Transgender & Politics

Transgender & Politics

Transgender & Politics

For those who don’t already know

I am a Transgender Lesbian Woman .

I am also a Libertarian Socialist Anarchist / Anarcho-Communist

And a New Age Lightworker Empath of all sorts.

Today I wanted to talk about Transgender people and their association with politics

As well as talking about political ideology is sort of a satirical manner .

Now most already know about the 2 party ( with right wing libertarian on occasion )

system which us Anarchists want to group both liberal and conservative parties into one group.

That’s not Americans , British , nationalist , patriots , etc



So basically this article is how centrist politics just WILL NOT DUE for Transgender people , LGBTQ+ people , Women , Anyone.

So sorry folks it’s not just the two.

As Anarchists , some of us recognize liberals and right wing libertarians belonging to the leftist family.

So here us Anarchists out.

Non-Compete has this to say.

My mother told me that the Transgender Community wants a Trans individual to run for president.

I say , fellow Trans people , LGBTQ+ people , women , allies …


This post is a mixed one.

It’s about being a Transgender Anarchist and thoughts toward liberals.

I already covered enough ground on how conservatives are power hungry evil villains who want nothing more but a New World Order / George Orwell’s 1984 kind of totalitarian Distopia.

But liberals just seem …. FAKE !

And even though there are Transgender people who are left wing , there are some who unfortunately are right wing which seems to me to allow discrimination and not answer back which is clearly an oxymoron .

Let me give you an example of women and politics just to warm things up.

Woman Anarchists

Fictional Women Anarchist–jet-girl-jamie-hewlett.jpg

( My fave 😉 )

Conservative Women

Dorothy Fludheim

Any woman who looks like Ms Bitters from Invader Zim


My Catholic Grandmother


Ugly Librarians

Heartless nightclub sluts

Ugly Cafeteria Ladies

Any woman who looks like this

And that

Daughters of Fred Phelps ( Westboro Baptist Church )

Snubby Nurses

And one of the only kinds of women I can’t stand


What people think of these kinds of Conservative Women

( It’s not meant to be sexist by the way , just political ideology )

I won’t rip on liberal / left wing women because well ,

I know many who I’m friendly with.

As well as my mother.

It’s just those who are conservative have a strong caricature that’s specific  .

Right Wing voting Women is an Oxymoron.

Right Wing is sexist.

And with the graphic examples above , you can see what kind of damage it causes to these individuals.

Let’s have more fun

Conservative / Right Wing Men

Simple and it makes the point

Liberal men

( Also see Barney the Dinosaur )

Anarchist Men / and similar thinkers

Well….technically they make up of 99.9% of heroes and inspirations of mine

But because of the shared intuitive mind.

So yeah fellow women and Trans people , non-binaries , take a stand up to the microphone , we need you !


Transgender President ? Can we talk ?

I’m not sure if these rumors bare truth but my mother told me she heard over the radio that the transgender community wants to run someone born trans for president.

Yes my mother is an ally who learns something new everyday and she is liberal.

Now I am a Transgender Lesbian Woman but the thing that not only the Transgender Community needs to know but also the LGBTQ+ Community needs to know is


Please allow me to introduce to you some Trans Women who are Anarchists.

I’m not sure what ContraPoints is politically. I heard socialist before.

But Anarchists are fans of her so of course she counts. 🙂

Sure there’s Trans Women , Men and Non-Binary individuals who were veterans

And yes Anarchists and New Age Lightworkers who side with the left politically are already working hard every single day to expose the truth of why the hierarchical system I not justified and we are all slaved by power hungry psychos.

Sure there’s transgender politicians but part of me doesn’t even want to believe that’s even real. It’s either a cover up from The New World Order or like Caitlyn Jenner ,

and I can’t find a positive friendly way to put this …

Right voting LGBTQ+ people is an Oxymoron !

I just want to say that I am in close ties with TransEquality .

I have talked with them over the phone and I am on the list for Trans Voices .

I know that most Trans people like everyone now a days are centrists unless I’m proven wrong which I hope I am.

Let me put it another way.

Pro : I am thankful for the Transgender political activists and anyone who has interest to do good for the LGBTQ+ especially Transgender Lesbian Woman such as myself.

Con : Hierarchical Authoritarian politicians is not the answer.

Look , we all know what it’s like seeking whatever is available and most common when it comes to making decisions. Asking friends and family what we should do.

But what’s available and what’s common IS RARELY THE DECISION when it comes to having needs meet ! Liberals are the majority of left wing politics so it’s basically asking the following question.

Here’s a pot hole in the road.

The only thing we got is cheap plywood.

Take it or leave it.

In other words , of course we need to take it.

Anarchists aren’t about a passive protest because we are trapped !

This also explains my failed attempts at becoming a Vegan.

When Anarcho-TransHumanism ( not related to Transgender ) has freedom when it comes to science

Then will we have Vegan food that doesn’t make me want to puke.

And no that’s not an insult or exaggeration , THAT’S EXACTLY MY EXPERIENCE !

VEGAN FOOD MAKES ME SICK ! So really , get to work on better ways to create artificial flavor . If we can do it with faux fur clothing , if we can do it with Electronic Music , We can do it with anything.

Also it would help Trans people a great deal. Could you imagine a painless machine that can help with your bone structure ! The possibilities are endless !

It makes you want to get out you’re mad scientist outfit , I know I do.

But because of hierarchical systems , they won’t allow us !

They want us to be passive . And hierarchy isn’t going to give up without a fight.

And that’s hard for me because I’m a pacifist.

But anyway , not all Trans people are centrists ! Not all LGBTQ+ are willing TO GIVE UP QUEER LIBERATION FOR PINK RAINBOW CAPITALISM !

So if I’m going to support Troops , especially Trans people ,

Then I’m going to support ANTIFA !

Perhaps a fight worth fighting for . And for those who hate Antifa , you want the violence to stop , then get rid of hierarchy peacefully and we’ll send those fascists to mental hospitals. Asking if something is lawful is just like going to your church and asking the head one there if something is a sin. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH !

