Crazy Puppet Show

Crazy Puppet Show - The Erica Crooks Show - funny comedy puppet show comedy web series youtube puppet show adult puppetry
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Puppet Shows are no longer just for kiddies ! Puppetry can also be entertaining for adults too ! And let me tell you , this is one crazy *****n’ adult puppet show ! A puppet show so crazy that mainstream media wants absolutely nothing to do with it. An adult puppet show that’s homemade 100% indie film ! 10 years ago Banned from Public Access Television ( eh , sort of ) . You’ve seen nothing yet !
The Erica Crooks Show
That’s one crazy puppet show !
Celebrating 20 years of irreverent comedy , satire , dark humor , slapstick comedy , and oh just go check it out already !
For more hilarious puppet and cartoon animation parodies , Dark Comedy humor , satires and funny stupid videos for adults
( and other cool stuff )
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Celebrating 20 Years of The Erica Crooks Show ( 1999 – 2019 )
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Cartoons and Animation
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