do it yourself and just having the ability to do ANYTHING you want to do and become.

So anyway , I went down a rocky road of trying to figure all of this out before I got into Anarchism. I was rejected by Comedy Central , [ adult swim ] , Mondo Media and even Troma Entertainment .

Here’s the thing. If I want to succeed as an artist and become right and famous , then my mindset would need to be about becoming prosperous through capitalism and not ART .

NonCompete has made a great point with this video about that as well as science .

I have meet artists who only cared about succeeding in business but just didn’t know how.

I hate to seem like I’m playing devil’s advocate here but I’m just saying this IN THEORY !

If my calculations are correct thanks to the MBTI , you reach to the majority of personality types which is an Extroverted Sensor society.

The ruling class did it for you already , all you do is dumb down everything , make everything the “ status quo “ ,

( right wing ) Libertarian / Anarcho-Capitalism , INTJ personality type

Made this relating article and video called

“ Stupidity is profitable “

However the problem is that it is quote possible some personality types are born more to be open to Anarchism while other personality types are taught hate and fear through authoritarian parenting.

I’ve talked many times of why I think Law of Attraction needs Anarchism.

If you want the best , focus on the best.

BUT people don’t realize that the system is trying to keep us away from what we want !

So here’s the big question .

Individual Self-Concern

Do you only care about having the best life for yourself to the point where you do not mind taking advantage of people in order to achieve it ?


Collective Self-Concern

Do you also care about yourself as well as your like minded people and humanity and wanting nothing but good things for everyone ?

People need to exit the liberal / conservative / capitalist mindset.

MONEY IS NOT A GENUIS INVENTION ! It’s a SLAVE TOOL that chains our human needs.

If everyone’s needs were meet , people would work out of joy and that is why I am an Anarcho-Communist.

So when you do use Law of Attraction please be mindful of what your thoughts are.

We need that balance between happiness for yourself as well as others.

My problem is I’m so self-less that I think more of others than myself. lol

I’m working on it.

_ Erica

To learn why Capitalism is NOT Prosperity

Please do your research with these recommended resources

( Audiobook version )

Libertarian Socialist Rants


Anarchist Pinterest

Why Law of Attraction NEEDS Anarchism

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A Typical Morning of The Ruling Class


Erica Crooks / officialericcrooks

A Typical Morning of The Ruling Class
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I Hate Stores

I Hate Stores

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I don’t hate shopping. If I wasn’t such a Penny pincher and I never run out of money I’d pimp up everything in my life.

And of course all the art / media / computer equipment I can play and experiment with.

There’s always kickstarter , indigogo and Patreon but that’s not what this article is about.

When I say that I hate shopping , I’m referring to my hatred of capitalism and bringing up the question


Furthermore does it seem like the internet has more to offer than physical stores or even LIFE itself .

What stands in the way is what Anarchists are against which is these stupid hierarchical systems ( Extroverted Sensor catered society in MBTI personality type terms . )

I’m still looking for a place to exercise where an introvert such as myself can go where I can lose weight and not rant about anything about my environment.

  The park seems to be the only place but of course there’s that huge part of me that just wants the park all to myself to talk to myself out loud like in my apartment alone where there’s no creep in side who walks past next to me and gives me a look.

I used to think walking around the mall without shopping or buying anything was fun.

Now it’s a drag.

It’s kind of like “ Ignorance is Bliss “ . The unfortunate side effect in

Knowing what what most people don’t , in this case , Libertarian Socialist Anarchism / Anarcho-Communism is you got this BS detector in your mind , you see the superficialness about it all in society.

Yesterday I was walking in this small plaza mall where there’s only less than a dozen of stores in there but still it feels the same as a huge mall.

It sucks because I can walk in Staples or whatever and here’s a bunch of phony smiling people with their uniforms walking up to me “ Finding everything your looking for today ? “ “ Nah , I’m just looking around thank you. “ and they leave you alone.

If I didn’t wear my makeup , then I would get the “ SIR “ added.

If my hair was short , I would be laughed at if I told them that I’m in fact a Transgender Woman.

It’s one of those feelings which I had the female body.

Sometimes I wonder if Trans Men have it more rough than me.

Anyway , there’s something incredibly depressing about walking and looking around in a store.

Brand new stuff , stuff that people need obviously .

Even useless inventions would be good for a laugh.