And nothing is going to happen until we all get together in unity !

When the people are united , the people can not be defeated.

“ Spit on your own and you can’t do a thing , but if we all spit together , we’ll drown the bastards ! “ _ Bob Crow

So , I ask not only the Transgender Community to consider but the LGBTQ+ Community to consider this.

You want true allies , support Anarchism !

You want to get rid of prejudice for you and me and all us LGBTQ+ people as well as to end hate and fear , support Anarchism and a 5D Earth for good measure !

Running for president and voting for our rights is a waste of time.

The only thing we can do with the voting and bills is to come to the realization that maybe something to do in the here and now. But that is not the solution and perhaps is a waste of time as well.

Anarchism is the answer.

Now onto the subject of “ Gay Marriage “

When it happened as well as the LGBTQ+ anti-discrimination laws happened in 2015 ,

That was exiting . But now as an Anarchist since 2017 , we were FOOLED by the Government.

We did not win anything !

Marriage is attractive just because of the ceremony and the honeymoon and the vows !

We can have that anytime we want !

Hell if I wanted to call my Twin Flame ( whatever she prefers ) , I CAN !

IF my Twin Flame wants to call me her wife , SHE CAN !

YES WE CAN ! ( Sorry Obama )

Marriage is only having your loved one chained to you towards the state !

And no one can call me transphobic and be justified because I am a Transgender lesbian Woman.

And such political differences is why the liberal approach to everything does not work.

Besides , what in the hell is LGBTQ+ policy when it comes to Right wing politics suppose to be anyway ?

“ I am what I am and if someone calls me the wrong pronouns , shrug it off , I’m responsible for myself not others ? “ HOW FAKE DOES THAT FEEL ? NOT STANDING UP FOR YOURSELF AND USING THAT EGO MASK TO COVER UP YOUR PAIN OF NOT BEING UNDERSTOOD ! Conservatives is nothing more but a Fascist Cult which they want world domination and who knows , get Satan / Devil / Lucifer and … Only if Satan / Devil / Lucifer was as Gay and Happy as he is on South Park . Especially the movie


So , why can’t we have LGBTQ+ / Trans for President ?

( 1.

( 2. People need to wake up to the truth about politics. It’s hierarchical and evil !


And any position of power only cares about just that …. POWER !

Even if they are liberal !

Look at this guy !


You do not fight discrimination by ignoring it , damn it !

So is the way to get rid of racism is to shut down the internet and replace it with one big Netflix in which Alex Jones becomes mainstream ? I DON’T THINK SO !

Non-Compete is right , Liberals need to listen up to THE TRUTH !

If there is a Transgender woman for president ,

Then the political satire is going to be like the low moments of Spitting Image.


And I’M A HUGE fan of Spitting Image ! And it has inspired be to be a satirical puppeteer more so.

Yes they did occasional those kinds of transphobic jokes on Spitting Image.

Even one with a hairy chest and thatcher “ having balls “ .

So if you think a Transgender president is going to solve anything ,

I won’t be surprised if we had another JFK situation.

And again , I’m not being transphobic.

I’m just saying that we got to see the love of our country and nationalism and hierarchy as a Narcissist who never loved us to begin with and when they say they do , they want to manipulate us until they get what they want.

And it’s hard for me still to think democrats are evil so another likely situation is probably most likely that

Liberals are ignorant. But perhaps there’s both. Kind of like how celebrity liberals feel so freakin’ FAKE !

So if a Transgender President if Trans Woman , Trans Man , Non-Binary was in power …

I’d fear for their life !

I’d fear that it would cause transphobia to increase instead of decrease.

Due to hierarchical politics , it would cause the majority of the world to vote right wing instead of left wing.

But then again , voting does solve anything.

If a real trans person was going to make it as president , then hopefully they will do the right thing and give up their position of power as soon as they get in not to resign and give up ,

But to user in REVOLUTION !

Let’s recap on the different political ideologies of what would be considered a Heaven on Earth Utopia .

Anarchists and leftist New Age People

Here’s the situation with having someone who’s right wing in power right now.

Here’s Conservative / Republican / Tory Utopia ( which includes betraying right wing voters who are suckers )

And what The Ren & Stimpy Show crew , Spumco and all of John Kricfalusi’s Fans ( especially those he slept with ) feel about John Kricfalusi if he was Ren which he is in real life. With the symbol of all of us as Stimpy.

And now the very point I want to make.

Examples …


( Barney the Dinosaur and Teletubbies also count as liberals )

A Liberal as president !

Liberal Utopia in the here and now thanks to our love of America

AND I KNOW ! It looks just perfect doesn’t it !

But hang on , what’s Anarchists / New Age 5D Earth Leftists thoughts on this wonderful Liberal Utopia ?

In conclusion ,

It’s easier to rip on Conservatives because everything they stand for is wrong and they are pathological liars.

I see politics like a family.

Your father is the conservative psycho .

Your mother is the liberal .

Your the libertarian socialist anarchist / anarcho-communist / New Age hippie punk and you don’t know why your parents pretend their marriage is so wonderful . Isn’t that like all patriotic centrists .

Your older brother is a member of the right wing libertarian party and your little sister is also liberal.

So that’s it.

You understand your big bro but he can be quite heartless and doesn’t want to admit his ignorance towards humanity.

Your little sister and mom can relate to the heart all three of you share despite the fact that dad and big bro think you’re wusses .

The only thing about your little sister and mom is , their actions aren’t effective.

They avoid negativity like the plague . They want to love everything including those who need the most love but deserve it the least and take advantage of it every time they receive it .

And that is why this dysfunctional family is still together and why you never tell your friends about them EVER ! You even lie about having a family that loves you because they don’t understand you.

But everyone agrees ( even though your Big Bro is indifferent when it comes to daddy )

That you just wished your father would drop dead.

All I’m saying is , if we want a Heaven on Earth Utopia .

Libertarian Socialist Anarchism / Anarcho-Communism

with and always together

New Thought / New Age Spirituality Law of Attraction

Is the answer.

And surrounded by evils , liberals are the closest to you even though they get upset anytime you don’t bring up something happy.

Maybe this is an unfair statement when it comes to liberals.

If I was going to pick a liberal that actually makes me smile , it might as well be Rachel Maddow .

And it’s kind of fun to watch Rachel Maddow do all those things ( plus also I’m lesbian so .. 😉 ) .

IF you watch Rachel Maddow and ignore all that centralist liberal political stuff , then The Rachel Maddow Show is going to see more like the clip listed above as well as this .

Anyway ( talk about a long conclusion without actually concluding … sorry about that )

Left wing politics are still left wing. But the answer is NO MORE HIERARCHY !

But as Anarchists we can not give up. And lightworkers need to stop siding with centrist politics damn it. Go check out , you already read The Secret and Abraham Hicks all your life , it’s time for something new to read !

There’s BETTER alternatives !

And just because most people are not talking about it and it isn’t popular doesn’t mean it’s not any good !

Unfortunately for right now centrists are stubborn and perhaps the truth will hurt them more then you think because they are so sensitive to their beliefs that America is go great , free countries , capitalism , etc.


( Yeah this totally proves my point ! )

_ Erica

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INFP Social Anxiety or Crazy World ?

INFP Social Anxiety or Crazy World ? Erica Crooks

INFP Social Anxiety or Crazy World ?

In this blog post I would like to talk about the subject of having the INFP personality type and social anxiety.

Before I begin , I just want to thank fellow INFPs for taking time to read my blog posts and or watching my INFP blog videos as well as my other things ( or probably not lol ) .

Even though I’m all for wanting to build an online community , I do apologize for the lack of not answering back. Eventually I will. My previous blog post explains about that and kind of relates to what I’m talking about in this very blog post.

For many years I thought I was an ENFP.

But maybe this is just my observation or not but I tend to notice that life circumstances

tend to show me aspects of myself that trigger me and eventually make me learn something valuable about myself in which maybe I wasn’t self aware about enough ?

In the case of realizing that I’m an INFP and not an ENFP is that Extroverts feel comfortable in public where introverts do not.

I know I seem so social in my blog posts. I tend to push myself to do blog videos and trying to make it as authentic and as positive as I possibly can.

There are some INFP vloggers ( video bloggers ) that tend to come off

Much more extroverted in their videos but behind the scenes they are indeed introverts.

I’ve noticed this in areas of interest such as New Thought / New Age Spirituality and even Libertarian Socialist Anarchism / Anarcho-Communism.

Same goes with artists from Jim Henson to John Lennon .

As long as we stand by strongly for what we believe in and what we do , that tends to give us strength.

In many ways , lots of people or should I say most tend to be isolated from one another.

With the things I’m into

MBTI , Law of Attraction , Libertarian Socialist Anarchism

They all seem to connect in such a way which can be beneficial to INFPs and related personality types or perhaps humanity and Earthlings as a whole !

I most certainly hope that people don’t think I’m a hypocrite , someone who says one thing and does another. For example online I can be extremely expressive with my words , blog videos and even my art. But when it comes to an active offline protest even if it’s a cause that benefits me and I care for dearly , I tend to take a step back automatically.

Likewise I had film screenings of my work.

One in 2015 and the other in 2017.

And even though I upload them to the internet uncensored ,

I tend to edit my work to a more PG rating and self censor myself.

The 2017 screening backfired on me as someone walked out totally pissed off where the other only stayed for about 15 minutes. The film wasn’t fully screened as I requested the projectionist early on to turn off the film if not many people showed up to the screening.

As you already know , I tend to talk a great deal about self confidence.

And perhaps a great deal of my lightworker mission not only relates to letting like minded people know that “ You Are Not Alone in this crazy world “ but also they were sane this whole entire time.

I know exactly how it feels to second guess.

This could explain why it took me so long to come out of the closet.

What I teach on my blogs and blog videos helped me be more aware of myself as well as the world around me. The internet helped me out , so perhaps what I do is also giving back in a similar matter to like minded people , even feeling that perhaps in some part of the world there could be another INFP who’s went through similar things I have.

Please allow me to summarize what these things mean to me.

( 1. MBTI : It has helped me learn about why I am so different from the world around me as well as why others are different from me. Also who are the kinds of people I get along with best and those I would get along with most. Not only a great personal growth tool , but social survival as well. Only if most people knew , perhaps we would have less conflicts and loneliness in this world and more understanding of one another. Isabel Briggs Myers was also an INFP .

And of course these articles explain why the world around me just does not feel like home.

( 2. Law of Attraction / New Thought & New Age Spirituality / Twin Flames :

Since 2007 I have been aware that I have a Twin Flame and in December of 2015 I meet my Twin Flame face to face. It’s still a soulmate paranormal phenomenon I am investigating daily and nightly for 12 years and continuing.

Perhaps it has lead me to everything.

It’s just good to know that I can create my own reality.

It’s in the matter of getting the balance on everything.

( 3. Libertarian Socialist Anarchism / Anarcho-Communism

I feel this is the piece of the puzzle of life that many Law of Attraction teachers tend to be ignorant of

as well as Law of Attraction is something very important which Anarchists tend to mistake as being hierarchical nonsense because it can’t be proven by science fully.

Telepathy has though !

To me , it’s either the blueprint INFP Heaven on Earth Utopia or perhaps A Heaven on Earth Utopia for all

And 5D Earth as well.

I think there’s strong similarities.

I feel the best way to go about all of these is to educate and if most people knew about this , then the majority rules and hierarchy comes down.

Though sometimes I tend to question something with two questions relating to the same thing.

Is hierarchy ignorant or fully self aware of the evil they do to people ?

Are sensors ignorant of what’s going on or do they simply do not mind a hierarchical system and feel fully comfortable .

Or are certain personality types such as INFP and related types more closer to the pure divine soul spirit while other personality types are negative manifestations due to authoritarian parenting ?