Here it is , on a shelf collecting dust and at the end of the day , just how much stuff is actually sold ?

If it was a small business , it would sink.

No wonder there’s collectible toy stores selling themselves like a regular toy store where philistine parents bring their kids to look around and leave because “ THE TOYS ARE WAY TOO EXPENSIVE ! “

Why should I complain ?  That’s the good stuff , and THEY DON’T MAKE THEM ANYMORE !

So stuff goes either high in value or they don’t , they are just rare.

It just makes capitalism look even more useless.

Everything about it is a sham .

Sure there’s people who complain about taxes and people living off of their tax dollars.

MY theory is technically certain personality types can go to some crappy STJ neurologist and

Get it no problem because “ Society views them as useless and disabled “

John Lennon knew about what was really happening !

Only if people that hierarchy is not justified , that people can take care of themselves as well as being caring of one another ,

We don’t need no authority / hierarchy telling us what to do and to perceive us as inferior or we don’t know what’s best for ourselves.

People for the most part are low in self confidence as I see it.

They fall into deep depression and have anxiety.

And here we are , people only focusing on their own lives and judging everyone else without having any sort of empathy , awareness and copiousness knowing they are NOT the only ones who suffer.

If hierarchy is the indicator , let’s get rid of it.

Certain Spirituality practice like centrist politics would say to only focus on your own self.

But I say listen to your heart and intuition , it knows when someone seems pure and when stuff just doesn’t feel right.

Sure I get taken advantage of narcissists , but does the narcissist wish to become what they pretend to be ?

As I looked around the mall , I was thinking “ If all of this ( capitalism ) is conscious then the ruling class must be pulling one hell of a sick joke on us. Perhaps even themselves. It’s not about being rich or pure , it’s all about power. They’d be just as pleased being a pharaoh , a kind , etc. The difference between a free country vs a totalitarian one is manipulating lies is the only way to survive. Throwing people off to what they don’t realize what’s really going on here. ”

If we had that Libertarian Socialist Anarchist / Anarcho-Communist society , everything would be better. If 5D Earth comes to play , then stuff would just come to life like a cartoon world come true.

_ Erica

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Control Freaks

Hierarchical Fear & Hate Driven Control Freaks Are Stupid Anarchism Spirituality Class War Erica Crooks

Hierarchical Fear & Hate Driven Control Freaks Are Stupid

Is it me or does it seam like there’s more sociopaths in this world then I originally thought ? Perhaps they are related to right wing politics ?
Perhaps even certain personality types. Maybe just maybe these people have one enemy and that is the power of love because it would crush their ego if they felt it in their soul , but do they realize that it can set them free ? Perhaps they would rather continue to fear the power of love and be ignorant.

Those who seek to be powerful secretly feel POWERLESS !
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We Fear What We Do Not Understand , sometimes we need to learn about it . Also sometimes what triggers people has nothing to do with what’s on the outside , perhaps it’s an inner trigger of the individual which the individual needs to do shadow work to know why that certain thing has ” triggered them ” .

Check out more from Erica Crooks ( me )

– Hilarious puppet and cartoon dark comedy , parodies , satire , slapstick humor for adults
– Personality Type Science , mostly INFP
* LGBTQ+ activism ( Especially Transgender Lesbians )
* Empath : Twin Flames , Lightworker , Heyoka , Old Soul , Indigo / Crystal , Starseeds
* New Age / New Thought Spirituality From Law of Attraction to 5D Earth
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Tumblr Censorship

tumblr censorship ecs 2019

Hey folks , do you know that if you post a short tumbler message that has the world “ adult “ in it , it would automatically violate terms of use of Tumblr ? Perhaps we should use the word “ grown up “ again. Just in case you are wondering from my experience , they were posts relating to classic clips from The Erica Crooks Show which feature puppetry and cartoon animation. Oh I’m sorry , did the capitalist conglomerates of Hollywood make a law in which independent artists who are outside the Hollywood mainstream entertainment industry and isn’t a member of any union a violation of THE LAW ? If so , then they are just asking for an anarchist revolution that much sooner. lol