I do feel that society as we know it at the time I’ve written this is very Extroverted Sensor catered.

And hierarchy does more damage then good for everyone , especially other INFPs and like minded personality types.

I’ve even expressed my concern regarding how psychiatry could easily diagnose introverted intuitives , NPs , and FPs WITH SOMETHING !

And I am not alone in this !

But that’s the very note I want to strike at.

Even though I’m not alone which proof is obvious thanks to internet technology.

In truth , nothing is going to happen positively if he have hierarchy dominating the world .

Perhaps it’s a battle of Good vs Evil / Soul vs Ego / Love vs Fear .

Perhaps it’s the very reason why Anarchists , High Vibrational Spiritual New Ager Empaths and like minded personality types need to stick together.

Perhaps it’s not even my social anxiety.

The world is like a giant oil spill. The Oil being Fear and Hate.

And Love and Intelligence from like minded people is the only chance we GOT !

In my opinion , I would rather listen to intellectual philosophical wisdom then someone in a position of power and authority superiority over me.

_ Erica

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Getting Away With It ( Adult Puppetry and Cartoon Animation )

Erica Crooks

Getting Away With It ( Adult Puppetry and Cartoon Animation )


Erica Crooks

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By March 1st pretty much will mark the 10th anniversary of perhaps my most controversial work to date which I called “ The Legacy Sketch “

It was so controversial that 10 years later , I strongly felt I needed to give yet another

Explanation for my shenanigans .

I have even written a book dedicated a huge chunk of it talking about the backlash I received.

Long story short , Narcissistic parents and the police wanted it banned for good.

There was even people who watched my show on public access television who feared that I was going to commit suicide and mistaken the self parodied cartoon as a literal suicide threat.

How stupid ! The whole point was here I was this Transgender lesbian woman trapped in the closet out of fear that my authoritarian homophobic / transphobic father who owns a gun would take my life away. The sketch reflected my fears for the future , my depression of being trapped in the closet as well as complete and utter loneliness and frustration that after 4 years on public access television and the internet my brilliant puppet and cartoon work wasn’t being recognized. Ok so the use of the word “ Brilliant “ is just busting my Ego right there but still , here’s this 21 year old who’s serious about wanting to break into the entertainment industry.

That my friends was what I was feeling deep down in the core of my sinking soul.

Here’s my roast for my ever so happy-go-lucky 21st birthday , Tra-la-la with sarcasm and all.

I am in the pit of hell of misery and just yearn for like minded people , people who understand where I’m coming from , I just want to escape and be with like minded people or no one at all !

That’s the long story short , but the point I want to say regarding this very blog post is this !


Or am I just some marionette to please other people ?

Sure it’s fun to entertain through the arts , but sometimes satire isn’t funny.

Sometimes satire like a heyoka empath of Native spirituality / New Age spirituality

Is meant to shake up this world , give the ignorant a good hard slap in the face and well wake them up from their ignorance !

10 years later I’m very fortunate that Transgender people are recognized more than they were 10 years ago. Well then again , I lived a very isolated life as I have explained in my book.

But that is just one example of what the arts can do. I tend to do puppet shows and cartooning and cartoon animation independent filmmaking for adults.

They say that it’s probably easier on a business model to do puppetry and cartoons for children. Well starting the summer of 2017 , I went from liberal entrepreneur starving artist to Libertarian Socialist Anarchism / Anarcho-Communism instantly which sides strongly with political satire and my lightworker mission then capitalism could ever do for me.

It was pretty much going back to my roots sort of speak.

And with the internet , someone could become successful and forget about the capitalist middle man of Google Adsense , Facebook ads and the like.

Still , popularity would probably most depend if you aim more at sensors I suppose.

Perhaps as an iNtuitive , I would side with Slayerment agreeing on this issue

As relating to MBTI

So perhaps it’s slightly true.

BUT at the same time ,

Perhaps those who don’t complain about capitalism in the mainstream media as much as I do

Are perhaps the brainwashing product of hierarchy side effects.

Here’s a thing about me , I’m more for personal expression

Then just being all things to everyone.

Even if the audience is just two other people who happen to be friends of mine.

Yes it is true that perhaps children are a lot more accepting of the imagination fictitious world of the puppets and cartoons where of course the adults would blame the artist if something offends them instead of doing their own inner shadow work and asking themselves “ Now why did that trigger me so much ? Is it relating to my dramatic childhood ? Or when my ex cheated on me in my bed as I walked in on them ? Does Trump remind me of my father ?

Perhaps I could possibly go further by saying there could be even a liberating spirit that puppetry and cartoons could express.

I see puppetry and cartoon animation and even print comic cartoons as a mirror of human life .

I’m into New Thought / New Age Spirituality myself so I don’t think this is the only life that exists.

Perhaps fiction has it’s own universe.

( Yes I do side with Chuck Jones on the Space Jam issue , perhaps I should have linked to a clip from Who Framed Roger Rabbit. Still it’s better then that crappy Looney Tunes Show and Wabbit. You just can’t beat the original Golden Age of Animation classics.

As I probably already said regarding the political debating issue of Ben Garrison ( PUKE BAG )

This stuff is clearly left wing.

The more right wing people try to look popular if it’s Alex Jones or PragerU ,

The more pathetic they look by stealing left wing methods.

Besides , why aren’t they just going full sided fascists. They know violence is in their nature !

That’s why the Spanish Revolution from 1936 – 1939 ended.

So that in a sense , fiction isn’t that far from reality.

Perhaps it reflects more NP personality types ( MBTI ) than it does sensors.

So perhaps this all brings to mind regarding “ Getting Away With It “ ,

Do I just go WAY TO FAR to the point of bad taste within my art ?

The thing about this art form is from how I see it , it’s a form of acting with all of these art forms and methods.

If I performed a disabled character as well as a psychotic social worker ,

Someone could immediately be outraged by that description alone !

To me this has absolutely nothing to do with a “ political correctness / political incorrectness “

Issue . I’m just artistically mirroring what actually happens in real life.

Isn’t that what art is suppose to do ?

That’s the problem with this world. Anti-intellectual philistines !

Conservatives hate it because it doesn’t reflect pro authoritarian / nationalistic / patriotic / capitalist ruling class best interests in keeping people in the status quo .

And liberals hate it because they don’t get satire , they don’t get literature ,

They aren’t mature ! Yes their values are in the right place.

But because they are so sensitive , they can give the left a bad name because they make up the majority.

The conservatives just think the left are a bunch of ignorant crybabies that won’t accept life being fair.

In other words , let me put it a different way.

There’s TWO kinds of John Lennon !

The late John Lennon who fell into deep depression , in denial ,

100% fully brain washed by Yuko No-No … I mean Yoko Ono .

The John Lennon who simply gave up and just seeking for whatever peace he can have

And just being sadly and unfortunately brainwashed by conservatism .


Just like how all the greats feel into depression before passing away from Tex Avery working on  commercials instead of the MGM cartoons that made him famous to Jim Henson selling everything to The Walt Disney Company but passed away on the very week he was going to sign everything off to them.

Then there was the true Soul Devine John Lennon.

THE INFP John Lennon we know and love.

Maybe he got pissed of living in the sensor world .

As intuitives tend to do naturally !

YES , Let me point that out AGAIN !

But John Lennon was smart before he through all his knowledge away.

The very post-Beatles John Lennon we all know and love !

In conclusion , I feel everything I’m into is related .

Perhaps it’s human liberation.

I don’t know.

Perhaps I need to analyze it further.

_ Erica

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INFP social life : Like Minded People or Be Alone

Like Minded People or Be Alone

I kind of wanted to do this for awhile , and perhaps I sort of already did.

If there’s something that motived me through out my life is just knowing that I’m not alone in this world. Ok , so I’m an introvert. I’m an iNtuitive. And the fact of the matter is

I’m a minority.

No wonder the Psychiatry can easily diagnose us with something.

And I know from personal experience.

I know I’m not alone when questioning neurology and the like.

And that’s just my personality type alone. I didn’t even mention the fact that I’m a Transgender Lesbian Woman !

Also being a lightworker , an anarchist , it really does seem more and more I become me ,

I become the minority of minorities.

Did I mention my Twin Flame is an ESFP. Not a bad thing , perhaps it’s a balance sort of thing.

One thing I remember reading was how INFPs have different needs when it comes to a social life.

“ Without close relationships based on mutual understanding, INFPs will be unhappy. “

I have mentioned the website “ Slayerment “

And perhaps a lot of Quinton’s articles are offensive to leftists.

But I’ll say this , I do appreciate what he has done with

As well as his MBTI articles and blog videos.

In recent years , and probably due to my spiritual awakening since meeting my Twin Flame in late 2015 / spring 2016 , I was guided to so much knowledge I didn’t know existed previously.

And one of the things that I’ve noticed is how there’s so many like minded people which I can relate to strongly doing blog videos and such.

The big question is , is this an INFP thing ?

Is what I’m into INFP things or can this be truly beneficial to all human kind ?

I know my frustrations as a lightworker ,

And I hear like minded light workers saying pretty much how I think and feel when times are down.

So much knowledge that I can relate to.

I truly think that the future of social lives would relate to the internet most certainly.

If it’s FaceTime or Skype or Google Hangout or whatever is out there.

Technology has succeeded in the Video Phone !

People can do it with their smart phone without paying a cent !

So of course the FCC wants to get rid of this freedom ! Of course capitalism wants to ruin it.

I don’t know if it’s an INFP thing or what ,

But it’s always refreshing to hear likemindedness coming from someone who isn’t me !

So because INFPs are introverted as well as intuitives , perhaps INFPs can be the loneliest people ever. I highly doubt that it’s ISTPs because technically isn’t that the majority of masculine people , ( mostly men ).

I have an ISFP friend and we’ve been friends since we were kids.

We are pretty much friends because of our interest in Pop Culture entertainment arts

As well as fun activities in general.

For me , sometimes It’s quite nice to meet up one on one or a small group of intuitives

To go out for coffee and have a nice intellectual conversation as well as cracking satirical jokes laughing at this capitalist hierarchical world we’re all trapped in.


Sometimes I often wonder if INFPs are the most hated personality type.

It’s like if Jesus Christ was alive today and he was all for Libertarian Socialist Anarchism and Anarchy Communism and Talking about The Law of Attraction ,

He’d probably be nailed to the cross even faster now ,

Most likely by the Christian Right ironically.

I find it very interesting how there can be people who simply do not like us.

More interesting , people who HATE US to the point of obsession

Like what happened to be 10 years ago and I won’t be surprised if it still happens today

Because pretty much everyone gets cyberbullied and trolled.

The motivations of hateful people is fascinating because it’s ignorant , stupid , and quite dangerous indeed. Which is why we need ANTIFA !

( Trigger warning )

I was doing some research last night , I’m talking about not going to bed until 5am , pulling an all nighter just reading about some theology regarding the duality battle of good vs evil and how there’s similarities within what I believe which is New Thought / New Age Spirituality .

Especially Judgement Day .

What Anarchists / Socialists / Lefties want to get rid of is hierarchy which is evil.

Perhaps it can be called as immoral evil.

But then there’s natural evil which relates to national disasters like tornados , being attacked by wild animals , falling off a cliff in the bit of death , etc

So by spirituality such as Law of Attraction and how Everything is Energy ,

Perhaps those minds of the psychopath are also creating all that stuff too ?

Even dangerous animals like sharks ?

There’s the psychology of evil of course.

And it really does seem like evil wants to do whatever it can to defeat love.

Even the internet.

But what’s interesting is this.

If psychiatry is bunk ,

And Authoritarian personalities / anti-social criminals

Are the very subject of hierarchy parenting in it’s most complete decided obedience ,

Which is all relating to fear and brainwashing ( Narcissistic Supply ) ,

Then is Love simply the answer ?

Hierarchy prevents us from so much good in this world.