But seriously , how totalitarian / authoritarian is that. Pretty soon I can even say such senates as mature audiences .
Perhaps the reason why I use “ THAT A WORD “ which means full growth human being is probably because most people think such art forms like puppet shows and cartoons are not for grown ups.
Here’s the unfortunate thing. Years before the rise of capitalism , puppetry and cartoons were often used in not only storytelling just like masks and any sort of theater and literature , but political satire as well.
It probably wasn’t until the 1960s and onwards little by little where there would be such a cultural acceptance.
Thanks to the internet , we don’t need Tumblr’s censorship if that be the case.
But of course this whole problem is due to them using stupid censorship bots that just do not work !
Before I was using my sick mind to try to figure out of a bot would see pictures of hand puppets anything outside of them being hand puppets in a naughty x rated since. Or perhaps this is all within the workings of the evil minds of the FCC wanting to turn the so called legally free internet into one giant Netflix or Hulu which you got to pay the same price as your internet bill or even your car insurance bill. Either way this kind of censorship is stupid. Perhaps I should go by doing my “ website only “ stuff like I used to do before I branched out to social media but the problem is , it’s freakin expensive and websites don’t get traffic.
Thank you capitalism , you strike negative miserable energies to the people again while the fat cats sit on their butts and do nothing but eat , sleep , verbally abuse people over the phone , smoke cigars , and probably burn their butlers with it when they are feeling bored. Or perhaps get rich social media companies to do stupid things such as this. Satirically speaking , _ Erica
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Anti-Capitalist Consumer

Anti-Capitalist Consumer


Erica Crooks

For more info on consumerism and Anarchism , I recommend this link.

In this blog post I’ll be talking about what I would consider the differences between healthy consumerism ( Buying things that mean something to ourselves deeply and moderately ) and

Obsessive , Impulsive consumerism due to some sort of fear that develops into mental illness.

And how this relates to my views as an Anti-capitalist left wing anarchist as well as a pop culture entertainment art fan. As well as mentioning my view on Comic Con a little bit.

I don’t know why I decided to write this blog subject but perhaps it’s because

I love pop culture. And when your an American who had a 1990s childhood and perhaps similar in other generations I suppose , you are used to the capitalist world of consumerism.

As an Anarcho-Communist ( Libertarian Socialist Anarchist ) I have reasons of hating capitalism. There’s the class war which people kill themselves over having the choice between a meaningless lousy job or dying on the street . If you were diagnosed with something you can receive SSI benefits and that tends to be political usually a bunch of right wing and American versos of Libertarian would hate you for it , just bitching about taxes and how they even though they can agree with you that perhaps you regarding what neurologists think of you , they would HATE you for it. Personal experience folks . I have my own politics regarding to a theory that people who are intuitive when it comes to personality type and perhaps perceivers as well are most likely to be diagnosed with something. Benefits is a positive side , a negative side is that it’s not really money from The Government but from the working class.

I’m sure people would feel better if I would just accept my diagnoses of Asperger’s Syndrome but I won’t !

First off , I was diagnosed as a kid and even diagnosed at age 30. My mother thinks I’m high functioning , I think there’s a conspiracy between minorities being diagnosed.

Even Libertarian Socialist Rants have addressed similar issues .

So when it comes to welfare / SSI related political issues , I go which what Anarchists point out.

Because if people say NO and it was taken away , sure people can enjoy extra cash in their pocket where many people , especially minorities can’t find employment is most likely than not to die on the street !

As an Anarchist , this points out clearly that capitalism does not work !

And this isn’t the only chains that slave the working class but capitalism itself.

The other reason why I’m against capitalism relates to how I got into satire in the first place which relates to my interest in pop culture.

This would explain my satirical obsession to satirize bad television which is in a sense what The Erica Crooks Show’s format is partly about or at least that’s how the show started out.

When I started performing live puppet shows from 1999 – 2005 ,

The show was more in a Muppet Show kind of format where the characters were bad performers .

When I did public access television from 2006 – 2009 , I was doing things alternatively.

I filmed out of my own bedroom and then the basement , never using the studio they had because of the limitations of 2 hours filming time.

So it was really and truly independent film.

I still remember being in high school and slowly realizing that there was less and less good stuff on television for me and the commercials where getting more annoying , obnoxious , and the new tv shows were becoming more crass products then something ground breaking like I remember in the 1990s. So technically when I moved into my first apartment in 2010 ,

I decided NOT to get cable television. But also I very well understand the fact about myself

That I can not live without the internet access !

As a pop culture fan , I do love how there was toys and action figure membrobillia based on my favorite characters , but at the same time the real purpose was income.

If it was capitalists or even struggling artist companies like The Jim Henson Company.

I wish I could find a simple video clip from Henson’s Place but I’ll just have to describe it.

First of all Jim Henson had strong opinions regarding not merchandising his characters .

He experimented with it in the early days but even when he did , during his life time , he would check the quality of any toy relating to his characters , especially Sesame Street.

Jim Henson was against crass products. But as of 1984 , he sort of had to be more flexible against his will because his company was pretty much had money issues.

Sesame Street merchandise is pretty much what saved The Muppets as a company.

In the 1984 documentary Henson’s Place , Jim talks about the logic aspects of serving the needs of the audience as well as having the income go back into the productions.

“We’re living in the real world here. It would be nice if we could do without it but unfortunately that doesn’t seem to be the case.”

Jim Henson passed away in 1990 due to stress of the Disney Deal ( in my opinion ).

Jim Henson would have absolutely LOVED the internet and would probably use Kickstarter and Patreon like most artists today !

For me , I’m very selective when it comes to what collectibles I want to own and not get out of hand like many pop culture collectors out there.

I look for quality .

I admire a toy in this sense as a work of art within itself. It was made as sort of a sculpture which people can actually admire and own in their very own home !

That’s what I like . Because whatever happens in my life , I can have something like this looking back to me and bringing a smile on my face as it has always done in childhood.

That’s the thing about fans. This is culture. It means something to us !

I’ve addressed similar opinions within a blog article I did last year relating to an idea of “ An Anti-Capitalist Comic Con “

Print shop websites such as Zazzle has a similar feel when it comes to Consuming.

But what’s great as well as living in an age of 3D printing is that it’s something that can be printed ON DEMAND !

Same with CreateSpace and digital media.

It’s available for those who want it.

Unfortunately, what’s really sad is just how easy it truly is for someone to go to jail.

And that’s just the so called “ Free Countries “ !

Say if I wanted to lie to the police about someone I did not like very much and get them into trouble . What no one knows can’t hurt them right ?

Well my conscious and soul can not handle such Ego and anti-humanitarian acts of anti-social crime such as that.

Or in this case. Say I was a capitalist bastard who seen a fan of my work

And they wanted to buy some fan art or make it themselves with Zazzle or something.

Or they saved my youtube videos and made a DVD for themselves and their friends.

And since I have more money than this fan. I sue them , the poor innocent fan doesn’t have the money to pay the copyright violations and they go to jail.

Again , I won’t have the heart to do something like that.

One of the things I love about Anarchism ,

Is that Anarchists are all for the good of human kind and Earth Kind.

In an Anarchist Society , nothing will ever go “ Out of Print “ !

Everything will be counterfeited professionally to the point where counterfeiting no longer exists.

Who knows what Anarcho-Transhumanism could bring.

Science could give everyone their own mansion in a hologram where homes can change in size , shape , color , etc !

But also in an anarchist society , perhaps people won’t be as security worry warts.

Perhaps people would be more flexible when it comes to possessions , even knowing that thanks to Anarcho-Communism , if they need something , they can get it any time they want , no worries , no limitations like what capitalism does to people.

But one thing I will say is this.

I am an introvert. But it doesn’t mean I’m a hermit.

For me , I like to make my home , my home where ever I live.

I want it to feel like home, I like to own things. Even if it’s a book or movie I didn’t see in over a year. I know it’s there. I can see the title. Perhaps I like to look at that title and read it and smile at my favorite moments and say , “ Hey , I got time. “ and then I check it out reliving the memories.

My father was not only an abusive heartless bastard but also an obsessive consumer.

I have different views when it comes to consuming.

I may own a lot of stuff , but I’m extremely picky when it comes to things I want to own.

Pretty much any possessions I have , I use.

And if I lose electricity or the internet , I have something as a backup to keep me and even company entertained. 🙂

I think one of the things that educated me about consuming was something that Rocko’s Modern Life creator Joe Murray recommends when is something called “ The Story of Stuff “

It is liberal but Anarchists do share similar views. We just don’t think hierarchy is justified.

But anyway , I enjoy and get use of my libraries. 🙂

In fact , this week I have filmed some videos showing off my libraries which includes things that influence me as an artist in my field of work which I’d like to share with everyone really soon.

It’ll be related to my upcoming pop culture related blog videos .

_ Erica

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