It’s really hard to tell who the evil villains of the world is because people live in fear.

They can either be submissive or dominating.

And perhaps what is frustrating to the lightworker is

Just how can we get love to cure all the evil in the world ?

So I ask this…

Is Anarchism possible in our lifetime ?

For me it’s two things.

( 1. Having this kind of meaning in life within my mission to bring love to people as a healer with my gifts and talents in the arts and knowledge.

( 2. Anarchist Society Post-Revolution / 5D Earth sounds good to me. If it exists , I would more there ASAP !

Perhaps like anyone , we are annoyed with jerks ruining our life and the lives of others.

We are sick of seeing sadness and misery that never seems to go away !

We are tired and sick of seeing people lose their virginity to someone who took advantage of them , and many other things which result to good people committing suicide.

One of the things about me is I just can’t simply enjoy life like a liberal.

Seeing the good in Trump and what he says and does , and think happy thoughts of the police protecting me and UGH !

The truth is much more satisfying.

I’m not saying I’m a negative skeptical cynical hypocritical two faced person by any means.

However certain things bring me joy in life that would seem sort of weird to most I suppose.

As an introvert , I tend to enjoy my own company.

And perhaps I can become just as comfortable as I am alone when it comes to like minded people.

But if I’m not with like minded people , I feel drained and prefer to be alone.

Either Anarchism / 5D Earth is going to help humanity or at the very least it’s simply

A request for like minded people to be together.

If there was a specific place we could all migrate , that would be nice , just get rid of the hierarchy.

But of course the passport crap and hierarchy ruins it !

Can you relate ?

_ Erica

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Why am I an Anarchist ?

Why am I an Anarchist ?


Erica Crooks

Pretty much everything has a story. Mine is quite simple not only with Anarchism but everything that makes me … me , it always relates to me in a positive way.

And it’s quite sad to hear negative stories about lots of stuff regarding how someone came to be this or that , even if it’s something positive like the entertainment performance arts .

One of my favorite books in my personal book library as one of my favorite resource books for research in the field that I’m in , is from the creator of Rocko’s Modern Life “ Joe Murray “ .

( I got to get a new copy of this book because my current copy is a little warped since I had it in a wet backpack during the time when I used to walk back and forth through rain or snow to a near by coffee shop I used to hang out in nursing an ice coffee as an excuse to get out of my apartment and get better wireless internet . This was around 2010 – 2011 around the time the book was published. WOW ! It seems as if it was it just came out just last year . Imagine that. WOO ! )

In one of the first chapters , Joe talks about the reasons why someone wants to have a cartoon show in the first place and pretty much highlighting that if it’s for ego or career moves and or great , forget it. lol

Even as a child , I have always associated the adult world as being boring , miserable and not the kind of world that I want to live in.

But the truth is , adults live in fear. So I hate to sound cynical , skeptical and pessimistic

but observations in my lifetime so far and certain well meaning people I’ve known

seem to get into things for the wrong reasons.

I remember years ago in the state I used to live in , there was this nice big and kind of cluttered comic book store which was my introduction to Tank Girl which I eventually bought and still own to this very day around 10 years ago .

Anyway this comic book store owner was introverted and kind of grumpy.

Likewise , there was a collectible / old toy memorabilia store

( OMG I AM SO DROOLING JUST THINKING ABOUT IT just like Cookie Monster’s obsession over Cookies ! )

The manager seen a bunch of kids running around and he was shouting at them saying

“ HEY ! Quit running around or I’m throwing you out of my store and calling security. “

What a sad sight to see a collectible store in a MALL !

Just selling it off as a Toy Store !

I hate to sound conservative but I have a lot for the good stuff and since we live in a capitalist society , it’s not as thought the good stuff can be brought back in that retro fashion because in capitalism terms


So yeah that’s a desperate move !

But the point I’m making is , sometimes I see people like that in my field which make me think that they just do not belong. Not so much being discriminating towards them and outcasting them by any means , it’s just that they are there for the wrong reasons.

Just like most entrepreneurs !

So what does this say about me being an Anarchist ?

I got into Anarchism for it’s morals and values that I can relate to strongly all in one package and it explained to me just why I’m such an angry INFP !

That’s just the way I am. I follow my heart and soul.

Someone can bully me for being this 31 year old transgender lesbian woman who still watches Sesame Street and find so many things to ridicule me.

I can tell you why I’m into what I’m into. Just a fair warning. If you find INFPs annoying , go get your cheap thrills else ware.

As INFPs think deeply about everything.

I came an Anarchist in the summer of 2017 , Before I would consider myself to be somewhere between United States liberal and libertarian .

Liberal for their social values , but against this annoying feeling of avoiding intelligence as negative and like the plague kind of like wanting to forbid satire literature arts for example .

Libertarian ( United States ) because of people like Bill Maher , Trey Parker & Matt Stone , Mike Judge , and most of the American satirists and cartoonists.

They are all for freedom of speech and expression and aren’t afraid to speak up against the truth and injustice of what they see.

The problem of course is , not all the morals and values are going to be agreeable and there’s this patriotism that sort of feels meaningless unlike how liberals see it as.

It’s sort of crass of me just to say that I got into Anarchism because it felt right to me , but just like everything personal in my life such as LGBTQ+ , MBTI , New Thought / New Age Spirituality , Twin Flames , etc


The more I got older , the more I started to see the superficialness in things around me.

Probably more so as an Anarchist . So does that make me more of a cynical bastard ? lol

I’ve been a satirist since high school and how I got into satire was I was starting to see the truth that “ PARENTS JUST DO NOT HAVE ALL THE ANSWERS ! “ .

Growing up to me felt like opening this door that says “ Adulthood “ where a bunch of smiling adults tell me “ Your 18 now , your 21 now ! Your officially and legally an adult ! I’m proud of you ! “

And as a kid , it’s exiting right ? More independence ! More Freedom !

Finally , I can follow my inner child dreams and find out why most adults are so boring and miserable. Maybe they just..


And the door opens.


What is this mess ? Why was this held sacred to me all my life ?

Why isn’t anyone cleaning it up ?

It’s like there’s an elephant in the room !

As a lightworker , I still feel this way ! I see the light , I see the big picture

And most people don’t !

The saddest thing I see is the obituaries .

Here’s people who have passed away locally who just seem like blank faces , nobodies .

It’s like you can just copy and paste a bunch of pictures of unknown people and have the same limited captions .

“ Happy family , they loved and served their country and their communities and family ,

Their friends say they were a nice person who cared , this is where their memorial will be at. “

When I found my trans woman friend of mine’s obituary ,

I was so happy to know that she had some family who cared for her.

Surprisingly my friend didn’t tell me about her family .

The obituary I still have in a frame with her picture to this very day.

She helped me come out fully , in fact I came out on the very day I found her obituary which was the spring of 2013.

In her obituary , it talked about how spiritual she was , how she was a part of Native American culture ( Me too. French Canadian Native American on my mother’s side , also I’m a Heyoka Empath . I don’t know what Tribe yet , me and my mom are looking into it. ).

The obituary talked about how she was pretty much an environmentalist .

Now even though this obituary was nicely written and I did donate money in her name to the library we hung out at and in which was quoted in the obituary as a place she felt safe ,

She died in middle age.

She had dreams , she even had a lost biography that was never published , also an all woman rock band.

Being an Anarchist is just like a lightworker ,

It’s not only our own freedom which we want but also equally everyone , everywhere and everything all things good in life as well.

A good soul is one who sees injustice and wants to do whatever in their power to put an end to hierarchy and just bring joy to others and even themselves equally .

And lots of things in life all come down to the feeling and question of

“ When do you give up ? “

I know depression , anxiety , and PTSD very well indeed and know I’m not the only one.

But sometimes you just don’t feel like laughing at the negativity , ignorance and stupidity in the world.

I think the philosophy is true just to keep ones sanity ,

Law of Attraction helps as well as the lightworker mission being an expression of love.

Just take a look at satirist and one of the most important people that made Spitting Image possible , Ian Hislop which I consider to be the writer that gave Spitting Image it’s satirical sharpness ,

He’s the editor of the magazine Private Eye and the regular panelist of the satirical news game show “ Have I Got News For You ! “ ( WAY BETTER THEN THE CRAP ON COMEDY CENTRAL In my opinion. And sorry Bill Maher but you got competition . However he would make a great guest on the show in my opinion. lol )

By the way , my Trans Woman friend I mentioned introduced me to Bill Maher. 😉

Ian Hislop is always laughing satirically at the messed up world around him.

So ok there’s anger within the satirist but in my opinion , it’s passionate anger.

It’s anger because people care.

If socialist , moralist , social reformer , romantic , and or idealist.

A similar feeling of the satirist is within the lightworker and the anarchist.

The problem that I see within most teachers of The Law of Attraction

Is the unconscious political ideologies of the individual and same goes with anyone even if they say they are an individualist or apolitical because to me it’s just an excuse for “ I don’t pay attention and I’m afraid to admit it. “

So this goes back to what I was saying regarding motivation.

When people get motivated , why are they motivated.

I understand politically that lots of people get motivated out of the frustration of being lied to and they want justice.

For me , it’s much more than that.

It’s more on the intuitive mind of “ What could be ! “

Something that could have been great use for me in my life years ago and even today as well as like minded people.

As well as a philosophy. So when we see things such as nationalism , fundamentalist religion , political parties , Anarchism points out the psychology and philosophy of

The same kind minded philosophies that motivates humanity of accomplishing the same morals , ethics and goals and also says “ Not only do we know a better way where you can have your Heaven on Earth but we see the truth that your being lied to , let go of fear and you will have your love ! No catch , simple as that ! “

New Thought / New Age Spirituality lightworkers can think the same thing.

We create our own lives using Law of Attraction. That is true , however the problem is

People have blockages.

And they need to move past them internally .

What a lot of New Thought / New Age Spiritual teachers of The Law of Attraction fail to mention is “ Why do we get those blockages at all ! “

What I keep hearing differs from people being unawakened to “ That’s their negative thoughts so you can ignore them and live your own life happy instead. And if people complain about not having enough money , that’s their problem not yours . You can tell them that Law of Attraction changed their life but if they want to drown in negativity , let them , you go enjoy your own life ! “

I heard that from The Secret , Abraham Hicks , Bob Proctor , Jack Canfield ,

And a little bit on this website too since I do have a Twin Flame which I’m in Ascension with

And even though the energy within our minds attracts the outcome to manifest , I believe that is true ! However the indifferent attitude of “ That’s their choice , that’s their problem , not yours do don’t worry about it… “

I stop believing that indifference when I got to Anarchism.

Yes folks , I did believe in that before I got into Anarchism but with a kind liberal heart.

That’s why my videos from 2015 talking about wealth and prosperity SUCK today !

What I’m trying to say is , even though there’s truth in that ,

There’s things I also disagree and feel it’s due to ignorance which knowledge I discovered would possible answer the other piece of the puzzle called life.

Here’s a great example of what I’m talking about.

There’s great articles about an iNtuitive’s perception of living in a sensor world.

However many other things I do disagree with.

I did mistaken liberals and socialists for being the same thing so I do apologize for previous comments , live and learn.

Same with this

Great stuff , then there’s mix nuts !

And perhaps I’m a slow reader and a slow learner , I just like to say that I like to enjoy the knowledgable journey. Which explains being in Twin Flame Ascension for 3 years and Telepathy Separation for 12 years. I’m still working on it with my Twin Flame . 🙂 Every day and night.

And perhaps I had to learn about Anarcho-Capitalism before realizing that it’s bunk.

( Yes all three websites are from the same guy , Nice INTJ but you know , some things I agree and others I don’t and vice versa ) .

To me , Anarchism just makes so much sense.

That’s why I keep talking about the merge knowledge of MBTI , Libertarian Socialist Anarchism / Anarcho-Communism , and New Thought / New Age Spirituality – Law of Attraction – Shadow Work – Chakra Clearing meditations , Astrology / Zodiac / Numerology , etc

Not only do I see accuracy in knowledge and just a fits like a glove feeling regarding my own personal life experiences and my INFP way of thinking ,

But I strongly feel that there’s something positive that can come about this knowledge , only if most people knew about this stuff.

Spread the Word !

_ Erica

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We need to all spread the word of mouth for the good of the world

And the power of love instead to conquer fear and hate !


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Who is the Hierarchy ?

Who is the Hierarchy ?

An Anarchist Blog Post Article studying the psychology of the authoritarian personality.

One of the things that I’ve most certainly learned about myself is the ability to see patterns and able to put it all together like a puzzle. I am well aware of my current controversial statements which I said within my personality type related videos asking if certain personality types are more pure ( meaning most likely to handle 5D spiritual energy and Anarchist liberation ) while other personality types are more grounded in the here and now , Earth world. As of now , I believe my Twin Flame is an ESFP . Cassady Cayne of Twin Flames 11:11 has stated that some Twin Flame couples result to one ( me using MBTI terms ) being spiritually attuned aka iNtuitive while the other one material aka Sensor. Perhaps the battle isn’t of iNtuitives vs Sensors.

But what if it’s on ST / TJ personality types vs the NPs / Fs ? I personally think anything can be typed. Even though mbtibase has gone down the crappy with trolling & viruses and all , still the concept of the website was quite fascinating. If we can type anything , perhaps we can pin point what humanity has been looking for for the good of not only Humanity but life on Earth.

According to The Anarchist FAQ , maybe perhaps certain personality types are conditioned due to levels of how hierarchy or even Authoritarian upbringing has effected them psychologically and beyond. . A little bit ago , Libertarian Socialist Rants put out an Anti-Psychiatry video . I found this very interesting since I have put out a video of a similar nature stating that it’s not only Anarchists that could be diagnosed but also people of Spiritual ability and empathy of all sorts and anyone who is right brained and isn’t an STJ for the most part. Like Libertarian Socialist Rant’s Cameron , I too have been diagnosed in childhood with Asperger’s Syndrome but I feel it’s state labeling. And I know that I’m not the only one who feels this way regarding misdiagnoses and iNtuitives.

What’s interesting is would this mean we need to give up certain diagnoses when it comes to toxic people ? Would that mean it’s their personality type and not a diagnosis ?

What I did find interesting according to my research is that certain personality types as well as those who would be labeled as Psychopaths / Sociopaths have pretty much the same human fears which would be strengths to say other personality types for example.

But here’s the thing. Any kind of fear is toxic. If we all united for love and peace instead of fear then the world would be a better place for everyone.

As a lightworker the answer is so simple. Love ! And perhaps the greatest example of any sort of social movement would most likely be over 50 years ago , the 1960s.

But thanks to the internet , people are getting smarter but at the same time fear wants to stop all love out.

I’m not saying anyone who rejects love is evil. My Twin Flame became a Runner since 2016.

And as much as we know the answer , the biggest fear is that these kinds of people are not going to trust the power of love instead of the love of power. So they are going to use whatever evil power they have to stop love. Sure we can be protected thanks to The Law of Attraction as our shield , but what’s going to happen to the so called “ Bad Villains of Life “ ?

The problem with Narcissists and Psychopaths is that they lie , and I know that through out my whole entire life I have fell into the trap of Narcissistic Abuse. A couple times resulting in years of a friendship before realizing that this person was a lying abusive bully who never cared in the first place. This included a woman from 2010 – 2011 who tricked me into a 1 year relationship that didn’t go anywhere except her manipulating me. I still have the same Amazon account that I had for 10 years now , and I’m quite shocked just how generous I have been when it comes to giving gifts. Even my mother had to help pay a close to $80 dinner bill at a non-formal restaurant. Likewise in the Summer of 2016 , I meet this woman who was 6 to 8 years older than me and here I go again , I give into nice people and later get taken advantage of. I wasn’t in a romantic / sexual relationship with her at all even though she tried her best to talk me into it.

And let’s just say you never ever f**k with an artist. lol

Anarchists know that perhaps it’s not the who but the what and the what is hierarchy and therefore needs to be done away with. Left Wing New Agers say that it’s dark entities or male violent extraterrestrials that are causing trouble and the way to defeat that is love. And as much as many Anarchists say that New Age is like religion as a whole and it’s nothing more but brainwashed propaganda from the ruling class , let me just say that I personally as well as my Twin Flame have indeed been to Hell and Back.

( Why did the famous gag from The Young Ones come to my mind ? )

Anyway, we aren’t the only Twin Flames to experience this.

Most people would tell you in order to deal with a toxic person is to ignore them. Didn’t I say that once before ?

But if there’s something that I’ve learned in recent years as an Anarchist , it’s not it’s not just toxic people online or perhaps someone who would meet somewhere who faked a relationship with you of any nature. Perhaps it’s also the very people who govern us. With Trump it’s obvious ! But I’m talking about anyone in the positions of power , Hollywood people who allow Stupid People To Get Famous and actual creative / talented people who don’t earn as much as they do ( young sexy untalented pop stars and acting people ) end up going to comic conventions to make their living. Sure it’s fun to meet your favorites and to say thank you, but the autograph prices , YIKES ! Remember those days where you could just send a letter and get it for free in the mail ? Can’t do it anymore. I think a new version of Comic Con is in order personally , of an anti-capitalist kind in fact.

So what are we to do ? Well here’s the thing. Love Conquers Fear and Hate !

Love is a higher vibration than fear and hate.

And I personally do not think that Anarchism and Satire is negative energy.

IT’s the love of liberation of the soul.

And what determines bad toxic energy depends on the feeling of the individual I think.

I for one stand by a peaceful revolution .

But that all depends on the hierarchical control freaks that have power over us.

If they can’t be cured then it’s all about power to the people instead of the people in power.

For more info , check out the following

_ Erica

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